Book Review: Answering the Toughest Questions about God and the Bible


About the Book:

When it comes to the big questions about God, Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz don’t pretend to have all the answers. But they do know how to wrestle with doubt. They welcome questions, and in these pages they ask some of the most important ones you have about God and the Bible:

  • Is God real? How can you know?
  • Can I trust what the Bible says about God?
  • Why is the Bible so hard to understand?
  • Why do Christians say Jesus is the only way to God?
  • How do God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit relate to one another?
  • and more!

With candor, insight, and a disarming touch of humor, Bruce and Stan provide some answers to these critical questions, yet they leave enough space–and grace–for you to keep wrestling, asking, and seeking truth.

There is no shame in asking–after all, even some of the greatest men and women in the Bible had doubts. Don’t questions go unanswered. What you find might just change your life.

My Review:

Answering the Toughest Questions about God and the Bible is a book that answers a lot of questions that not-Christians or new Christians may have about Christianity and God in particular.

The book answers several questions that are often asked, which I like. It also takes a comparatively takes a non-controversial route, and answers questions straight from the Bible, which is nice, because I can use some of the arguments more easily without needing to pick and choose.

The defense and the explanation for each of the questions are very well-researched and cohesive, which is very helpful if I ever need to use it. Each of the questions starts being answered by starting at a very basic level, which is helpful as well.

There are discussion questions at the end of each chapter, which allows for discussion and study in groups or by oneself.

Overall, I like this book, and recommend it for anyone who has questions about God and the Bible, or is looking for answers for someone who is questioning stuff like this.

My Rating:


Thank you to Bethany House Publishing for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


Book Review: KJV Thinline Bible

About the Book-

The Thomas Nelson KJV Thinline Large Print Bible—featuring the timeless beauty of the trustworthy King James translation in a large, readable font size—strikes the perfect balance between portability and readability. Wherever you’re going, the KJV Thinline Large Print Bible is built to travel with you. This easy-to-carry Bible comes with features that will enhance your reading experience, including beautifully-designed covers, an all-new typesetting in the elegant and readable Thomas Nelson KJV font, double ribbon markers, and the words of Christ in red.

My Review-


Review over.

Just kidding XD but seriously, that’s how I feel like whenever I review Bibles! There’s nothing much you really can say. XD

But anyhow, today, I’m reviewing the green edition of Thomas Nelson’s line of thinline redletter Bibles! First of all, I LOVE the color! It goes so well with the general scheme of my room (lol), and is one of the prettiest colours (in my opinion; I don’t discriminate against colors XD) out there.

It’s hard cover, and it also lies flat, which is really nice. I’m planning on using this Bible for Bible Journaling, so that’ll be really nice for that. Also, there are two ribbon bookmarkers, which is really handy!

It’s a KJV version, so that’s a bit unusual for me, but I like it, a lot more than I had expected to!

The font is a nice size, not too small, but not too large, and it’s very clear. In addition, it’s a very nice size to carry in a bag: it’s not bulky at all, which makes it great to bring to church.

There are a few maps/bible reading plans/etc in the back, which I always really like in a Bible. However, it is just a Bible, not a study Bible,  which I actually like better, because I’m not as distracted.

Aside from that…I don’t think there’s much? I don’t need to review the content, so I’m mainly reviewing aesthetics.

Overall, it’s a great Bible. The clear font and its size make it a very nice Bible to read, and the book markers make it really handy.

My Rating-


Thank you to BookLook Bloggers for providing me with a complementary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not re2quired to write a positive review.



Book Review: Tranquility {A Prayer and Reflection Coloring Journal}

About the Book:

Tranquility: A Prayer and Reflection Coloring Journal invites you to mix creative journaling and coloring into your personal time with God. Prayers that focus on topics such as being thankful, dealing with stress and heartache, caring for yourself and others, listening for God’s leading, and waiting patiently on Him will guide your thoughts and calm your spirit. Filled with more than 100 designs to color, plenty of space for journaling, and 40 needs-based prayers, Tranquility will help you express your devotion to God with your whole heart.

My Review:

tranquility is a “prayer and reflection coloring journal” from Living Expressions, a Tyndale Branch. I’ve already reviewed another of these colouring journals on my blog, but it’s always fun to review coloring journals!

First off, let me just say that I like the color scheme of this journal so much more! The other book has orange and mint green, which I just wasn’t really a fan of. The cover of tranquility is so cute!

The inside features pages with color, and pages without color, for coloring. There are pages with space for writing (both prompts and blank spaces for meditation) as well as drawing. There are also some written in prayers that you can pray while working on the exercises (which I’m not *entirely* a fan of because some don’t really apply, but overall it’s fine).

For the coloring pages, the pages are all really pretty and intricate. The pages also don’t bleed through, so marker works, which is super nice! The illustrations are very elegant as well.

My Rating


I received a free paper copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion; I was not required to leave a positive review.

