Blogmas Day 6: Currrently || December 2017

Hi everyone! Welcome to the 6th day of Blogmas! Today, I’m joining Anne and Catherine talking about what I’m currently doing!
Blogmas Day 6


The Christmas tree! Our family actually put up the Christmas tree fairly early (for once) and we have our tree up! The only thing is, we somehow only have one string of lights so we’ll have to resolve that during the post Christmas sales 😂


18 before 18 goals…and stuff to put on my to-do list. Somehow, the end of the year (theoretically supposed to be a “break”) is SO BUSY!!! I’m also choosing to do things intentionally that don’t have deadlines because STRESS OMGNS.



Christmas packages and cards! Our family has always managed to forget about sending out Christmas cards until very late in the year so I’m going to try to see if I can help with that and get those sent out…before the new year 😂


time with a purpose. There are so many things to do, and so little time to do it in, that everything I do needs to be purposeful…or else consequences happen 😅

Aside from studying for finals and college applications, I’m also doing blogmas and making a bunch of presents and AHHHH


Uh Christmas carols? What else? I also got my Spotify yearly recap back and I’m actually rather surprised with what I got…all except for Evynne Hollens. I’m not surprised about that one at all 😂

(Also, in my defense, I’ve only had Spotify for about half the year, and had to work in a place where I didn’t have internet connection for 2 months XD, so it’s not *too* abnormally low?)

What are you doing this time of year? Is it your busiest month too? Are finals stressing you out? What are you currently lighting, choosing, spending, sending, and singing?


Blogmas Day 1: Welcome to Blogmas!


Blogmas 2017

If you have been around on my blog for a while now, you saw when I did Blogmas last year. But if you’re new, it’s simple to understand.

Basically, I am going to post a blogpost every day (theoretically speaking, that is) from now, December 1st to Christmas Day. These posts will range from winter activities (baking, bucket list, etc) to some blogger interviews to my yearly wrapup (which seems to get longer every year).

To kick off Blogmas, here are some other blogmas/vlogmas people that you should check out!

Are you excited for Blogmas? Are you doing Blogmas too? Leave your link down below so that I can add you to this list!

People from 2016 || Blogmas Day 24



As the year draws to an end, I usually write up a yearly recap (SHAMELESS SELF PROMO: 2014 and 2015). And included in that (usually) 4+K word blogpost is a list of people who made my year what it was.

And…most people don’t know who I know, and it makes for that blogpost WAYYYYY too long for most impatient humans on the internet. So….because I’m brilliant, I’m taking the peoples list out…and putting it here!

Blogmas Button24.jpg

You have full permission to skip this post but you might miss yourself in the post…

So…without any further ado (omgns I hate that word so much), here are the people who made 2016 what it was.

