Book Review: True to You by Becky Wade


About the Book

After a devastating heartbreak three years ago, genealogist and historical village owner Nora Bradford decided that burying her nose in her work and her books is far safer than romance in the here and now.

Unlike Nora, former Navy SEAL John Lawson is a modern-day man, usually 100 percent focused on the present. However, when John, an adoptee, is diagnosed with am inherited condition, he’s forced to dig into the secrets of his ancestry.

John enlists Nora’s help to uncover the identity of his birth mother, and as they work side by side, this pair of opposites begins to suspect that they just might be a perfect match. But can their hope for a future survive their wounds from the past?

My Review

First of all, LOOK AT THAT PRETTY COVER. It’s so cute! I love the dress, I love the cover scheme, it’s adorable!

Nora is literally me. She doesn’t know how to dress cute (me), she reads way too much (me), and look at this quote:
“She’d picked up the Silverstone Chronicles, sunk two hours into reading, visited her favorite fiction blogs, updated her progress on, and switched out her winter wardrobe for her summer wardrobe. She never did make it to the gym, yet here she stood in her yoga pants, Hogwarts Alumni t-shirt, and sweatshirt”
(Also speaking of which, I need sisters that do The Enhancement Of Hanne on me bc we all know I sorely need it)

I like how the Bradfords were so close to each other: the close family feel and the Bible/God references were a plus! (Usually the most “Christian” in a Christian fiction book is two prayers and maybe a church mention).

I didn’t really like how the Bradford sisters approached/described men in general. Fine, a couple of small descriptions, but nothing about “a delicious masculine scent” or “a male torso that had about as much give as a fir tree” please. (There were also some PG13 kissing scenes that could probably have been a lot less detailed.)

As for the writing style, I LOVE how the grandma is portrayed: she’s hilarious! There are also several fun points that made me smile. It just really clicked with me. In addition, the contemporary feel was really present in the book. Sometimes, when reading “contemporary” books, I feel like some stuff is outdated (eg instant messages, booting up a computer, etc). There was no such feel in this book. There was Facebook, there was GoodReads, there was Netflix, there were smartphones, and it just felt really “in time.” (of course, this is going to change in a year, but for now it’s really relevant)

In addition, I really like the small changes of perspective: “the quote emblazoned across Nora’s purple pajama top” or “typed by John Lawson into the Reminders app on his phone” or text messages from Nora to her sisters. They add a nice perspective and an extra depth to the book.

As a caveat, there are some topics discussed in the book that I can’t give away (because spoilers, see below), but they do deal with violence and, er, adult stuff. Nothing descriptive, but they are mentioned quite a great deal.

The story of redemption and forgiveness and love in this book was portrayed very well. That story was amazing. I also really enjoyed the God-moment/coincidence and John’s mother’s letter was beautiful.

My Rating


Points earned:

  • Cute story that ends well
  • Witty and humorous
  • Small changes in point of view
  • Characters 👌
  • Family/God bonds
  • Redemption and forgiveness and the storyline in general

Points lost:

  • Lovey scenes (some may like them, I personally felt they were both too stereotypical and overvividly described)
  • Descriptions of guys’ bodies
  • Adult topics (every third letter, SPOILER: akrfjadlpxle and almwduqprvkdkveajr and fjacjlwuceiocnhsmofjlqvipasvjm) that do tell a beautiful story but are not recommended for audiences below at least 15
  • The romance progressed a little too quickly for my liking? I felt like that made it feel less realistic.

Thanks to Bethany House for providing me with a free physical copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion; I was not required to provide a positive review.


New Year’s Resolutions Mid-Year Updates 2017

Welllll…’s halfway through the year, and that means it’s time for Midyear New Year’s Resolutions updates!

NYR MidYear Updates

Photo via stockimage website, editing mine, feat PicMonkey

Right off the bat, I’m going to say that I’m pretty sure I’ve not done very well at any of these, but we shall see.