Book Review: Beyond Suffering Bible


About the Book-

When the pain and hardships seem overwhelming, we can be blinded to the beautiful realities often hidden in the passages of the Bible. The Beyond Suffering Bible was created by Joni Eareckson Tada and her team to highlighted the goodness of God during life’s hardest times.

It’s jam-packed with resources to answer the tough questions, take you deeper into God’s Word, and propel you to action:

  • A Word from Joni devotionals show how to pursue God amid suffering
  • Profiles of Bible characters and contemporary Christians illustrate how to discover God’s goodness during painful circumstances.
  • Connection Points offer thousands of study notes that specifically address suffering
  • Devotionals dig deep and tackle some of the toughest questions about suffering
  • Book Introductions orient readers to vital information and focus on key suffering and disability themes.

My Review-

It’s always a bit tricky (for me, at least) to review Bibles. What do I say?



But because I’m an organised person who always knows what I was thinking before when I made (not) stupid decisions, I’m here today to review a Bible. (*confetti*)

Essentially, the Beyond Suffering Bible is a Bible for those suffering: disability, weakness, illness, and so on. There are special features in it that make it so: for instance, small devotionals like “Cruelty to Persons with Disability” or “Facing the Golden Years,” geared with a focus for those suffering.

Joni Eareckson Tada is a quadriplegic (after breaking her spinal chord while diving), and she has faced so much suffering in her life. Despite it all, she still brings glory to God while motivating others. She is the perfect person to put together the first study Bible for people suffering.

This is a NLT translation (which I don’t really understand/care about, but some people do so). I really like the book headers, that have an introduction to the book, and also the biography things, which highlight people.

Overall, I really like the study Bible aspects of the Beyond Suffering Bible. My personal Bible doesn’t have study Bible-y things (connection points, and the aforementioned book headers and biographies), so having this background is really nice.

As for aesthetics, it IS a soft-cover book, which is kind of odd for a Bible (at least, in my opinion), and the pages are essentially the dictionary/Bible thin pages.

My Rating-


Additional Information-

Beyond Suffering Website

Thank you to Tyndale House Publishing for providing me with a free print copy in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review.

Book Review: Inspire Psalms || Gift Ideas || Blogmas Day 10

Image result for inspire psalm

About the Book:

Inspire offers a whole new way to engage with, meditate on, and respond to Scripture–leading beginning colorers and experienced illustrators to the Prince of Peace.

Inspire: Psalms is an invitation to journey through the whole book of Psalms, immersing yourself in Israel’s ancient prayers and praises while coloring and creative art journaling. Whether or not you consider yourself artistic, everyone has God-given creativity, and it can be expressed in vastly different ways. Whether through coloring while meditating on Scripture; drawing or sketching; journaling prayers; doodling; splashing color across the page; adding tabs, tags, or embellishments; or any other form of creative expression, one thing is certain–you have a creative Creator, and you were made in his image! Your worshipful response to Scripture on the pages of Inspire: Psalms will become a treasured collection of personal expressions of faith in your spiritual journey.

My Review:

If you’ve had a Pinterest for any time, you’ve probably seen those pictures of journaling Bibles that artistic persons so beautifully illustrate with Bible passages and all that. And if you’re anything like me, you realize that you’re never going to be that talented person who has the beautiful Bible pages.

That’s where Inspire: Psalms comes in. It has, as you would expect, the book of Psalms, and like a journaling Bible, there’s space by the passage for “artistic interpretations” for all the art skillz THAT YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE LIKE ME. However, unlike journaling Bibles, there’s one side of the page that’s blank, for artistic peoples who like to do their own thing, and the other side of the page that is a coloring page that’s based off one of the verses on the page.


I’d take a picture, but because I’m sitting down and I don’t want to get up, get the white poster board, get good lighting, take the picture, import it, edit it, and then upload it, I’m not going to. So there.

Like All Is Bright: A Christmas Coloring Book, it’s rather big (it’s square, like a journaling Bible), but I think it’s totally worth it. The cover texture is SO AWESOME: it’s like a velvety plastic color, and also the colors are sooooo pretty.

The paper is really good quality too: coloring pencil works, and shows vividly, and so do FELT TIP MARKERS. (Let me tell you, if you’re a coloring book reviewer, one of the most SCARY things you’ll ever do when you get a new book, is using the felt tip marker. Will it bleed though? Will it ruin my perfect, new coloring book? Or else are the publishers pro and will it not?) I REPEAT: YOU CAN COLOR WITH MARKERS. YOU CAN COLOR WITH MARKERS PSAPSAPSAPSA.

The entire (ENTIRE, like all 150 chapters, like ALL of it) book of Psalms is in it, which makes it super awesome. (Although now I want one for, like, every other book of the Bible).

I’ve colored almost one entire page, and I’m loving it so far.

My Review:



also no, I'm not like 14 days behind on Blogmas. TOTALLY NOT.

Book Review: All Is Bright: A Christmas Coloring Book || Blogmas Day 5


All Is Bright

About This Book-

Contemplate the promise and coming of Jesus as you create colorful designs.

