Blogmas Day 26: 17 Things I’ve Learned in 2017

I literally have 10 wrapup posts for the end of the year, and this is one of them. As my wise friend Abbiee said, it’s not healthy (or wise) to simply just set goals, goals goals without also seeing what you’ve done! This post is in between my New Years Resolutions and tomorrow, my January goals, and this is a post talking about what I’ve done and learned this year!

Blogmas 2017(1).png

2017 was a big year for me. Overall, I’ve moved up a lot from being in the same schedule I’ve had for years, and changing things up a lot. (Due to my friend getting her license lol) I’ve been able to go out on more friend-inspired whim trips, and those were fun. I’ve also gotten a job (money!) and had to buy stuff (no more money!), and also had to take public transportation (no more money!).

Here are some things I’ve learned, some serious, some not.

In 2017, I learned . . .

1. that college applications are FREAKING STRESSFUL (like that wasn’t obvious). Similarly, college essay prompts are vvvv stupid. The whole point of applying to college is figuring out what you want to do with your life; and I’m not supposed to know that already. But that’s a separate rant for a separate time.

2. that working 40 hours a week is A LOT MORE TIRING THAN IT LOOKS. (Also, because of this internship/office job type thing, I learned a lot about sleep and sleep research and how to put on EEGs and all kinds of fun science stuff like that)

3. that shipping packages is very expensive (and going to the post office is a hassle, especially if you don’t bring enough money the first time)

4. that if you’re planning on entering 34 entries in the fair (bad idea in general lol), don’t leave them until the last minute (similarly, if you have a friend coming over to help bake cookies, GET READY BEFORE SHE ARRIVES)

5. about filling out forms and money (!!!) and background checks and getting IDs and badges and interviews and all that business-y type stuff

6. to check the DATE you sign up for a show, as well as the time . . . or you might be 20 minutes late to said show after the friend you’re going with texts you 5 minutes into the show asking where you are

7.that it is possible to break a car the first time you drive (long story). I also learned to drive…kinda.

8. that I just really really suck at time management. It has not improved.

9. public transportation is great but it also SUCKS (namely, changing train -> bus in the rain)

10. a lot about my personality and how I perceive things and process emotions and that kinda stuff.



12. to be confrontational about problems, but don’t rush it and give the opposing party time to think. (also, talking about things is very important, but over talking is also too much)

13. to be grateful for people who understand and are forgiving, even if you’re attacking them (and especially if it’s kinda out of your place to say so)

14. some new calligraphy/typography fonts and some new methods for my art

15. spotify is really the best form of getting music (even though I used it for probably 5 months this year oops)

16. a lot about public education and interaction through my volunteer job at a museum (and I LOVE IT. SO MUCH.)

17. and overall, how to juggle college classes + working + my volunteer job + all my other responsibilities without dying.


What are some things you learned in 2017? Are you/have you applying/applied to colleges before? DID YOU KNOW THAT THE BLOGGER DASHBOARD ISN’T LIMITED TO JUST BLOGGER POSTS? (I found this out a couple days ago and my mind and my entire blogging world is blown)


Blogmas Day 25: 2017 Reflections / 2018 Resolutions

Year 4 wooooo!!! (2015 2016 2017) In this post, I’m going to wrap up my year, including blog stat stuff and how I did on this year’s New Year’s Resolutions, and then tell you guys all about next year’s New Year’s Resolutions!

Blogmas 2017(3)

Bloggy Stats

  • 210 total blogposts (80 blogposts written)
  • 2626 visitors
  • 123 followers (awww look at that)
  • Visitors from 59 countries

