5 EASY and PROVEN Tips for Drinking More Water || Simple Health Human Blog Tour

Hello there! Today, I have a super exciting post to share as a part of Vanessa’s blog tour for her new blog Simple Health Human! I’ll be sharing my top 5 tips for drinking more water!

5 Tips To Drink More Water.png

If you’ve ever seen me in real life, you know that I drink a LOT of water. Although I still generally don’t drink or believe in the recommended “8 cups a day” suggestion, I always try my best to drink as much water in a day as I can. Remembering to drink enough water is tricky sometimes, so here are my top 5 tips for drinking more water every day.

    I generally try to drink about 90 ounces of water a day, and in order to achieve a goal like that, I need to know how much water I’m drinking. To do that, I usually drink water from one set container that I know the volume of, to make it easier for me to count. The container I use is a quart Mason jar with a plastic lid*, which is a HUGE container (and a little bulky to carry around), but I like using bigger containers because they’re easier to keep track of.  It’s a lot easier to remember that you’ve had 3 jars of water instead of 8 cups!
    You can’t have water if you don’t have any, so in order to stay well hydrated, bring a water bottle of some sort around with you! There are so many cute water bottles everywhere that aren’t very expensive, and carrying it around makes it so much more likely that you’ll drink water!
    Caffeine is a diuretic, so if you have coffee (or anything else with caffeine), make sure you’re drinking water along with it! I *try* to drink twice the amount of water as my caffeine (so 6 ounces of coffee = 12 ounces of water) on top of my regular water, but even if that doesn’t work, I always drink water before and after I drink coffee. Drinking water with your caffeine will ensure you stay well hydrated!
    I find that I’ll drink a lot more water if I’m using a straw to drink it, so I have a stainless steel straw* (save the turtles!!) that I like to use to make it easier to drink my water. Using a straw makes it a lot more convenient to drink water, and is a super easy way to help yourself.
    The *only* thing you can’t put in your water is caffeine (so no coffee or tea), but aside from that, you can put other things in your water to make it more fun! Put in some ice, lemon, mint, or even those water flavor drops* to make your water taste better.
    Another way to make your water fun is to know how much you need to drink as the day progresses, so you have a way to tell if you’re on track or not and am not stressed about it. You can make a tracker on your water bottle (or even buy a water bottle with a tracker*!) or set a timer on your phone. So long as you remember, do it however works for you!

So there you have it: 5 easy and proven tips for drinking more water! What are some of the tips you have for drinking water? What are some things you like to put in your water? Tell me! I’m always looking for new infused water recipes! Have you checked out Simple Health Human yet?

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17 Things I Learned While 17 || I’m an ADULT NOW

Hello, friend! Today’s blogspot is an exciting one: I turn EIGHTEEN (18!!!!!) in a few days, and so today, we’re talking about 17 Things I Learned While I was 17!

17 Things I Learned While 17.png

  1. Popsockets are the greatest thing to ever exist.
  2. Don’t ask multiple people if they want to hang out . . . if they’re all free, you have an issue. a big one.
  3. Professional people may appear professional . . . until you stalk their social media
  4. I REALLY LOVE teaching music. Teaching music is awesome.
  5. Driving isn’t that hard. You just have to not step on the brake so hard that the wire breaks, rending the entire car useless.
  6. Getting into troll arguments on twitter is counterproductive and useless . . . unless it’s about homeschooling.
  7. College classes are fun . . . provided you get a good professor, but stILL.
  8. College applications . . . just start them early. For your sanity, for your parents’ sanity, for your dog’s sanity, JUST DO IT.
  9. Spotify is an amazing thing.
  10. I’m old enough to have friends who are married. Not sure how that happened.
  11. E-books are amazing because you don’t have to cart liTERAL books around . . . side effects include staying up until 4am reading
  12. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but . . . it doesn’t hurt either
  13. Money is SO HARD TO GET
  14. DAILY Bible reading is so, SO helpful.
  15. Grades are important. but not thAT important.
  16. Graduation is one of the most exhilarating things ever
  17. It is, in fact, possible, to leave EVERYTHING you’ve ever known and live . . . though maybe not without tears

And that’s it! What’s something you learned recently? Also, e-books–yay or nay?

