What’s in My Bullet Journal: Summer Edition + What’s On My Summer Bucket List 2017!! || Bullet Journal

Hey! I haven’t done a bullet journal post in some time…so here’s one! Today, I’m going to be showing you some pages in my bullet journal that I’m going to be using over the summer, as well as talk about my Summer 2017 bucket list!

Summer Bu Jo Bucket List

(also, sorry guys. Apparently I have to learn how to use a DSLR camera over the summer too. #firstattempts)

There really aren’t too many spreads in my Bullet Journal for the summer, since I’m SUPER busy, and I just don’t have time/need to keep track of ALL THE THINGS*.

*ALL THE THINGS: I have lists of my lists, okay? ALL THE THINGS IS NO JOKE.

First off, being the responsible (#not) person that I am, I have a summer cleaning/projects list. This is a list of all the major things I need/want to get done over the summer, like going through clothes or repainting my room.It’s like a honey-do list, except it’s for me! 😋


Next, I have a Summer Timeline, where I keep track of all the cool things that happen over the summer, such as a cool trip, or going hiking, or stuff like that. It’s pretty straightforward.


I also have an Ideas page, where I’m going to dump the ideas for crafts or recipes or anything of that nature, for perusal. (I had wanted to write up some ideas but #lazy 😂 and also I’d probably ruin the page). It’s going to function as a physical Pinterest board, essentially.


For the summer, I run a lot less on deadlines, so I don’t do daily, or even weekly spreads most of the time. This is my to-do list that I’ve had for about a month now and have just filled up. (Feat: me thinking I could draw a scroll but failing miserably)

To Do List

The last spread in this post is my bucket list for the summer! (Also lowkey wanted this spread to look way cooler than it does but obviously that didn’t happen). There’s not very many things on it, because I’m super busy and have to work a lot, but here are a few things I plan to do this summer.

Bucket List

And since I have way too many goals already on this blog, why not share them?*

*because otherwise y’all sneaky people are going to zoom in and try to decipher what I wrote but I edited it so poorly you can’t read it HA

  • Go to the pool with friends
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Bake something new
  • Take a day away from the internet
  • Do 5 new things for the county fair
  • Redecorate/redo bedroom
  • Host a blog giveaway
  • Readathon (July 21)
  • Knit a big project
  • Look into colleges
  • Do something unusual
  • Make a summer playlist
  • Have a cookie day
  • Take cool pictures
  • Go on a hike
  • Visit the zoo
  • Go on a roadtrip

What are some of the plans you have for the summer? Also, what are some things I should add to my bucket list?


What’s In My Bullet Journal: 1st Quarter Wrapup || Bullet Journaling


It’s time for…another Bullet Journal post! Today’s post is about how I’ve been using my Bullet Journal for the first quarter! (To see how I thought I was going to plan, check here)

In this post, y’all get to see how I’ve used my Bullet Journal through this quarter (ALREADY? MY GOODNESS), and how I’ve tracked some of the stuffs that I showed you in that post (that I linked ^)

What's in my BuJo Q1 Wrapup.jpg

First off is the cover (bc why not and also bc logic, of which I incidentally have none)


As you can see, I’ve heavily tabbed the sections, signifying “month” “year” “today” and many such other reminders to myself. how they haven’t fallen off yet idk

After that is the internet tracker. Surprisingly I haven’t blown my yearly quota of internet yet (how idek don’t ask me)


And then for books read. 23 books so far, which is rather surprising although I’m still behind oops


Here’s a picture of a pretty habit tracker.


My daily spreads looks like this:


It’s basically a time tracker/schedule for each day, with a small to-do list at the bottom.

Other times, if I don’t want to follow a schedule that day, I just have a to-do list.


After this is basically a whole bunch of spreads that I’ve used over the last quarter.

First up is a water tracker. Although evidently I didn’t complete this tracker (and also evidently I don’t drink enough water), I think it might work if I were to actually work on it. (that sentence was just way redundant omw)


Here’s a spread that I’m drafting a blogpost on. These kinds of blogposts, which take a bunch of thought, I put on a BuJo spread, so that I can add to it whenever (as I have my bujo with me more often then I do have internet access)


(also BTS/sneak peek here lol)

This is a huge long to-do list entitled “All The Things that I have to do…’some day'”.