Blog highlights

Most Popular Posts


Ava Bright Lee || My Thoughts About . . . A Lot of Things, Really


Blog RELAUNCH (and other things) PARTAYYYYYY

WHTM July 17

What Happened This Month: July 2017

2017 Resolutions

  1. Do Bible Reading everyday- nope. This year was a very bad year in terms of spiritual growth, and I didn’t read my Bible very much, or pray very much, or anything really. Fail.
  2. Memorize 3 chapters of the Bible- lol nope. I kinda forgot about this one? Fail.
  3. Pray more, and more specifically- *sigh* guess what? Fail.
  4. Clear the dishwasher every morning- I did some? But not even close enough to half so no Fail.
  5. Don’t use more than 1000 hours of internet- I think I got this one? I was about 400 hours in by July or August, then my internet tracker thing needed to update and my computer couldn’t do it, so I lost that app. Seeing how I was less than halfway through more than halfway through the year, I’m going to count this a Success.
  6. Read 150 books- This was my GoodReads goal for the year, but between Junior year and Senior year, I only read 120. But I’m going to count this as I got it, because I’m satisfied with reading 120 books, and besides, it’s the third year I’ve read over 120 books! Success.
    July TBR
  7. Write a total of 300 blogposts- WELL 2016 SELF! BIG GOALS, EH? WOWWWW. I wrote less than 100 total XD Fail.
  8. Comment 3x/day on other blogs- I have about half a years’ worth of comments, (about 540 comments?) in spurts, and I’ve noticed a big increase of traffic on the months that I did. I *think* I’m going to count it? What with everything else that happened this year, I’m pretty happy with how I did, even though it would have been nice if I’d done it all. Success.
  9. Stay on track with family blog- PSHHHHHH ya think? Fail.
  10. Post regularly on Instagram- Not very regular, but I did post more? I posted 65 times on my blogstagram and 48 times on my personal, so I’m going to count it. Success.
  11. Do more art- Well. I never really defined what ‘more’ is, but I’ve improved a lot more in the world of typography and word art type stuff? (I don’t know what it’s called lol) I’m going to count it.  Success.
  12. Don’t drink any carbonated drinks- This is the one thing I actually did XD. I went without soda for a whole year (excluding like 5 mouthfuls) and I don’t miss it? So I think I’m going to continue next year. Success.
  13. Exercise (at least 1 hour) intensively every week…maybe get into running?- pffffff as if. Fail.
  14. Drink more water- I tried (well, all for this week. I’m super dehydrated rn lol). I have a nice collection of water bottles (of great importance) and it worked. Sorta. Success.

7/14! [with no cheating obviously pshh] (compared to 8/13 last year and 9/14 two years ago, so percentagely lower than previously, but that’s okay.)

Highlights/Happenings of 2017

  • Atteneded my first SciOly invitational (Feb)
  • Took two more AP tests, bringing my total up to 6 (May)
  • Visited St. Lous and Illinois (May)
  • Got my Driver’s permit! (May)
  • Finished taking my SATs and ACTs 🙌 (Jun)
  • Did my first internship (my first 40-hour a week, officey type job) (Jun-Aug)
  • My cousins visited us (Jun)
  • Visited New York City (Jun)
  • Started volunteering at a museum and I FREAKING LOVE IT (July)
  • Hit 100 blog and Instagram followers and 100, 200, and 300 followers on Twitter! (Vague July)
  • Hosted my first blog giveaway (Aug)
  • Started my first college classes (Aug)
  • Started my senior year (!!!), my sixth year of band, my fifth year of SciOly, and my 3rd year as an AWANA leader (Aug)
  • Started filling out college applications >< (Sep)
  • Started playing in the youth group band regularly (Sep)
  • I drove for the first time ever (and also broke a car while I was at it) (Sep)
  • I got accepted into my first college! (Oct)
  • Visited Orlando/Disney World (Dec)
  • Helped put together The Blogger Yearbook (Dec)

2018 Resolutions

2018 is going to be a huge of growth and change and I don’t know what’s going to happen, so I’m going to play it month-by-month more than yearly, so there’s going to be less Yearly resolutions this year.

  1. Do monthly goals
  2. Read my Bible daily and also keep a journal/prayer journal daily
  3. Get out of bed for the day (aka don’t get back into bed once I get up in the morning)
  4. Spend more time unplugged
  5. Brush my teeth before I go to bed at night (believe it or not, I’ve been really bad at it this year/semester)
  6. Give up [a to-be-determined list of foods]
  7. Make money with one of my hobbies (art/blogging/etc)

So that’s that. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Blogmas Day 24: People from 2017

As the year draws to a close, I like writing a little note to each of the people that have made a difference in my life. Some have made it multiple times to the list; others just once. Either way, this is a post that I will look back on in future years and remember all the people who made me who I am.

