What Happened This Month: February 2017

WHTM February17.jpg


  • Science Olympiad invitationals AND Science Olympiad Regionals. (What is SciOly?)
  • Doing a cover reveal for Rebekah Eddy!
  • Learning the words to Guns and Ships (because, it’s of the highest necessity)
  • Valentine’s DayValentine's Day.jpg


  • Instagram stories
  • Winning a book giveaway
  • ARCs
  • Library trip
  • Actually having some sort of an instagram theme
  • Finishing the entirety of Hamilton in one sitting
  • Reading an really inspiring book and arranging music inspired from the book after reading it
  • When you’re at the library and there’s this kid being trained for a library job, and you legit know everything that he’s learning just because you come so often
  • When you realize that google photos can open straight onto PicMonkey
  • When you find typos in a book


  • When you don’t really tweet all month so have no points for your monthly recap post
  • When you write a blogpost about InCoWriMo but then don’t actually do it…
  • When you spell “adrenocorticotropic hormone” right but misspell “secretes” #scienceolympiadanatomy
  • When you realize that you have an essay due….yesterday at 5pm
  • Realizing how bad you sound on violin
  • When you attempt to go downstairs quietly so as not to wake up your family, then end up tripping and falling down the entire flight of stairs
  • You spend 2 minutes searching up “not esteemed synonym” when you could have just searched “esteemed antonym”
  • Going to piano lessons when you haven’t practiced piano in a month

That Moment When-

  • Your computer is really confuzed as to whether you use PicMonkey or Pinterest more and try to suggest both at once when you search
  • You realize that all three of your “music” tabs have Hamilton open
  • You realize that the plural of analysis is made by changing out the vowel, so analysis to analyses
  • You learn that meconium (a newborn’s poop) comes from when the baby ate its own skin particles in utero
  • You have 151 tabs open and suddenly one starts playing music


  • Wyman’s Silvery Waves Original Theme with Variations, piano (we’re *almost* done with this one omgns)
  • Bach’s Inventio 5, piano
  • Chopin’s Valse Op. 64, No 2; piano
  • Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata
  • in my defense I didn’t have piano lessons nearly all month, and almost all of January too, so
  • New music for flute for band:
    • Lincolnshire Posy (what the composer was on while he was composing, I don’t know)
    • Suite of Old American Dances
    • The Stars and Stripes Forever
    • Exaltation by James Swearington (what a name)
  • A few jazz pieces for Bari Sax that I play on bassoon for jazz band
    • A String of Pearls
    • Blessed Assurance
    • Carnaby Street
    • Chattanooga Choo Choo
    • Pennsylvania 6500
    • Sweet Georgia Brown
    • and several others that I’m too lazy to stand up and go look for right now

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InCoWriMo 2017 || yet something else stupid that I’m doing

Having been in the blogging world, I’ve been hearing about InCoWriMo for some time now, but hadn’t really looked into it, until Grace Anne from Totally Graced wrote a blogpost about snail mail, and linked to InCoWriMo (because obviously I’m too lazy to have googled it).

And, because I’m completely sane and time-management savvy and all that, I’m going to try to do it!


picture credits. editing feat PicMonkey

In case you haven’t known yet, InCoWriMo stands for International Correspondence Writing Month. It’s basically a challenge for people who hand-write a letter to someone every day in February, for a total of 28 letters.

So, yup, I’m trying to do this. Of course, it’s already February 3rd, and I haven’t done a single letter, but shhhh, no one needs to know.

So yeah…I guess, motivation?

But anyways, if I actually follow through on this thing, I’ll try to take some pictures of my letters and put them all in a blogpost at the end of the month.

Also if this post seems really incoherent and stuff, it’s because I’m currently NOT PROCRASTINATING on cramming for Anatomy.

Lots, and lots, and lots of hormones. (I’m studying hormones; I’m not hormonal) XD

The first SciOly competition is tomorrow, which explains things.

But anyways, are you doing InCoWriMo? How’s your progress coming? By goodness this is the worst blogpost that I’ve probably ever written oops.