I would like to thank…

  • Mom and Dad: for the support you always show me, for the things that you have taught me this year, and for giving me chances to become who I am.
  • My brothers D+P: for introducing me to this wonderful game that is baseball, and for making my life the happiness that it is today.
  • My aunts and uncles: for being part of my family, for making my family full, and for supporting me in all my endeavors.
  • My cousins JL, EL, JC, HC, SM, and FM: for being so much fun and for the closeness we share despite the distance between us.
  • My adopted “Grandpa” and “Grandma” B and “Aunt” : for the incredible role models you are and the amazing faith you show despite the hard times in your lives.
  • KS: for being the sister you are, for being the person who understands the best, and for always being there and listening to me rant.
  • MM, for being one of my closest friends, for understanding me and bearing with me when I’m being stupid, for being a great lots-of-things, such as SciOly teammate, fellow band geek, and classmate, and for never making things awkward when it could easily be.
  • MM, for being such a good friend and for the hardworking, cheerful, and encouraging person that I have the privileged to call my friend.
  • ECW: for being a great friend always, even if we have drifted apart a bit, and for having been my first really friend.
  • ER, SC, and BO, for being incredible online friends whom I’ve never had the chance to meet in real life.
  • Blogger peoples such as Grace (from Totally Graced), Sarah (from the Introverted Extrovert), Hannah (from Grace in Everything), Katie Grace (from A Writer’s Faith), and Kara (from Saved By Grace), for being the source in inspiration that you are and the content that you post.
  • KL, LM, AC, JO, ET, KT, and PIP, for being my awesome church friends with whom I’ve gotten so much closer to this year.
  • JC, JR, CG, and KG, for being awesome youth group leaders who take your time and invest into us.
  • MS, CS, JP, and TR: for being amazing pastors who continually develop my walk towards become more like Jesus.
  • AS, CG, GM, AS, ES, and both CLs, for being awesome friends and for each holding a special place in my life and my heart.
  • PM, GN, TJN, EB, and NB, for being such good Christian role models to show me what it means to be a Christian woman in today’s society.
  • KB, MM, CF, SR, NR, SC, and RC, and so many others, for being such motivating SciOly teammates and for continually pushing more to study and learn about life.
  • WC: for being the best SciOly coach one could ever have, and for also being an awesome band director.
  • EC: for being a super awesome music teacher who has taught me so much over this last year. and for your incredible willingness to open your house so that the SciOly team can study.
  • CY and SC: for being the best piano teachers I could wish for, and for making the transition between teachers smooth.
  • AD and JMB: for being awesome flute teachers who never give up on me (even when I don’t practice!)
  • CS, NL, DM, GP, SG, and BT: for being super teachers that continually inspire to study harder and learn more.
  • EB and SS: for being awesome 4H leaders, for making sure all my records are straight, and for always pushing me to go farther.
  • AC, LC, EH, LH, PH, AM, LM: for being awesome kids who I have the privilege and honor to mentor as you all grow up: you all have taught me so much.
  • AA, PH, JB, DL, EN: for being my Cubbie bears whom I have the honor to help lead farther along in your journey in Christ. I’m excited to see how God will work in you!
  • EM: for being a fantastic Cubbies director and role model, for your continual cheeriness and your love for the Cubbies.
  • For all the other people I have missed in this list altogether, although maybe not brought immediately to mind, who make my life what it is.
  • And lastly, to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who loved me so incredibly much that you would die for me, who is indeed the only reason I exist upon this planet.

2016 Blogger Gift Exchange || Indigo Ink || Blogmas Day 23

Hey everyone, and welcome to THE DAY BEFORE THE DAY BEFORE Christmas! (Or, as my ESFP brain calls it, Christmas Adam!)

So today, I’m trying out something different. A few weeks ago, I saw this post by Vanessa Best from It’s Simply Me, about a 2016 Blogger Gift Exchange.

This gift exchange isn’t anything big, or actually “gifty,” but instead an exchanging, a highlighting, of a blog. It’s hosted by The Bearable Blog by Jo and It’s Simply Me by Vanessa.
I was paired with Aliah from Indigo Ink, and I’ve gotten to poke around on her blog for a bit.
I’m really loving her content so far. Although she doesn’t post very often, her posts are always very thoughtful.
She travels a lot, and has beautiful pictures that she took in Greece and Turkey, and lots of other places. Aliah also posts “thought” posts.

Here are some of her posts that I really enjoyed.

She’s like me in several ways, including the fact that we’re both homeschooled, and that also we both play piano.

Go do yourself a favor and go check her blog out (and maybe wish her a merry Christmas!)

So what are you doing before Christmas?
Merry Christmas Adam, y’all!

Top 25 Blogs to Follow Before 2017||Blogmas Day 22

Happy 3-Days-Before-Christmas, y’all!

Today, I have…top 25 blogs to follow before 2017! As the year ends, here are 25 blogs that I follow that you should too because I’m a kind generous blogger person like that.

Blogmas Button22.jpg

Also check out my blogs page right here with all the blogs I follow. because shameless self promo

Here we go!