5 Reasons I’m Not Giving Up Blogging


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If you’ve read my rant about life last week, you may have picked up that I’m not very happy with my blogging right now. To help me change that mindset, I’m doing this post. This is a totally original post, one that I’ve literally just thought of right now. I’m so proud of myself for being original and also I really really love that thumbnail

So, here are five reasons that I do what I do!

  1. I can keep track of my goals in my life If you’ve read my blog for any period of time, you know that I often post goals for my life on this blog. And since I’m ultra disorganized, having my stuff on the Internet where I can access them everywhere is very convenient for me. It also keeps me accountable, because I have to do recaps. If I fail too badly, I’ll strive to do better because I know there’s people watching me (even if it is only myself reading my blog, ha!)
  2. It’s fun teaching other people stuff I know how to do. Although I haven’t done this in a really long time, (as in, I’ve been too lazy because DIYs usually require taking pictures and effort) I really really love cataloging the crap that I know how to do—knitting, photography, baking, crafting, you name it. I also have a sense of accomplishment, and I can also look back and go “wow, I didn’t realize I was so talented 4 years ago!”
  3. I get to meet other people who have similar interests to me. Being part of the blogging community is absolutely amazing. There are so many people with similar interests as me, and I pull so much inspiration from their blogs, and I hope my blog inspires others as much other blogs inspire me (and also that’s a lot of inspires in that last sentence). I get to meet people from across the country and from all over the world, and that’s awesome.
  4. I get free books to review. I’m part of a few book blogger review programs. They send me books, I review the books, then I get to keep the books. What’s not to love? I really really love reading new books, oftentimes books that haven’t been published yet, and brand new books are just freaking amazing: the covers, the pages, the smell, the colors, and EVERYTHINGGGGGGG.
  5. It’s fun! Blogging is fun! Although it may not look like it in my life (as in, every Friday I go “UGAHJGFDH I HAVE TO BLOG TODAY DARNNN), it is SO. MUCH. FUN. I love writing my thoughts and opinions, and listing ideas and sharing opinions and taking aesthetic pictures and thinking up blog ideas and basically ALL OF THE ABOVE. It’s pretty awesome having a little corner of the Internet to myself. It also makes me feel accomplished. I have words on the Internet that people are reading. o.O

Are you a blogger? What do you like best about blogging?



Top 5 Websites for Studying

As the end of the school year ends (WHAT? ALREADY?!), people are preparing for finals…but they don’t feel like studying! Here are my top 5 resources that help me in studying.