Here’s a blogging tracker/calendar that I use.


I also have an AP Lang assignment tracker in my weekly bullet journal spread. We have weekly assignments, so by having a spread in my BuJo, I’m better able to see what I’ve done, and what I yet have to do.

AP Lang

And…that’s it! Here’s a look into what I’ve been doing to my BuJo this first quarter (yes, I know there’s 20 days before this quarter ends, but still, close ’nuff)

Also, like, I absolutely suck at writing descriptions for BuJo spreads…ohwell XD

What’s In My Bullet Journal: Daily Planning Edition 2017Q1||Bullet Journaling

So…I’m starting to run out of ideas for Bullet Journaling posts. BUT, I love making these posts, so if y’all have any ideas, let me know!

Today’s post is a look into how I plan for each new day! I go through this routine every night before bed, so I know what will happen the next day.

What's in my BuJo Daily Q1.jpg

First off, I refer to my routines page. I got an idea to write up a “routines” page one day, and since then, it’s been super, super helpful. I really recommend a routines page, if you like routine, like I do. 🙂


This page has my online routine, which “ensures” that I don’t waste *too* much time on the internet. I’ve found that having a list of the websites I need to check does help make sure I don’t spend all my time just browsing the internet. (also, self promo: Instagram/Twitter/GoodReads are all in the sidebar –>. Go follow me)

Aside from my online routine, I have a bullet journal routine (which is basically what I’m going to show you right now), a school routine (what I need to get done everyday), and habits (which are just habits that I need to get done everyday).

After that, I go to my internet tracker. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to spend <1000 hours on the internet this year, so this is my tracker. I fill in a little square for each hour I use.


(why I started on the bottom, I don’t know)

Next, I fill out my Habit Tracker. It debuted in my BuJo Planning for 2017 and January 2017 Edition , and it’s been working pretty well so far. At least, I’m checking each day as to what habits I need to do.


What you don’t see is that the header says “Habit Tracker Jan 16″…oops

Next, I’ll fill in my monthly log, basically where I went each day. Needless to say, that’s blurred out.

I also check my monthly goals and blogging schedule, which are both also on the monthly log.


After that, I’ll log the book(s) I read that day. It’s a very basic spread, none of the bookshelf stuff that you see on Pinterest (mine is also linked in the sidebar, FYI)


how I’m up to 7 books already in 2017, I don’t even know

After all the “today” things, I plan out the next day. I usually make a schedule of how I’ll get everything done, like this:


of course, when I try to do a ribbon banner for the blog, I do it wrong and have to white it out.

Otherwise, I’ll just write out a to-do list, like this:


ewww @editing quality. WHO DID THIS? Oh wait, I did.

If there’s a prayer request from that day, I’ll log it on the weekly prayer request spot.


And that’s it. The routine I go through each night before I go to bed. It does take a little time (close to 30 minutes), but it’s totally worth it!

What other Bullet Journaling posts would you like to see?

What’s In My Bullet Journal: Planning for 2017 and January 2017 Edition || Bullet Journaling || Blogmas Day 26

So apparently, my Bullet Journal posts are the most popular posts on my blog. And I’m not complaining! They’re my favorite ones to write as well! So…here I bring you….

What's in my BuJo January 17.jpg

It’s almost like two posts in one!

So for 2017, I’m starting off with a new Bullet Journal! I ended up finishing my previous one just in time to start a new one in 2017. It’s another school graphing paper book.


As with basically any Bullet Journal, the next page is the index. (The header says it’s Index 2 because it’s my second bullet journal).


Next up is my (incomplete) 2017 overview calendar! It’s very basic…the generic calendar.


I don’t expect for this bullet journal to last me all the way until the end of the year (as you can see by the Index, I’m already on page 17 already, and I haven’t even started officially using it yet!), but having it there is going to be super handy, so that I can refer to dates and stuff.

Next in the Bullet Journal *should* be my 2016 highlights, because I write them down every year, but I *ahem* haven’t done them yet, so thus, you don’t get a picture. Oh, the sacrifices I make as a blogger #NOT

I also have my People from 2016 in my Bullet Journal as well, just so I have a hard copy that I can see.