  1. A Girl Saved by God’s Grace This is a beautiful blog with a lot of “thought” posts, as well as lifestyle-ish style posts. I think it’s a new blog, because there aren’t many followers, but I personally am loving it!
  2. A Little Bit of Joy and Gratitude Lydia blogs about her family, and she was one of the people who inspired me to make one for my own family as well! Her family is so much fun. 😀
  3. A Writer’s Faith This blog by Katie Grace is a writing blog (lots of NaNo), but is also awesome, funny, and ALL THE THINGS.
  4. Becoming Lost Hannah posts lots of deep thoughtful posts, about discipleship and stuff. Her posts are often super good. She won’t be blogging starting in February, though…I’m enjoying her blog while it lasts!
  5. Bonnie’s Blessings Bonnie is a homeschooled (graduate, I think) girl from New Zealand who moved to the US for 6 months to work. She posts about lots of lifestyle, and she’s also pretty great at Bible journaling. 😉
  6. Eromai This is a blog started by two girls, Brooklyn and Anna, and it serves to lead girls further in their walk towards becoming more like Jesus. It’s super new, and I totally recommend that you go check it out, because it’s pretty awesome!
  7. Established in Faith Alyssa posts a bunch of awesome faith posts, and her posts are usually either challenging or encouraging, and they’re so insightful!
  8. Girls Living for God’s Glory This is a blog run by 10 girls, who strive to live for God’s glory, and disciple others to do so too!
  9. Grace In Everything If there is a blog whose posts I would describe as “beautiful,” this would be it. Hannah’s posts are so delicately crafted, and her way with words…wow.
  10. Growing in His Image I found Aaliyah on twitter follow me there too  and love her blog too! She posts about growing closer to Jesus and also lifestyle. 🙂
  11. Happily Abi Abi posts a mix between lifestyle, photography, and Bible posts, and it’s a pretty awesome blog to check out!
  12. It’s Simply Me  Vanessa’s blog is super awesome: she posts lots of different types of content, she takes so many beautiful pictures, AND SHE ALSO VLOGS.
  13. Loud and Clear Jacyrayn is another blogger I found via twitter, and her posts are always so encouraging!
  14. My Life Online This is a blog written by a girl who shares a lot of her awkward experiences online. Her blog is growing super fast!
  15. Musings of an Elf Christine is a writer who works at a book shop and drinks tea…a beautiful life. 🙂 Her blog is amazing, and her latest posts (about NaNo…surprise!) were so much fun to read.
  16. Paper Fury Cait is a book blogger, and a bookstagramer. I mean…just go check out her blog. ITS AWESOME. JUST DO IT.
  17. Pen and Ink Megan mostly posts about lifestyle, and her posts are always super interesting!
  18. Princess Faith Faith’s posts are so deep and powerful. She also has super pictures that go with her blogposts.
  19. Rustling Thoughts Chloe writes mostly about lifestyle, and she always can highlight something positively and make it funny. (ALSO: GIFS)
  20. Saved by Grace Kara…wow, she blogs about her faith, and with a passion! She’s often challenging her readers in deepening their walk with Jesus.
  21. Serenity Elly’s blog is one of the newer ones that I’ve followed, but what I’ve seen from her is amazing so far! She’s doing blogmas, and her poetry is awesome, as is her photography. 🙂
  22. South Kakalaki Girl This is a girl’s collab blog, run by two girls, Amanda and Rachel, and it’s a great blog for girls to follow, with tips and thoughts, and lots of fun things. I’m loving it!
  23. The Introverted Extrovert Sarah Margaret is an awesome photographer and writer. She posts about writing (NaNo) and also “thought” posts.
  24. The Jumping Bean Nichole’s blog is one of the newer blogs I’m following, but her content is so good, and I’m loving it so far!
  25. Totally Graced Grace is such a awesome writer. She’s really straightforward, and she posts a mix between lifestyle and writing posts, and she’s one of my main inspiration sources.

Wow, I didn’t realize I read so many blogs! This was harder than I thought it was going to be, haha!

Now I’m going to challenge you.

Can you make your own list of 25 Blogs to Follow before 2017? We can all go and share the love amongst all of us bloggers.

Let’s all start 2017 with a TON of new blogs to read, aye?

Book Review: Inspire Psalms || Gift Ideas || Blogmas Day 10

Image result for inspire psalm

About the Book:

Inspire offers a whole new way to engage with, meditate on, and respond to Scripture–leading beginning colorers and experienced illustrators to the Prince of Peace.

Inspire: Psalms is an invitation to journey through the whole book of Psalms, immersing yourself in Israel’s ancient prayers and praises while coloring and creative art journaling. Whether or not you consider yourself artistic, everyone has God-given creativity, and it can be expressed in vastly different ways. Whether through coloring while meditating on Scripture; drawing or sketching; journaling prayers; doodling; splashing color across the page; adding tabs, tags, or embellishments; or any other form of creative expression, one thing is certain–you have a creative Creator, and you were made in his image! Your worshipful response to Scripture on the pages of Inspire: Psalms will become a treasured collection of personal expressions of faith in your spiritual journey.

My Review:

If you’ve had a Pinterest for any time, you’ve probably seen those pictures of journaling Bibles that artistic persons so beautifully illustrate with Bible passages and all that. And if you’re anything like me, you realize that you’re never going to be that talented person who has the beautiful Bible pages.