Relax and retreat from the chaos of the Christmas season by reading these short devotions and meditating on Christ as you color. Your family’s Advent and Christmas will be transformed from a time of busyness to a time of rest with every page of All is Bright. Designed to reconnect you with the story of Christ’s coming, each day of rich devotion by popular author Nancy Guthrie–accompanied by intricate drawings–will lead you into a Christmas filled with worship and adoration.

My Review-

(because it’s totally not 5 days into Advent already and because everybody’s still desperately looking for an Advent devotional)

Well. What can I say? I really like this coloring book! The devotionals that go with the intricate coloring pages, the texture of the book, it’s just awesome!

Yes, it is slightly on the large side, and doesn’t easily fit in backpacks and stuff, but it’s really beautiful. There are devotionals for every day from December 1st to December 31t, and a corresponding coloring page each day. There are also several shorter devotionals and simpler coloring pages for families with young children, which I thought was really thoughtful.

I feel like the devotionals were quite generic and similar to most other Advent books, so it’s not particularly awesome in terms of the content. The devotionals are great for reading out loud, or for reading and meditating while one colors. The coloring pages are all fairly intricate and are fun to color. One con, as pointed out by mom, is that it could be hard to use over multiple years, because of the coloring pages. Unless someone has a lot of free time not me, it would be really hard to complete all the coloring every day. But then, nobody is required to color everything every day.

Overall, it’s a really functional Advent coloring book, complete with devotionals. (or should it be “a really functional Advent devotional book, complete with coloring pages?). Either way, I give it a



Thank you to Tyndale for sending me a free print copy of this Advent coloring book for my honest review; I was not required to write a positive review.

Book Review: Gratitude {A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal}


My Review:

Adult coloring books have been super popular recently, and I came across this journal, created by Tyndale, that has coloring pages along with journaling prompts.

The book is really awesome, and although I’m not a fan of the colors they chose for the cover (orange and green, guys? seriously?!), I really love the cover–it’s really think and durable. The pages are also really awesome; they hold up to markers, which is, at least to me, always the mark of a good coloring book. (Remember those coloring books with pages made of newsprint that leaked marker for 3 pages?).

I also really love the pages and the prompts. There are pages with prayer prompts, and there are pages with blank spaces for drawing on (which I’ll probably be writing in, tbh, since I have zero art skills XD), and the coloring pages are detailed enough that I love to color them, and not too detailed that it’s almost impossible to color.

Here are some of the pages, as examples:


A few cons are the prompts: sometimes the prompts aren’t what I really like, and sometimes the prayers aren’t especially prevalent to me, so that’s a little bit of the journal I don’t like.

Overall, this journal super awesome, and would make a really super activity to do during my quiet time (I haven’t used it yet XD)

RockandMinerals4Him rating-


Thank you to Tyndale for sending me a free print copy of this beautiful journal for my honest review; I was not required to write a positive review.


Book Review: The One Year Devos

Last year, my devotional book was dvosbook.pngthe One Year Devos book by Susie Shellenberger. While it was a good devotionals book covering many topics and challenged my faith, I feel like it was not particularly beneficial to me personally.

The format of the book was a short daily devotional, often with random trivia facts or an interesting story, 3-4 Bible reading passages, a short summary for the day, and a prayer prompt.

First of all, I feel like this devotional book, designed “for teens”, was more designed for tweens, although some of the topics were definitely more suited towards teens. The writing style seemed simplified and directed towards a younger audience.

Even so, this devotional book was excellent in terms of content. This book ranged over many topics, such as the Ten Commandments, Jesus’ death and resurrection and the theories concerning it, writing a testimony, finding your identity, prayer, truth, and so forth. There were days with just random trivia facts and a Bible reading, but they were expanded on the following day.

Also, this devotional book is a great devotional book for someone is looking to start doing Bible reading/devotionals daily. The daily devotionals are all fairly short, covering one side of a page and some Bible reading, which made the time needed for devotionals to not be too long. However, the daily Bible readings were a little annoying. The amount of reading per day varied greatly, ranging from 3-4 verses to 5-6 chapters, which made me not be able to easily plan for how much devotional time I needed.

On the other hand, I found that, quite often, the Bible verses for the day were taken quite out of context, and required reading much of the passage in order to understand the verse. I believe that the Bible readings would be more beneficial if they were constant, such as a single chapter per day pertaining to the topic discussed. It also seemed at times that the author was trying to make a point and was trying to warp Scripture to support her point, which made the Scripture reading occasionally incorrect.

There were some warped Bible stories in the book, such as Joshua’s story during September. While I realize that they were trying to “modernize” the book to appeal to teenagers, I feel like they should not have changed the story so dramatically.

This is the first book out of two “One Year Devos for teens” and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to read the second book, with the experience of this first one. Although it was a very good devotional book in terms of the content, I feel like it could be greatly improved to be more beneficial.

RockandMinerals4Him rating- 7/10