Blogmas 2017(6).png

From 2017, I would like to thank

  • mom and dad, for always being supportive of me and my many hobbies and for always being willing to drive me all sorts of place
  • my brothers D + P, for becoming more of friends and less of kids this year
  • my Aunt S, Uncle R, and cousin E for visiting, and even though I had to work for most of the visit, had fun with us
  • “Grandma” and “grandpa” B and “aunt” L, for showing me what joy in the Lord means and for believing in me and praying for me.
  • “Grandma” and “grandpa” L, for loving on me and my family and for always checking up on me
  • MM, for always being willing to listen to me rant about everything that goes through my mind late at night, and for all the advice that you’ve given me this year
  • MM (the other one), for driving me everywhere, and for being such a good Christ-like friend and role model. Taking chemistry with you this year was fun!
  • KS, for always being there for me to talk to, and for the bond we always have, even if we haven’t talked much this year
  • Twitter friends, for being my online friends and for listening to my talks and my thoughts and for inspiring me with blogposts and tweets and for how hard you all work every day
  • my church friends, LM, KL, JO, KT, and YD, for our discussions about God and life and everything else
  • MS, CS, JC, EF, and KG for leading me further in knowing God, for investing time in me, and for showing me how to love others well
  • MY FRENS, including AS, ES, GM, AS, and RC, for listening to me go on all sorts of tangents and irrelevant stories and manage time poorly in general
  • SW, KB, MM, SC, DC, and DE (as well as others), for being wonderful SciOly partners/teammates and for never taking the fun out of study/work
  • WC, for being an amazing SciOly coach and for always pushing us to our full potential
  • EC, for always being so encouraging and understanding (and for putting up with my fiasco this year . . . and forgiving me afterwards). The older I get, the more I realize how much work and love you pour into us, when you don’t even have to!
  • my teachers BT, HJ, JW, TC, and GP, for teaching me and preparing me for both higher education and life in general (and for putting up with all the times I don’t get stuff done in time)
  • the people I interned with over the summer, AB, AY, RR, SW, AN, MSP, KM, SD, KC, KC, and DE, for making my first internship an enjoyable one and one where I learned a lot, for allowing me this opportunity, and for the adventures we’ve had together. I’m so grateful.
  • EM, WS, MHC, and EB, for being friends, mentors, and another adult for guidance and support (and goodness know, I need it)
  • my Cubbie BEARS, PH, EN, LM, NL, and AA, for being the best little Cubbbies I’ve had the privilege and honor to help lead towards God
  • my students AH and LH, who have made so much progress this year. Thank you for always practicing and stretching me as a teacher and a musician.
  • and to God of course. Everything I do in this life is dedicated to you, and even though this was a year of pursuing myself instead of you, you have still played an important part in my life and thank you for guiding me this year.

Who are you grateful for this year? I definitely recommend you taking stock of who has influenced your life and telling them thank you, because it is so so important! Life is so short.

New Year’s Resolutions Mid-Year Updates 2017

Welllll…’s halfway through the year, and that means it’s time for Midyear New Year’s Resolutions updates!

NYR MidYear Updates

Photo via stockimage website, editing mine, feat PicMonkey

Right off the bat, I’m going to say that I’m pretty sure I’ve not done very well at any of these, but we shall see.

  • Do Bible reading everyday. Oh my goodness…I used to do Bible reading all the time daily! This year, I’ve haven’t done it, nearly at all. Fail
  • Memorize 3 chapters of the Bible. …let’s just say not. Fail
  • Pray more, and more specifically. Let’s just say I kinda forgot all about this?? (I haven’t been praying nearly at all and I really need to do it :/) Fail
  • Clear the dishwasher every morning. This actually lasted longer than I expected (a cumulative total of about a month?) but again, haven’t done it and need to get started on that too. Fail
  • Don’t use more than 1000 hours of internet. This one’s actually going surprisingly well. I’m currently a little less than halfway through the 1000 hours, which is pretty amazing, actually. This doesn’t count the time I’m on my phone, though, so it’s not an entirely accurate count of time. Success
  • Read 150 books. This is going pretty well. Currently, I’m at 70, which is still *slightly* behind what it should be, but really isn’t anything to worry about (unlike *cough* the previous ones) Success
  • Write a total of 300 blogposts. I’m currently at 190 blogposts, which is a little behind, but not TOO behind. I’m doing three posts a week for June through August, so it boosts my post count. 😅 Starting September, though, I’m going to be cutting down to one post per week, but hopefully make it of better quality, while stocking up posts for Blogmas. We’ll see how that goes XD Success (or at least, not failure)
  • Comment 3x a day on other blogs. I did this mainly in January and February, and saw a lot of resulting traffic/action from it. However, starting in March, I got really busy so I haven’t really been doing it as much, and the blog stats have reflected that. I’ll be doing more of it (and catching up) over this next couple months Fail
  • Stay on track with the family blog. This worked, again, for two months until I got busy and didn’t have time to do it anymore. I’ve been recording some for over the summer as well, so I’m going to try to catch up. Fail
  • Post regularly on Instagram. In contrast with the other resolutions, this one has been going better after being slow in the first few months. I’ve been posting once every four or so days, with some semblance of a theme, so that was nice. This month, I’m doing a bookstagram challenge thing, so I’ll be posting every day…at least until I mess up. Success
  • Do more art. Naturally, since I haven’t had time, I couldn’t have done any art. I’ve done a few hand lettering projects, which have been fun, but I haven’t really made much progress. I will definitely do a bunch over the summer though, to prepare for the county fair, and it’s going to be fun 😊😊 Fail
  • No carbonated drinks. This one is working. I’ve been off of carbonated drinks all year, with the exception of two slurpees, which I always forget are carbonated (oops), but haven’t knowingly had any. Success
  • Exercise (at least 1 hour) intensively every week. *nervous laughing in the distance* Fail
  • Drink more water. Yes and no? I’m slightly more conscious about having to drink water, but as for the amount and/or how it compares to last year, I can’t really say. I’m going to count this as a Fail, though, since I can’t definitively say, nor did I record myself as drinking enough water.