That’s where Inspire: Psalms comes in. It has, as you would expect, the book of Psalms, and like a journaling Bible, there’s space by the passage for “artistic interpretations” for all the art skillz THAT YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE LIKE ME. However, unlike journaling Bibles, there’s one side of the page that’s blank, for artistic peoples who like to do their own thing, and the other side of the page that is a coloring page that’s based off one of the verses on the page.


I’d take a picture, but because I’m sitting down and I don’t want to get up, get the white poster board, get good lighting, take the picture, import it, edit it, and then upload it, I’m not going to. So there.

Like All Is Bright: A Christmas Coloring Book, it’s rather big (it’s square, like a journaling Bible), but I think it’s totally worth it. The cover texture is SO AWESOME: it’s like a velvety plastic color, and also the colors are sooooo pretty.

The paper is really good quality too: coloring pencil works, and shows vividly, and so do FELT TIP MARKERS. (Let me tell you, if you’re a coloring book reviewer, one of the most SCARY things you’ll ever do when you get a new book, is using the felt tip marker. Will it bleed though? Will it ruin my perfect, new coloring book? Or else are the publishers pro and will it not?) I REPEAT: YOU CAN COLOR WITH MARKERS. YOU CAN COLOR WITH MARKERS PSAPSAPSAPSA.

The entire (ENTIRE, like all 150 chapters, like ALL of it) book of Psalms is in it, which makes it super awesome. (Although now I want one for, like, every other book of the Bible).

I’ve colored almost one entire page, and I’m loving it so far.

My Review:



also no, I'm not like 14 days behind on Blogmas. TOTALLY NOT.

DIY Holiday Canvas Decoration || Blogmas Day 9

Hello! So today’s post is a DIY canvas room decoration thingie.


If you remember from my 17 Before 2017 Goals (because self promo), one of my goals was to redecorate my room. I had also seen this video from one of my friends, talking about a Christmas cursive canvas (and alliteration, because I ENGLISH GOODLY).

And…one of the easiest ways to redecorate one’s room is to add some highlights, such as a canvas.

So….I tried it out.

And it worked! …well mostly.

So…things you will need:

  • Acrylic paint (in RED and GREEN BECAUSE CHRISTMAS) in the color of your choice
  • however many canvases in whatever size you want
  • Metallic sharpies/Walmart permanent markers BECAUSE IM CHEAP LIKE THAT
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter (opt)

Let’s begin, shall we?

  1. Find a quote/song lyrics/phrase that you want to letter onto your canvas. If you’re pro and want to design your own, like me, design it on PicMonkey or editing software like that. Print it out.
  2. Coat your canvas with two/three coats of the paint. If you want to do the ombre thing from the video, do that.
  3. Wait until the paint is dry (DUH)
  4. Either do the chalk thing from the video, or else hand letter your thingie onto the canvas.
  5. Add some glitter, if you want.
  6. Mod Podge the entire thing, especially if you used glitter.
  7. Decorate your room and revel in the beautifulness of your room. Or not.

Here are my finished products.


I have one that says “O Come Let Us Adore Him, Christ the Lord” and another that says “Joy to the World.” I think they turned out pretty okay, and I think I’m going to make more…someday.


Currently: December 2016||Blogmas Day 7

Hey guys! It’s time for another Currently post! This month’s linkup is with Anne and Kellie!


The prompts for this month are doing, enjoying, cooking, wrapping, and playing.

Also, congrats y’all, for surviving all the Christmas-themed Currently posts I’ve been writing ever since, like September…haha! This one’s going to be the last one maybe. ^^


I’m finishing up the last couple of weeks before Christmas break! I have between 2 and 3 weeks of break between my classes, and I’m SUPER EXCITED for Christmas break! I’m also making Christmas presents for all the people I have to get presents for.


The cold weather. Although I’m usually cold all. the. time, I love cold weather in December because it means it potentially might maybe snow! (Likely not, but it might haha) I’m also loving my warm sweaters and fuzzy socks. 😀


I just made my annual Christmas holiday recipe! This year, I made Chocolate Crinkle Cookies!! They’re really good, and I’ve given a whole bunch of them away already.


ALL THE THINGS. Christmas is one of the most fun times of the year, where I plan out everything and get to do stuff without being restricted by school stuff. I’m wrapping presents for teachers (which needs to be done earlier, since I won’t see them during Christmas break), friends (which need to be done before everyone leaves), and also my family.


CHRISTMAS MUSIC!! Well I guess that’s not very surprising, considering that I’ve been listening to Christmas music since…like…September. XD

But it’s actually considered SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE NOW, so my joy is complete.

What have you been doing currently?

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