  • Do Bible reading everyday. Oh my goodness…I used to do Bible reading all the time daily! This year, I’ve haven’t done it, nearly at all. Fail
  • Memorize 3 chapters of the Bible. …let’s just say not. Fail
  • Pray more, and more specifically. Let’s just say I kinda forgot all about this?? (I haven’t been praying nearly at all and I really need to do it :/) Fail
  • Clear the dishwasher every morning. This actually lasted longer than I expected (a cumulative total of about a month?) but again, haven’t done it and need to get started on that too. Fail
  • Don’t use more than 1000 hours of internet. This one’s actually going surprisingly well. I’m currently a little less than halfway through the 1000 hours, which is pretty amazing, actually. This doesn’t count the time I’m on my phone, though, so it’s not an entirely accurate count of time. Success
  • Read 150 books. This is going pretty well. Currently, I’m at 70, which is still *slightly* behind what it should be, but really isn’t anything to worry about (unlike *cough* the previous ones) Success
  • Write a total of 300 blogposts. I’m currently at 190 blogposts, which is a little behind, but not TOO behind. I’m doing three posts a week for June through August, so it boosts my post count. 😅 Starting September, though, I’m going to be cutting down to one post per week, but hopefully make it of better quality, while stocking up posts for Blogmas. We’ll see how that goes XD Success (or at least, not failure)
  • Comment 3x a day on other blogs. I did this mainly in January and February, and saw a lot of resulting traffic/action from it. However, starting in March, I got really busy so I haven’t really been doing it as much, and the blog stats have reflected that. I’ll be doing more of it (and catching up) over this next couple months Fail
  • Stay on track with the family blog. This worked, again, for two months until I got busy and didn’t have time to do it anymore. I’ve been recording some for over the summer as well, so I’m going to try to catch up. Fail
  • Post regularly on Instagram. In contrast with the other resolutions, this one has been going better after being slow in the first few months. I’ve been posting once every four or so days, with some semblance of a theme, so that was nice. This month, I’m doing a bookstagram challenge thing, so I’ll be posting every day…at least until I mess up. Success
  • Do more art. Naturally, since I haven’t had time, I couldn’t have done any art. I’ve done a few hand lettering projects, which have been fun, but I haven’t really made much progress. I will definitely do a bunch over the summer though, to prepare for the county fair, and it’s going to be fun 😊😊 Fail
  • No carbonated drinks. This one is working. I’ve been off of carbonated drinks all year, with the exception of two slurpees, which I always forget are carbonated (oops), but haven’t knowingly had any. Success
  • Exercise (at least 1 hour) intensively every week. *nervous laughing in the distance* Fail
  • Drink more water. Yes and no? I’m slightly more conscious about having to drink water, but as for the amount and/or how it compares to last year, I can’t really say. I’m going to count this as a Fail, though, since I can’t definitively say, nor did I record myself as drinking enough water.

Overall, this year has been a decent (???) year for New Year’s Resolutions? This year has been mostly all habit-y stuff, not so much goals, so I’m not going to modify them or add to them. I’m currently at 5/14, so we’ll see how this ends 😅

Currently: July 2017

And with that, we’re halfway through 2017. This month’s currently is hosted by Anne and Stephanie! This month, we’re talking about what we’re documenting, accomplishing, enjoying, reading, and spending!


Photo Credits. Editing mine, feat PicMonkey


Bucket List

My summer, through my bullet journal! With having to work full time (at least for 9 weeks), my goals and stuff for the summer slip my mind reeallyy easily. (If you haven’t seen what’s in it yet, check: What’s in My Bullet Journal: Summer Edition + What’s On My Summer Bucket List 2017!)