Overall, this year has been a decent (???) year for New Year’s Resolutions? This year has been mostly all habit-y stuff, not so much goals, so I’m not going to modify them or add to them. I’m currently at 5/14, so we’ll see how this ends 😅

2016 Reflections/2017 Resolutions || Blogmas Day 29

Man, could it already be the third of these posts I’m writing? (Also, as I’m writing this, I’m looking back on old posts, and I’m actually rather amazed by how much I’ve grown over the past two years. Like, why on earth would I want to have become a. ambidextrous, or b. a vegetarian?)

(and if you want to stalk, here they are. Don’t cringe too hard. 2015 2016)

Also, it’s my 2 year Blogiversary today! WOWWWW.

But anyways…..on to the recap of the year, since this post is going to be long enough already. 😛


Bloggy Stats

  • 130 total posts (90 written in 2016)
  • Views: 2792 (compared to 845 last year…WOW!)
  • Received visitors from 39 different countries
  • 50 followers! Thank you all!!

Random blog highlights of the year:

Most Read Posts


What’s in My Bullet Journal: December 2016 Edition + 17 Before 2017 || Bullet Journaling


Book Review: Ben Hur by Carol Wallace


What’s in My Bullet Journal: Overview Edition || Bullet Journaling

(I guess y’all like seeing my Bullet Journal posts, wow!)

2016 Resolutions:

  • Read through the entire New Testament- YES! Well, there’s less number of chapters in the New Testament than there are days in a year, so it wasn’t hard. But I still did it! Success.
  • Memorize 1 chapter of the Bible per month- uhhhhh. NO. Fail.
  • Witness to one person- *sigh* I had really wanted to, but this never actually came to fruitation. I’m sad. Fail.
  • Bless someone everyday- Um. I tried to everyday, but I’m not positive if I actually succeeded. I’m going to count it though. It would have been nice if I had been thinking about it a little more consciously. Success
  • Honor my parents more- I’ve tried to. As I’ve gotten older and more mature (hah!), the points where I disagree with them are diminishing, so thus our relationship has indeed gotten better. Does this really count? I’m not sure, but I’m counting it anyways. Success
  • Clear my conscience and maintain it as clear- oiiiii….no. I mean, I actually never did it. So no. Fail.
  • Get a job- I’ve babysat several times this year, and I’ve also started teaching piano. Success.
  • Keep my room clean- Weeeellllll….my room has been decently clean lately. At least, I don’t fall on my face when I wake up in the morning, so I guess that counts? Success.
  • Eat no more than 1 piece of candy per week- I *think* this one worked. I’m not sure. It’s about right, though. (Though I may or may not have made up for not eating candy by eating chocolate chips, oops). Success.
  • Learn how to sing all the verses of 50 songs (basically, one per week)- heh. heh…hehhhh….no. XD I have about a total of 14 songs that I chose, and about , what, 3 that I’ve learned? Fail.
  • Get better at taking and editing photos and do ‘Photo A Day’- I’ve definitely gotten better at editing pictures (though looking at some of the pictures that I’ve edited you’d laugh when I say that), but I didn’t do the Photo a Day thing. That was just….hah. So…I guess it counts? Maybe? Success.
  • Knit 10 skeins of yarn- eeh, no. I just don’t have enough time to knit that much. I probably knit more than I did last year, so that was a minor success. But it doesn’t count, anyways. Fail.
  • Drink more tea- I think so. I’ve liked making tea a lot more (who doesn’t want to be the sterotypical blogger who has 13675498 types of tea in their pantry?) and so I’ve drunk more tea. Success.

