Knit With Me: Chunky Socks {Gift Ideas} || Blogmas Day 6

Yea…I’m a knitter. Who knew? I’ve only posted one knitting post so far.  XD

But anyways, today I’m posting about my knitted socks (because y’all obviously didn’t read the title. XD)

Blogmas Button6.jpg

So far, I’ve knitted two pairs of these socks: one long pair, going up the knees, per the pattern, and one that was wider and shorter, per my modification. said socks may or may not have been presents for Christmas 2015, but who’s counting?

And because I’m a good knitter like that, I didn’t write down my modification for the socks….oops.

vintage knit knacks.jpgI got my pattern from the book Vintage Knit Knacks. (I don’t recommend the book: the socks are the only pattern I’ve used out of the 20, and the only one I think I’ll ever use.)

As a result, I can’t post the pattern, because of the copyright. (Why am I even writing this blogpost? BECAUSE BLOGMAS AND I DONT HAVE POSTS TO WRITE. I don’t know.) But if you have the book, I totally recommend using this problem!

Someday I’ll write out my modified pattern….someday.

This patter was the first one that I used a cable needle with who am I kidding I didn’t even buy an actual cable needle I just used the 5th DPN.

I like the (very) cable-y pattern…but then, cable anything is SO PRETTY.


don’t kill me on the editing, please. XD

But anyways…here’s a really rambly random post in which you learn that I learned to cable knit a year ago. Here you go.

Merry 19 Days before Christmas!


Pirouette Hat (2015 Bucket List- #2)

After many, many failed attempts to start this hat, I finally managed to start (and finish!!) this really cute Pirouette Hat, courtesy of Little Theorem. The main reason this project was hard was because I had never tried knitting on double pointed needles before, which cause quite a few stitches dropped off the “wrong” end of the DPN. Overall, the entire pattern was quite easy to follow and very specific. The hat was 2×2 ribbing followed by a “twisty” pattern of k3, k2tog, yo, decreasing stitches close to the top.

Featured image

A close up of the ribbing/twisty pattern

At a few places in the pattern I still did drop stitches and had to either create stitches (I know…you aren’t supposed to do that) or try to pick up stitches, both of which showed up very prominently in the final product. (I also should learn/practice picking up dropped stitches…)

Featured image

The outside of the hat

Featured image

The inside of the hat

I finished this hat in about a month (during the school year!), once I actually decided I would finish it. I cast on in the car on a long car ride and finished it this past weekend, right after school ended. It is very repetitive for the first seven inches of the pattern, so I did most of it while either watching television or reading, because I didn’t have to look at what I was doing.

This hat was for the HabitRPG challenge “Craft Ahead”, for a knitting or crocheting project that had to be started at least 2 months before it was needed. I made my hat for the county fair, happening in August. Other than that, I’m still not sure where I will actually use it (e.g. birthday/Christmas presents), since the mistakes are somewhat obvious. It also fulfills my need to make a “hat, or pair of socks/mittens” for my 2015 Bucket List.

I think it is an adorable pattern; however, it is very small.  cannot fit into it; I would give it to about a 5-8 year old. Perhaps, by adding 27 more stitches (the pattern even disperses 81 stitches across 3 DPNs- 27 would add another needle’s worth of stitches…is that even possible?) the pattern would be able to fit an adult.