Book Review: Inspire Psalms || Gift Ideas || Blogmas Day 10

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About the Book:

Inspire offers a whole new way to engage with, meditate on, and respond to Scripture–leading beginning colorers and experienced illustrators to the Prince of Peace.

Inspire: Psalms is an invitation to journey through the whole book of Psalms, immersing yourself in Israel’s ancient prayers and praises while coloring and creative art journaling. Whether or not you consider yourself artistic, everyone has God-given creativity, and it can be expressed in vastly different ways. Whether through coloring while meditating on Scripture; drawing or sketching; journaling prayers; doodling; splashing color across the page; adding tabs, tags, or embellishments; or any other form of creative expression, one thing is certain–you have a creative Creator, and you were made in his image! Your worshipful response to Scripture on the pages of Inspire: Psalms will become a treasured collection of personal expressions of faith in your spiritual journey.

My Review:

If you’ve had a Pinterest for any time, you’ve probably seen those pictures of journaling Bibles that artistic persons so beautifully illustrate with Bible passages and all that. And if you’re anything like me, you realize that you’re never going to be that talented person who has the beautiful Bible pages.

That’s where Inspire: Psalms comes in. It has, as you would expect, the book of Psalms, and like a journaling Bible, there’s space by the passage for “artistic interpretations” for all the art skillz THAT YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE LIKE ME. However, unlike journaling Bibles, there’s one side of the page that’s blank, for artistic peoples who like to do their own thing, and the other side of the page that is a coloring page that’s based off one of the verses on the page.


I’d take a picture, but because I’m sitting down and I don’t want to get up, get the white poster board, get good lighting, take the picture, import it, edit it, and then upload it, I’m not going to. So there.

Like All Is Bright: A Christmas Coloring Book, it’s rather big (it’s square, like a journaling Bible), but I think it’s totally worth it. The cover texture is SO AWESOME: it’s like a velvety plastic color, and also the colors are sooooo pretty.

The paper is really good quality too: coloring pencil works, and shows vividly, and so do FELT TIP MARKERS. (Let me tell you, if you’re a coloring book reviewer, one of the most SCARY things you’ll ever do when you get a new book, is using the felt tip marker. Will it bleed though? Will it ruin my perfect, new coloring book? Or else are the publishers pro and will it not?) I REPEAT: YOU CAN COLOR WITH MARKERS. YOU CAN COLOR WITH MARKERS PSAPSAPSAPSA.

The entire (ENTIRE, like all 150 chapters, like ALL of it) book of Psalms is in it, which makes it super awesome. (Although now I want one for, like, every other book of the Bible).

I’ve colored almost one entire page, and I’m loving it so far.

My Review:



also no, I'm not like 14 days behind on Blogmas. TOTALLY NOT.

25 Christmas Gift Ideas || Blogmas Day 8

Hi readers! Welcome back to Day 8 of Blogmas!

Today, I have 25 Christmas gift ideas. I tried to chose ideas from a fairly large gift range.

And because I’m nice like that because I don’t use affiliate links, you’ll have to go find these things yourself if you want to buy something from here muahaha


    1. A Polaroid camera. They’ve been coming back in style recently, and they’re really cute and tumblr. 🙂
    2. Nail polish. Can’t really go wrong there.
    3. BOOKS. ALL THE BOOKS. (but make sure you’re at least a little sure of what the person you’re giving them to likes. OTHERWISE PREPARE TO BE EATEN BY FURIOUS BOOKWORMMONSTERS)
    4. Cookie mixes
    5. Cookies!
    6. cocoaCute mugs. BECAUSE HOT CHOCOLATE. (how many times have you seen that gif this blogmas?)
    7. A Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal (BECAUSE I NEED ONE, SISTA)
    8. Fuzzy socks.
    9. Fuzzy sweaters
    11. Knitted stuffs…again, fuzzy
    12. Bath salts and stuff like that (because I’ll never use it but I might regift it)
    13. Throw pillows, because THEY CUTE
    14. Stationary stuffs
    15. Electronic stuffs like headphones, a mouse, etc
    16. iPod/phone cases (this goes without saying, but know what model they have)
    17. Scarves/gloves/etc
    18. Jewelery
    19. A laptop psssss so that I can blog, no that was not a hint
    20. Candy. Because ALWAYS
    21. Candles but not the unscented ones…those are utterly useless, guys.
    22. Phone cases, because CUTE
    23. Something for their collection…if they have a collection of something, then give them something in their collection
    24. Some movies

So this was actually an almost serious post….hehe…I hope you gleaned some inspiration from this post!


Knit With Me: Chunky Socks {Gift Ideas} || Blogmas Day 6

Yea…I’m a knitter. Who knew? I’ve only posted one knitting post so far.  XD

But anyways, today I’m posting about my knitted socks (because y’all obviously didn’t read the title. XD)

Blogmas Button6.jpg

So far, I’ve knitted two pairs of these socks: one long pair, going up the knees, per the pattern, and one that was wider and shorter, per my modification. said socks may or may not have been presents for Christmas 2015, but who’s counting?

And because I’m a good knitter like that, I didn’t write down my modification for the socks….oops.

vintage knit knacks.jpgI got my pattern from the book Vintage Knit Knacks. (I don’t recommend the book: the socks are the only pattern I’ve used out of the 20, and the only one I think I’ll ever use.)

As a result, I can’t post the pattern, because of the copyright. (Why am I even writing this blogpost? BECAUSE BLOGMAS AND I DONT HAVE POSTS TO WRITE. I don’t know.) But if you have the book, I totally recommend using this problem!

Someday I’ll write out my modified pattern….someday.

This patter was the first one that I used a cable needle with who am I kidding I didn’t even buy an actual cable needle I just used the 5th DPN.

I like the (very) cable-y pattern…but then, cable anything is SO PRETTY.


don’t kill me on the editing, please. XD

But anyways…here’s a really rambly random post in which you learn that I learned to cable knit a year ago. Here you go.

Merry 19 Days before Christmas!