So…that’s 8/13….not *too* bad…right?

Highlights of 2016:

Um…what happened in 2016?

As I’m looking back over my records (hah, like I’m actually ORGANIZED enough to keep records), I feel like I haven’t really done much new this year that I didn’t do last year, but here are a few highlights that came through this year.

  • I turned SIXTEEN. SIXTEEN. What is life. (Feb…kinda)
  • Attending my first youth conference—it was AMAZING (Mar)
  • Somehow managing to take 2 AP tests and 3 SAT subject tests over 4 days and not dying—ITS AN ACCOMPLISHMENT YALL (May)
  • Visiting all my grandparents and extended family peoples and stuffs (May/June)
  • Attending a cake decorating class with my friend (July)
  • Going without a working computer for ONE MONTH. ONE WHOLE MONTH (July)
  • Attending physics camp (Aug)
  • The county fair and the state fair. Nuff said (Aug/Sep)
  • Start teaching piano lessons (Aug)
  • Start my JUNIOR year of high school, my FIFTH year of band, my FOURTH year of Science Olympiad, and my SECOND year as an AWANA leader (when did those numbers get SO BIG? I didn’t realize I was that old omgns) (Aug)
  • Starting Bullet Journalling (Sep)
  • Took the PSAT that actually counted, and didn’t fail…too badly (Oct)
  • Taking the SAT and the ACT on consecutive Saturdays, because I’m not stupid like that…OBVIOUSLY (Dec)
  • I hit 50 followers on the blog, on my second blogiversary. THANK YOU GUYS (Dec)

People who made 2016 what it was

2017 Resolutions:

  1. Do Bible Reading everyday
  2. Memorize 3 chapters of the Bible
  3. Pray more, and more specifically
  4. Clear the dishwasher every morning
  5. Don’t use more than 1000 hours of internet
  6. Read 150 books
  7. Write a total of 300 blogposts
  8. Comment 3x/day on other blogs
  9. Stay on track with family blog
  10. Post regularly on Instagram
  11. Do more art
  12. Don’t drink any carbonated drinks
  13. Exercise (at least 1 hour) intensively every week…maybe get into running?
  14. Drink more water


What’s In My Bullet Journal: Planning for 2017 and January 2017 Edition || Bullet Journaling || Blogmas Day 26

So apparently, my Bullet Journal posts are the most popular posts on my blog. And I’m not complaining! They’re my favorite ones to write as well! So…here I bring you….

What's in my BuJo January 17.jpg

It’s almost like two posts in one!

So for 2017, I’m starting off with a new Bullet Journal! I ended up finishing my previous one just in time to start a new one in 2017. It’s another school graphing paper book.


As with basically any Bullet Journal, the next page is the index. (The header says it’s Index 2 because it’s my second bullet journal).


Next up is my (incomplete) 2017 overview calendar! It’s very basic…the generic calendar.


I don’t expect for this bullet journal to last me all the way until the end of the year (as you can see by the Index, I’m already on page 17 already, and I haven’t even started officially using it yet!), but having it there is going to be super handy, so that I can refer to dates and stuff.

Next in the Bullet Journal *should* be my 2016 highlights, because I write them down every year, but I *ahem* haven’t done them yet, so thus, you don’t get a picture. Oh, the sacrifices I make as a blogger #NOT

I also have my People from 2016 in my Bullet Journal as well, just so I have a hard copy that I can see.


Now for the January spread! I’m planning on using it more than I usually do, so I made it a little more functional. In the upper left corner is a monthly overview. I can circle the important dates.

Underneath the calendar, is my “Monthly Focus Finder,” which is basically a set of goals that I want to accomplish in January. Becuase I’m a put-together person, I’ve totally collapsed under having to set goals for the whole year not thought about goals yet, but there’s the space to do it in.