  1. Quizlet– What can I say? Quizlet is just AWESOME! It’s a flashcard tool, and while its functionality as a flashcard tool is somewhat limited to flashcard-y information, its other functions as simply a learning tool are outstanding. There are six ways to learn total, which add up to mastering of information entirely, including two incredibly simple, yet extraordinarily fun and addictive. Sets of cards can also be shared between people in classes, and the progress of various members of a class are able to see and try to beat high scores on games, which makes it much, much more fun and competitive.
  2. Khan Academy– Khan Academy is fairly well known as a study site. The main purpose of Khan Academy is for math, and its math practice is extremely extensive. Recently, though, however, Khan Academey has become much more functional, adding SAT practice, sciences (the anatomy videos are superb), programming, and colinking to Crash Course. It has become a much more active online school (at least for me). The tutorials are especially good for notetaking, which I really appreciate, and they go more in-depth, which I also really appreciate. They do point/badge counting, which is really motivating for me (just 10 more practice questions until I get this badge!).
  3. Pandora– This isn’t a strictly study site, but it helps me a lot in my studying. Pandora is an online music radio. I love the functionality and the radio-like-ness of the site, unlike sites such as Spotify or (maybe) iTunes, where the music is organized into playlists, with set songs. Pandora is radio-like, which means that the songs that you listen to aren’t regulated to the ones you put on the play list, which I really enjoy. I especially love listening to all my stations on shuffle, which gives me a really wide variety of music to listen, ranging from Christmas to CCM to Irish to Classical to Movie scores.
  4. EasyBib– EasyBib is the perfect easy way to ace those bibliographies. Plug in all the spots in the bibliography generating site thing (which is really satisfying–to fill in forms), and EasyBib generates a perfectly formatted works cited page for you! This website is probably the website that has saved me THE most time while working on school papers and stuff by not having to cite all this stuff.
  5. TrelloTrello is a card-organizing device that allows me to keep track of all my assignments. I use Trello quite extensively, tracking my grades and assignments. Trello has a bunch of fun extensions, linking to Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, which makes it linkable to many platforms and extremely handy. I also use Trello to plan out my blogposts, knitting projects, and the birthdays of my friends. All in all, Trello is a versatile organizing platform that is both easy to use yet diverse. I believe it really helps me plan out and organize my life so much better than a pile of sticky notes would have done, although sticky notes are great too. 😀

Eh…by the time I got to here, I realized how lame some of these websites are. Literally everyone uses these sites. Whatever, I hope some of these sites are new to you and that they help you in your studying! Good luck on finals!



Top 25 Top 5 Blogging Prompts

I really enjoy making “Top 5” posts, mainly because they’re easy, they show readers what I enjoy, and there is virtually no limit to the Top 5 posts you can make.

So here are my List of 25 Top 5 Blogging Promptsblogging

  1. Top 5 favorite YouTubers
  2. Top 5 favorite blogs
  3. Top 5 favorite websites (and this can be used for various topics too, such as Top 5 Websites for School and so on)
  4. Top 5 favorite social media sites (we all have at least 5 social media sites, don’t we?)
  5. Top 5 apps on your phone (in my case, I have no such thing)
  6. Top 5 favorite authors
  7. Top 5 favorite books
  8. Top 5 favorite series
  9. Top 5 favorite quotes
  10. Top 5 favorite movies
  11. Top 5 favorite songs
  12. Top 5 favorite artists
  13. Top 5 favorite foods
  14. Top 5 favorite desserts
  15. Top 5 favorite candies
  16. Top 5 articles of clothing
  17. Top 5 favorite hairstyles
  18. Top 5 reasons for the season (i.e. Top 5 reasons why I like fall)
  19. Top 5 favorite holidays
  20. Top 5 places you like to go to (for me, they’d be something like the library, the pool, and so forth)
  21. Top 5 places you want to go to
  22. Top 5 coolest places you’ve been to
  23. Top 5 hobbies
  24. Top 5 favorite languages (you want to learn, you’ve learned, you’re learning)
  25. Top 5 favorite life hacks

Now, for 25 more blogpost ideas? Take the “Top 5 favorite” and turn it into “Bottom 5 most hated”, and you’ll have another set of blogposts ready for the writing!

Now, go forth and blog!


My Top 5 favorite YouTube videos…

…that I’ve come across so far.

Well…or maybe, 5 favorite from my top 5 channels? Or top 5 from each channel in my top 5 categories list?

Nah, just top 5…but it’s going to be hard. Really hard. Like unbelievably hard.

I feel like this is really being unfair to many, many wonderful channels…but for me, to be one of my favorites, it really, really has to stand out. So to all of you DIY YouTubers out there…trust me, I watch your videos…but to me, they’re all about the same. While your DIY’s ARE really awesome and your decor tips are really helpful, I doubt that any of them will make my favorites list. In my head, they’re really all lumped into one category.

First off, this one from Studio C…Lobster Bisque! Oh, what can I say? This is the first YouTube video that officially made my burst out laughing. Sure, I had smiled before…and chuckled…and giggled…but burst out laughing? This was it.