Now for the January spread! I’m planning on using it more than I usually do, so I made it a little more functional. In the upper left corner is a monthly overview. I can circle the important dates.

Underneath the calendar, is my “Monthly Focus Finder,” which is basically a set of goals that I want to accomplish in January. Becuase I’m a put-together person, I’ve totally collapsed under having to set goals for the whole year not thought about goals yet, but there’s the space to do it in.

Under THAT, is my blogging calendar. It’s something totally new that I thought up, so we’re going to test it out and see if it works. I’ll circle the dates that I publish a blogpost, so I’ll get a good idea of when I publish posts.

On the right side, I have my monthly…place-to-write-things-in, I guess. I basically write down where I went that day. Simple.


It’s also the first month I’m making a monthly habits tracker. Many people already use a habit tracker, and as most of my New Year Resolutions this year are habits, I thought I’d try one out and see how well it works.


Finally, I have my weekly spread. Because I’m really put together, as aforementioned, I have it completely not done yet, but here, have a picture of what I’m supposed to do on New Year’s Day (a heck ton of blog work), and more washi tape.


What do you think? Have you started planning for 2017 yet? What are some of the new spreads that you’re trying in the new year? Are you setting New Years Resolutions?

What’s in My Bullet Journal: December 2016 Edition + 17 Before 2017 || Bullet Journaling

Hey everyone! I’m here today…with another Bullet Journal post! I really really love making BuJo posts because taking pictures of BuJos are so cute!

In this post, I’m going to be sharing my December spreads as well as my 17 before 2017 goals (yes, I know I’m rather late on the 17 Before 2017 thing, but better late than never, right?!)

What's in my BuJo December 16.jpg

I don’t usually have very many spreads I do for a monthly overview or whatever, because I usually put all the stuff on daily spreads. However, I only have 5 pages left in my current BuJo, and I want to save my new one until 2017, so I’m having to make do with these 4 pages. I’m also likely going to have to go back and reutilize some of the pages with more blank space again as daily spreads.

I am anticipating, though, that I won’t have to use as many daily spread pages this month because of the holidays (and less homework!!) so I’m not *too* nervous about there being wayyyy too little pages.

But anyways…on to the pictures!

First up is my monthly spread. Unlike many bullet journalers, I don’t use my monthly spread very much, because, as I’ve said before, I tend to use the daily spreads more extensively.


So on my December spread, I have a calendar (obviously), my monthly goals, highlights of the month, and then a to-read list. I still have like 60 books I yet have to read this year (D:), so that’s why I have an entire column for that.

Next for my December spreads is my present planning spread.


This one is fairly straightforward: a column of people I have to give presents to, and then a column of what I have, a column of whether I’ll purchase or make their presents, and then a column for what I need to purchase in order to complete the present. Simple!

Next up are my New Years Resolutions. I didn’t start BuJoing until the start of the school year, so I don’t have a spread for my 2016 NYR’s, so I made one now, so that I can check to see how many I’ve done so far. (Hint: not many)


Finally, my 17 Before 2017 spread!

If you don’t know what 17 before 2017 is, it’s basically a thing where you set a list of 17 goals you want to complete before 2017! There have been 16 before 2016, 15 before 2015, stuff like that. I’m not sure who started this, but here is Kara (Boho Berry)’s post about her 17 before 2017 stuff.


Because I share all my goals on my blog, and I haven’t done my 17 before 2017 ones yet, here are my goals!

  1. Take, edit, and post all pictures of the day
  2. Meet my reading goal
  3. Finish Bible reading, journaling, and sermons
  4. Not miss a blogpost (go back and fill in posts that I haven’t finished)
  5. Catch up on my family blog
  6. Do a cool piece of art (I’m not an artist, so this is kinda big)
  7. Finish my gifts
  8. Take the SAT and ACT
  9. Redecorate my room
  10. Play Christmas music on my instrument
  11. Get 100 posts on Instagram (currently at 88)
  12. Redo the categories/tags on my blog (these are a mess, man)
  13. Hand letter a Christmas song (this does not count as the cool piece of art)
  14. Set up new Bullet Journal (the one for 2017)
  15. Spend times with friends
  16. Finish rocks and minerals binder (couldn’t be more excited)
  17. Finish getting ready for 2017!