Under THAT, is my blogging calendar. It’s something totally new that I thought up, so we’re going to test it out and see if it works. I’ll circle the dates that I publish a blogpost, so I’ll get a good idea of when I publish posts.

On the right side, I have my monthly…place-to-write-things-in, I guess. I basically write down where I went that day. Simple.


It’s also the first month I’m making a monthly habits tracker. Many people already use a habit tracker, and as most of my New Year Resolutions this year are habits, I thought I’d try one out and see how well it works.


Finally, I have my weekly spread. Because I’m really put together, as aforementioned, I have it completely not done yet, but here, have a picture of what I’m supposed to do on New Year’s Day (a heck ton of blog work), and more washi tape.


What do you think? Have you started planning for 2017 yet? What are some of the new spreads that you’re trying in the new year? Are you setting New Years Resolutions?

People from 2016 || Blogmas Day 24



As the year draws to an end, I usually write up a yearly recap (SHAMELESS SELF PROMO: 2014 and 2015). And included in that (usually) 4+K word blogpost is a list of people who made my year what it was.

And…most people don’t know who I know, and it makes for that blogpost WAYYYYY too long for most impatient humans on the internet. So….because I’m brilliant, I’m taking the peoples list out…and putting it here!

Blogmas Button24.jpg

You have full permission to skip this post but you might miss yourself in the post…

So…without any further ado (omgns I hate that word so much), here are the people who made 2016 what it was.

I would like to thank…

  • Mom and Dad: for the support you always show me, for the things that you have taught me this year, and for giving me chances to become who I am.
  • My brothers D+P: for introducing me to this wonderful game that is baseball, and for making my life the happiness that it is today.
  • My aunts and uncles: for being part of my family, for making my family full, and for supporting me in all my endeavors.
  • My cousins JL, EL, JC, HC, SM, and FM: for being so much fun and for the closeness we share despite the distance between us.
  • My adopted “Grandpa” and “Grandma” B and “Aunt” : for the incredible role models you are and the amazing faith you show despite the hard times in your lives.
  • KS: for being the sister you are, for being the person who understands the best, and for always being there and listening to me rant.
  • MM, for being one of my closest friends, for understanding me and bearing with me when I’m being stupid, for being a great lots-of-things, such as SciOly teammate, fellow band geek, and classmate, and for never making things awkward when it could easily be.
  • MM, for being such a good friend and for the hardworking, cheerful, and encouraging person that I have the privileged to call my friend.
  • ECW: for being a great friend always, even if we have drifted apart a bit, and for having been my first really friend.
  • ER, SC, and BO, for being incredible online friends whom I’ve never had the chance to meet in real life.
  • Blogger peoples such as Grace (from Totally Graced), Sarah (from the Introverted Extrovert), Hannah (from Grace in Everything), Katie Grace (from A Writer’s Faith), and Kara (from Saved By Grace), for being the source in inspiration that you are and the content that you post.
  • KL, LM, AC, JO, ET, KT, and PIP, for being my awesome church friends with whom I’ve gotten so much closer to this year.
  • JC, JR, CG, and KG, for being awesome youth group leaders who take your time and invest into us.
  • MS, CS, JP, and TR: for being amazing pastors who continually develop my walk towards become more like Jesus.
  • AS, CG, GM, AS, ES, and both CLs, for being awesome friends and for each holding a special place in my life and my heart.
  • PM, GN, TJN, EB, and NB, for being such good Christian role models to show me what it means to be a Christian woman in today’s society.
  • KB, MM, CF, SR, NR, SC, and RC, and so many others, for being such motivating SciOly teammates and for continually pushing more to study and learn about life.
  • WC: for being the best SciOly coach one could ever have, and for also being an awesome band director.
  • EC: for being a super awesome music teacher who has taught me so much over this last year. and for your incredible willingness to open your house so that the SciOly team can study.
  • CY and SC: for being the best piano teachers I could wish for, and for making the transition between teachers smooth.
  • AD and JMB: for being awesome flute teachers who never give up on me (even when I don’t practice!)
  • CS, NL, DM, GP, SG, and BT: for being super teachers that continually inspire to study harder and learn more.
  • EB and SS: for being awesome 4H leaders, for making sure all my records are straight, and for always pushing me to go farther.
  • AC, LC, EH, LH, PH, AM, LM: for being awesome kids who I have the privilege and honor to mentor as you all grow up: you all have taught me so much.
  • AA, PH, JB, DL, EN: for being my Cubbie bears whom I have the honor to help lead farther along in your journey in Christ. I’m excited to see how God will work in you!
  • EM: for being a fantastic Cubbies director and role model, for your continual cheeriness and your love for the Cubbies.
  • For all the other people I have missed in this list altogether, although maybe not brought immediately to mind, who make my life what it is.
  • And lastly, to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who loved me so incredibly much that you would die for me, who is indeed the only reason I exist upon this planet.

