Top 5 Websites for Studying

As the end of the school year ends (WHAT? ALREADY?!), people are preparing for finals…but they don’t feel like studying! Here are my top 5 resources that help me in studying.

  1. Quizlet– What can I say? Quizlet is just AWESOME! It’s a flashcard tool, and while its functionality as a flashcard tool is somewhat limited to flashcard-y information, its other functions as simply a learning tool are outstanding. There are six ways to learn total, which add up to mastering of information entirely, including two incredibly simple, yet extraordinarily fun and addictive. Sets of cards can also be shared between people in classes, and the progress of various members of a class are able to see and try to beat high scores on games, which makes it much, much more fun and competitive.
  2. Khan Academy– Khan Academy is fairly well known as a study site. The main purpose of Khan Academy is for math, and its math practice is extremely extensive. Recently, though, however, Khan Academey has become much more functional, adding SAT practice, sciences (the anatomy videos are superb), programming, and colinking to Crash Course. It has become a much more active online school (at least for me). The tutorials are especially good for notetaking, which I really appreciate, and they go more in-depth, which I also really appreciate. They do point/badge counting, which is really motivating for me (just 10 more practice questions until I get this badge!).
  3. Pandora– This isn’t a strictly study site, but it helps me a lot in my studying. Pandora is an online music radio. I love the functionality and the radio-like-ness of the site, unlike sites such as Spotify or (maybe) iTunes, where the music is organized into playlists, with set songs. Pandora is radio-like, which means that the songs that you listen to aren’t regulated to the ones you put on the play list, which I really enjoy. I especially love listening to all my stations on shuffle, which gives me a really wide variety of music to listen, ranging from Christmas to CCM to Irish to Classical to Movie scores.
  4. EasyBib– EasyBib is the perfect easy way to ace those bibliographies. Plug in all the spots in the bibliography generating site thing (which is really satisfying–to fill in forms), and EasyBib generates a perfectly formatted works cited page for you! This website is probably the website that has saved me THE most time while working on school papers and stuff by not having to cite all this stuff.
  5. TrelloTrello is a card-organizing device that allows me to keep track of all my assignments. I use Trello quite extensively, tracking my grades and assignments. Trello has a bunch of fun extensions, linking to Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, which makes it linkable to many platforms and extremely handy. I also use Trello to plan out my blogposts, knitting projects, and the birthdays of my friends. All in all, Trello is a versatile organizing platform that is both easy to use yet diverse. I believe it really helps me plan out and organize my life so much better than a pile of sticky notes would have done, although sticky notes are great too. 😀

Eh…by the time I got to here, I realized how lame some of these websites are. Literally everyone uses these sites. Whatever, I hope some of these sites are new to you and that they help you in your studying! Good luck on finals!




Funny Things Duolingo Says

Just recently, BuzzFeed released a blogpost with 23 of the funniest Duolingo fails. However, there are many, many, more funny things that Duolingo tells you.

For those of you who don’t know what Duolingo is, it is a language learning website that teaches multiple languages for free. However, Duolingo also says some funny things as well. Here are some of the ones that I have come across during my time with Duolingo.

Duolingo teaches you to…

…state the obvious


Are you sure?

Hate Mondays

Who doesn’t?

Regular Person

So is most everyone. (I may not be though)

…indirectly insult


’nuff said.

Normal Sister

This statement probably makes many appearances…haha!

Tired of Smile



Best House

Well, aren’t you smug.

Discover Country

Who do you think you are, Christopher Columbus?

…crazy exclamations

Sky Falling

Hello there, Chicken Little…

Not Real

I just saw a ghost!

…make great excuses

Bad Man


…mourn lemons

Liked Lemon

…and make the inevitable comparison of you to animals.

Am BearAm Spider

So there you have it, 14 funny things Duolingo teaches you to say!



I’m here today to promote a wonderful website called HabitRPG. It is a role-playing habit-building website (for all you roleplayers out there) that “gamifies” your life! For every thing you do, you get to check it off and earn experience points used to level up. If you miss a Daily habit, you lose health points. When you hit 0 health points, you die. For me, dying is a wonderful incentive to make me do a lot of work. You can also buy armor and equipment. For me, the best part of HabitRPG is the pets! When you hit level 4, random pet eggs, hatching potions, and food start to drop. When you combine a egg and a hatching potion, you get a pet! After 9 to 23 foods (how many foods depends on the kind of pet), the pet becomes a mount!!
And that’s not all. HabitRPG has a social aspect to it too. You can create a party with your friends and go on quests together. The quests range from collecting things, such as bars of soap (that drop like the pet eggs), to killing a monster (by working hard and checking off a lot of things). You can also join guilds, where you get to talk with many like-minded people. For example, I am in a knitting and crocheting guild.

I love HabitRPG!! Since I’ve started using it, I’ve been exercising more, and making my bed every morning.

Here is the link that y’all have been waiting for!!

RockandMinerals4Him rating- 10/10