So there you have it: my December spreads and my 17 before 2017 goals!

Do you have a bullet journal? Do you have a 17 before 2017 goal list? Are you excited for Christmas (because if you aren’t, I’ll come and find you and tickle you until you are) XD

What’s in My Bullet Journal: Overview Edition || Bullet Journaling

So this thing called bullet journaling has been around for a bit now, and is gaining more popularity as it goes along.

And naturally, since it has to do with making your handwriting pretty, I wanted to join in. As a matter of fact, the first time I started a bullet journal was in April of this year, but that never worked out, due to my lack of time and my perfectionism.

However, this school year, I was looking for a new method to keep track of the two million things I had to do, I came back to bullet journaling. It has had stellar reviews about how well it worked, and since it was the beginning of the year (aka I had a little more time), I started one again.

It’s now been about a month and a half, and I’ve posted a couple times already on my blog (here and here) and on my Instagram with pictures, because bullet journals are JUST SO AESTHETIC!

I didn’t actually think to write posts about my BuJo (as it is abbreviated), until Lydia asked me on Instagram if I blogged about BuJoing. I’m SO glad she suggested it: I honestly haven’t been so excited about a post on my blog for so long.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to have a little series here on BuJoing, and this is the first post: the Overview.

Let’s get started!

What's in my BuJoOverview.jpg

My bullet journal is a simple normal school-use graphed paper book. People often talk about the Leuchtturm or the Midori Traveler’s Notebook that they use, but since they cost like $20 for each notebook, I don’t think I’ve gotten quite that serious…yet.

So the first thing that everyone says to make is the Index. The Index is basically the Table of Contents in your Bujo. Mine is fairly simple and straightforward–it lists the page contents and the number.


Next I have my overview page. This page is basically a catchall for all the maintenance stuff like the key, goals, important dates, and a motivational phrase.


Next up is the yearly spread, or page. Since I started mine at the beginning of the school year, I had mine start in August, and go until July.


I also tried a page for my Quarterly Focus Finder (where you plan for each quarter of the year): I haven’t really filled it out very much, but here it is anyways.


Now obviously, as we go down into more and more narrow time-chunks, the next spread I have is a monthly spread! Since my November spread looks terrible, here’s my October spread. I’ve put leaves over the daily “things I did” just for privacy, but just know that that was where I tracked what happened each day.


Next, (surprise, surprise!) is the weekly spread. Usually, for each week, I have a Weekly Focus Finder (where you list your goals for the week), a time tracker, and on this particular week, I had a little thing to mark off things to do each day.


Some people use their weekly spread to cover their whole week (i.e. the little day-by-day thing is enough for them to log everything they need to get done), but I, as a student, need more space to log all my to-dos and assignments and stuff! So I have a daily spread. Usually, I fit 2 or 3 days onto a page, but this particular spread that I show is one day on the entire page.


As you can see, at the top, I have a daily schedule sort of thing. Other people use time trackers, but I usually write up the schedule the night before so that I have structure as soon as I wake up! The schedule is color coded, with stuff I finished completely in red, almost completed in orange, etc. (The key is at the bottom right, if you want to get an idea of how it works.)

Other than the schedule, I have a to-do list of all the assignments and stuff that I need to get done.

So that’s basically my bullet journal! My favorite part/the part I need the most help on are the headers, so here are some of the headers that I have used so far.


I often have a different spread for the weekend, with only one schedule for Friday, because my weekends are usually more unstructured, but not any less busy!


Oh, speaking of Election Day, here’s the spread I used for Election Day: it’s such a pretty one that I saw on Instagram and replicated!


Also let’s just not talk about Donald Trump and how he managed to win and Mike Pence and everything and I’m so happy

For more inspiration, here’s my Pinterest board and here’s a blogpost by Katie Grace about her bullet journal.

If you noticed some pretty coloring stickers that I have on some of the pages, they are Tyndale’s coloring stickers that they sent to me for sharing purposes. They are so pretty!

This post made possible courtesy of my back deck and my next-door neighbors wondering what this crazy girl was doing.

How did you like this peek into my Bullet Journal? Would you like to see more of these posts? Actually, I love making these so much that I don’t actually care what you think but I’d love to know your opinion anyhow. 😛