Well…Y’all know about Brooklyn and Bailey…and my obsession with their song, Mommy It’s Good-

And…another from Studio C! International Relations. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this already…

Yet another one from Studio C…AND Brooklyn and Bailey! This one is HILARIOUS.

And the last one…Cute Girl’s Hairstyles…Brooklyn and Bailey’s younger sister, Kamri’s first hair tutorial! It’s soooo simple…and I wear it SO often. Out of all the tutorials that CGH has ever posted, I think this one is the one that I have worn more than twice. Don’t get me wrong, CGH always has great hairstyles, but I really hate stirring from my go-to hairstyles, but this one, wow, I saw this and it became one of my go-to hairstyles!

This was actually really interesting. Who knew that my favorites are all “oldies but goodies”? These three channels, Brooklyn and Bailey, Studio C, and Cute Girls Hairstyles were the first three channels I ever watched on YouTube…and they are still my favorite channels, by far. The collab that Brooklyn and Bailey did with Studio C was the one that introduced me to Studio C…and that got me hooked!

This was definitely hard. Wow…I think the next time I do favorites, I have to do “Top 25” or something…but…I doubt that anyone would be interested, haha! This was also a very interesting post to do again in about a year or so, to see how my tastes have changed over time.

What are YOUR top 5 favorite YouTube videos?


P.S. I’m linking up my post to Allie’s blog!

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Give Thanks x7 Challenge + My (Top 5) websites

Before I get started, I want to mention that I will be doing the Kings Blooming Rose Give Thanks x7 Challenge for the month of November. I’m still not 100% sure what Kings Blooming Rose does, but I know it does something along the lines of Give Thanks Challenge 2015 Squareencouraging girls in their walk with Christ through magazines, conferences, books, and stationary/cards and things like that. They have a blog in which someone posts once a month, plus a free wallpaper for a desktop computer every month, which I LOVE. (Who still uses desktop computers, you ask? Me, that’s who. :P)

The Give Thanks x7 challenge is simple. Everyday, record 7 things that you are grateful for in a notebook or a journal, or you can join their online group to share. I’ll record mine in a journal, then at the end of the month, choose a couple or a few a day to share on the blogpost coming out on December 4th.

Now…on to the blogpost!

This is definitely not a “Top 5” post, since I only have 5 blogs. However, I’m posting this on most of my blogs/websites in order to cross-pollinate and to garner attention.

  1. My first inklings of internet posting. It has already been deleted, due to lack of suitable material, and my lack of internet usage at the time.
  2. My “official” website, lying dormant for the time being, but it shall be resurrected before 2017, hopefully by summer 2016. My favorite Science Olympiad event is (and shall always be) Rocks and Minerals (surprise, surprise)! My wish for this website is to be a good reliable resource for those folks also studying rocks and minerals, which was what I was really wishing for while I was doing Rocks and Minerals. At this point, there is next to nothing on that blog, other than a hideously fluffy self-introduction that not necessarily describes me anymore. There is still the old remnants of Happy Little Thoughts, my starting point for my current Happy Little Thoughts (#4 on this post), and I believe there are still some gems in that part of the site. It may be deleted in the near future, but deletion shall occur only when all the useful tidbits of information have been transferred unto my current Happy Little Thoughts, under the title of “From the Archives of Happy Little Thoughts.”  http://rockandminerals4him.weebly.com/
  3. My official and active blog, which is this blog. I post here every Friday, and it includes new year’s resolutions, funny posts, recipes, and more! https://rockandminerals4him.wordpress.com/
  4. Happy Little Thoughts. It’s the only blog that’s not officially called “RockandMinerals4Him”. Just random thoughts that don’t really go anywhere except social media outlets such as Twitter and Google Plus, both of which I’m not too thrilled about.posting about my life on, even though I well know that this is way less private than either of those sites. My goal is to be interesting and to provide some insight into my life, possibly for my future college admissions officers. http://rockandminerals4him.blogspot.com/
  5. My tumblr. At this current moment, I’m only looking up pretty Christian edited photos to reblog, and to post my own edited photos…and a few others, but it may well start to get interesting soon! Tumblr is quite confusing, so I’m still taking my time trying to figure out how the whole thing works. http://rockandminerals4him.tumblr.com/

Screenshot (25)

P. S. Here are some of my newly edited photos! I’m still in the process of learning, so these are farrrrr from perfect, but I just wanted to share what I have so far.