New Year’s Resolutions Mid-Year Updates/Revisions 2016

Here is my Mid-Year (hah, considering it’s like 7/12th of a year)’s New Year Resolutions Updates. So far this year, I don’t feel like I’ve actually done very much, having more school pressures and less time to do much. However, it’s summer, and I’ll try to do better on these!

  • Read through the entire New Testament-I’ve read through 1 Corinthians-Revelations, Matthew, Mark, and half of Luke. However, I haven’t really been reading at all for all of July, and I really need to get back to that.
    • Revisions- None
  • Memorize 1 chapter of the Bible per month– Um. No. No no no. But I still think that I want to do it….I’m totally not sure how well this is going to work out.
    • Revisions- None
  • Witness to one person- So far, I haven’t witnessed to anyone yet. However, the Lord has laid on my heart WHO to witness to, but I haven’t actually done it yet. Bad, I know.
    • Revisions- None
  • Bless someone everyday– Um. Depends on how small the deed is, but it has happened basically everyday. Like ‘helped XYZ find something (when it was lying in plain sight)’ but y’know.
    • Revisions- None, except that it should be not so much ‘small’ things, but ‘larger’ things, like doing the dishes or something. But again, that line’s hard to distinguish.
  • Honor my parents more-Um. Kinda…but not really.
    • Revisions- None. 
  • Clear my conscience and maintain it as clear-Err no.
    • Revisions- None.
  • Get a job (babysitting counts)– I’ve babysat for about 2 months for a parenting class at our church for a couple of families, as well as babysat for a family a couple of times, but other than that, no ‘official’ job yet. I applied for a summer volunteer position at a local museum, and did the application and interview and everything, but I didn’t get in… 😦
    • Revisions- None
  • Exercise for at least 2 hours a week-Um. No. ‘Nuff said. I do other sorts of physical activity, but as for exercising exercising, no.
    • Revisions- This one’s going away, because me nuts.
  • Keep my room clean– This one’s been kinda okay so far. My room’s okay-clean, but not anything especial. Definitely not camera-worthy.
    • Revisions- None.
  • Eat no more than 1 piece of candy per week– Sortof. I haven’t actually counted, so I don’t really know, but I do know that I have been eating candy probably more than I should have.
    • Revisions- None.
  • Learn how to sing all the verses of 50 songs (basically, one per week)-
    No. I have chosen (a few) songs to learn, but I haven’t actually learned any yet. I really should do that.

    • Revisions- I don’t know what do revise this to, since I don’t feel motivated to do this. Often I hear a song and want to sing along, but don’t know the words, and I’m also really terrible at telling what people are singing, so I have to actually read the lyrics. I don’t know…but I won’t change anything.
  • Get better at taking and editing photos and do ‘Photo A Day’- Weeeelllll….I am better at EDITING photos…I haven’t really taken any photos at all. As for ‘Photo a Day’, I basically took half of January, 2 of February, and none after that. So….yeah. However, this year I’ve made an Instagram, so I’m motivated to edit, take, and post more pictures. Also I have no selfie skills and I need to improve.
    • Revisions- Get better at taking and editing photos, as well as post more to Instagram.
  • Knit 10 skeins of yarn- So far, I’ve knit about 1/2 skein of yarn. My new favorite pattern is this one for chunky socks. I knit a pair for a friend last year for Christmas, and I’ve been revising it. I hope to knit more over the summer! 😀
    • Revisions- None
  • Drink more tea– Yes, I’ve definitely been drinking more tea than before. I love tea…but mostly MAKING tea, not drinking tea, which bothers my mom. XD
    • Revisions- None.

I don’t know, I feel really unmotivated to do anything right now. I’m not sure if it’s because of the lack of internet that I’m feeling this way, or if it’s just because of the lack of structure of my days recently. I have been fairly kinda motivated to blog here, but my poor family blog has been severely neglected. Ugh.