But Is It Love? || A Poem ||My Thoughts About…Love

I came up with this some time ago, but thought it would be a good time to post this now, sort of as a Valentine’s Day post.

But Is It Love.jpg

But Is It Love?

We think we know all about love

We see it everywhere: in movies, in books, in magazines

But do we really know love?

Never too busy to talk

…but is it love?

Living lives together together

…but is it love?

Growing together

…but is it love?

Working together

…but is it love?

Sharing futures, dreams, goals

…but is it love?

Supporting each other

…but is it love?

Understanding each other

…but is it love?

Laughing together, crying together

…but is it love?

Saying “I love you”

…but is it love?

The pounding in one’s heart

…but is it love?

Love is in the air, this time of year

But what is love?

I wish I knew.

I wish life wasn’t complicated.
I wish I didn’t wish for love.
I wish I knew the way.
But there is love.
The love that comes from the Father
Pure, unfailing, unconditional love.

But is it love?
I can stop worrying. I can stop wishing. I can stop dreaming.
For I know love.

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us that we should be called children of God! ~1 John 3:1


Why? || Poem || Thoughts


Why am I crying
Why is this so hard
Why am I so easily frustrated
Why can’t I do a simple task

Why do I even bother
Why do I strive to be the best
Why do I always fail
Why do I try

Why can I never be good enough
Why am I always mediocre
Why aren’t I actually really good at something
Why can’t I do something important

Why am I not like them
Why can’t I talk like them, write like them, act like them, look like them, sing like them, study like them
Why am I different
Why am I always the odd one out

Why don’t they text first
Why do I always appear so needy
Why can’t I wait for them to speak
Why am I so annoying

Why do I care when they don’t text back
Why can’t I understand they have other things to do
Why can’t I just wait
Why am I so afraid of being ignored

Why am I so proud
Why do I want people to notice me
Why do I need attention
Why am I always trying to show off

Why do I always want my way
Why am I so selfish
Why do I never look out for others
Why do I only care for me, me, and more me?

Why do I question myself
Why am I comparing myself
Why do I doubt myself
Why can’t I be satisfied with the way I am

Why do I doubt my faith
Why do I doubt myself
Why do I doubt my importance
Why don’t I know all the answers