9.18.15 The Cross Has Made You Flawless

MercyMe Flawless quote

9.17.15 Take Me Deeper

Hillsong United Oceans quote

Top 5 Favorite Authors

Now, as an avid reader, I have quite a long list of favorite books and authors that I enjoy. Of course, I’m generally behind of everything “popular” at the moment, and I haven’t read many “popular” books at all, including Divergent, The Hunger Games, John Green, and all that. I’m still kind of reading “kids'” books….but notwithstanding, here are my top 5 favorite authors whose books I’ve read so far-

  1. Linda Sue Park. Author of many enjoyable books including Keeping Score, A Single Shard, The Kite Fighters, Project Mulberry, and A Long Way to Water. I love her writing style, and I really enjoy reading historical fiction, which is what she mostly writes. She is able to play with words in such a way that makes the storyline really come alive, and I love how I am really able to relate to the characters from the book. My favorite book so far has been Keeping Score, because I love books about the World Wars (IDEK why, but I think it’s just because of how everyone was so well-bonded and so thrifty and all that).
  2. Laura Ingalls Wilder. The well-known author of the Little House on the Prairie series, I love, love, LOVE, this series! I must have read all the books at least 5 times, and I’m currently reading through the backstories. Again, I love historical fiction (although it technically isn’t historical fiction), and I love simple life. Her books are wonderful, I love her writing, and I really enjoy the stories.
  3. Beverly Cleary. Although she writes books for younger readers (from around 1st grade to 3rd grade), she is still one of my favorite authors. Her most well-known series is the Klickitat Street series, featuring Henry Huggins and Beezus and Ramona Quimby. Beverly Clearly is able to really capture how children think, and how adults, although meaning well, often misunderstand. My personal favorite character is Ramona, and I love how she is portrayed very realistically, There is no glazing over the “bad” parts of life, including spelling. 😛 I’m very much able to relate to the characters, although the books are set in the 1960s or so.
  4. Elizabeth Enright. Again, a wonderful writer with really relatable books and characters set some time ago. She is SO creative and I love reading her books. My favorite book of hers is Spiderweb for Two, featuring a treasure hunt. I’d say more, but then I’d be spoiling it. ☺ My other favorite books are Gone Away Lake and Return to Gone-Away. I mentioned them in this post earlier, when I made blueberry pie inspired by Foster. ☺ The kids in her stories are so free, and I long to be like them, to be away from computers and smartphones and technology and to be able to go out exploring, to discover caves, and to go swimming, and to camp in haunted houses. (Have I made you sufficiently curious now?). 😛
  5. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The one and only main work of his that I’ve read is The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (of course, I realize that they were published separately, but the version I have is all combined). To me, being able to write mystery stories is nothing short of a miracle. When I write, I’m not able to plan ahead sufficiently enough to be able to write mysteries. To be able to turn out super intriguing mysteries like that is practically genius to me. 😀 Along with crazy plot twists, sinister characters, and a genius, Sherlock Holmes has been loved for more than a century.

These are my top 5 favorite authors to read, even though I have pretty much finished all the books that all of these authors have written (Also, it doesn’t really help that all of them except 1 are dead)… XD I’m rereading The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes again, to count for this year’s reading challenge, because I don’t read books with more than 500 pages as a general rule. ☺ I’ve also reread many of Elizabeth Enright’s books this year already, and my family listens to Beverly Cleary’s books on CD (Are we old-fashioned?) practically constantly.

What are your top 5 favorite authors?

Screenshot (25)