To Do ListThings? I feel productive, and I’ve been doing more blogposts? but I’m not really accomplishing much. I have a list of things I need to do, both school wise (college, bleh), and also fun wise (bucket list, crafts to do, etc), and I’m *slowly* going through all of them. (ALSO CRAFTS AND ART ARE GOOD GUYS. THEYRE FUN)


Summer break! I “officially” finish out junior year today (even though I’ve been done for a month) #homeschoolerlife. I’m spending the summer doing lots of crafty things (fun!), and also working -_- (not as fun, but still pretty cool). At least I have more free time (and less brain taxing) than I do usually. Also THE COUNTY FAIR IS COMING UP AND I COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITEDDDDDD

Reading-July TBR.jpg

ALL THE BOOKS. ALL THE BOOKS. I literally have like 30 physical books in my room now that I haven’t read, which literally HASNT EVER HAPPENED BEFORE IN MY LIFE. I’m *currently* reading, though, The Raven Boys by Maggie Steifvater, which has been so hyped up that I hope it lives up to it. OH, AND IM SO EXCITED FOR OVER MAYA DEAD BODY (by Sandra Orchard) THAT CAME OUT YESTERDAY EEEEEEE


Way too much money. These public cafeteria places COST SO MUCH MONEY. Also craft supplies also cost WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. At least I’m making money over the summer TO PAY FOR THE THINGS ESSENTIAL TO LIFE. (but to answer the question: I’m spending money on food and craft supplies)


Linking up here.

Book Review: Under a Desert Sky by Lynne Hartke

About the Book:

There comes a time in life when we find ourselves in the desert place of burning questions: Why? and Why me? But even as we shake our fist heavenward, the heart whispers another question: Who? Who are you, God? Who are you to me?

Against the backdrop of the Sonoran Desert, Lynne Hartke asks her own questions as cancer arrives like a thief with one goal: to take it all. Hair. The contents of a stomach. A marriage. A life. As her days become a blur of doctors’ appointments, treatments, and surgeries, she wrestles with a tumble of tangled emotions, a shaken faith, and crushing self doubt. And then, the unthinkable. Cancer is now threatening not only her own life but also the lives of both her parents.  

Through her raw, lyrical words, Hartke invites you to discover, as she did, that even in life’s hardest places, you are not alone in your fear, you are not foolish to hope, and you are nevee forgotten by a loving, pursuing God. Never.

My Review:

Ever since I’ve followed Ava’s journey, I’ve been keenly interested in cancer and how it affects people, both the victim AND the victim’s loved ones. This book contains both. In this book, Lynne Hartke shares the story of her life: starting from her own diagnosis and fight with cancer, and also flashing back to her in-law’s cancer battles and also describing her own parents’ fight with cancer.

I really liked the writing style of the book, almost like a stream of consciousness narration style. There are stories from the past entwined with stories of the future that all flow together, which makes it less work, I suppose you could say, than reading other nonfiction books. She was also able to relate incidents from the past, her own and from the Bible, to what was currently happening, which made it all bond together.

Another thing about this book was that it didn’t feel like the author had all the answers. Instead, she was struggling, with her circumstances, with her faith, and God. It also tied to the stream of consciousness thing, where the chapters are a conglomeration of thoughts, but all supported by one idea.

There wasn’t a lot of stuff about the actual treatment of the cancer (which, frankly, is what I like), but I understand that, because not many people would like to hear about that. Instead, the book was more faith based, guiding Hartke and the reader towards Jesus as the final answer, all along.

Being an avid hiker living in the desert, there were many hiking/water/paths/exercise allusions in the book (including the title Under a Desert Sky), which all together tied the book together really well.  They were also very fitting: the journey of trusting Jesus, and life in general, is much like a hike in the canyon–excruciating and dangerous, but worth it in the end.

Overall, it was a really good book that I enjoyed.

My Rating:



Thanks to Revell for sending me a free print copy of this book for my honest opinion; I was not required to write a positive review.

What Happened This Month: June 2017

and thus concludes another month. It was an eventful month: the end of the school year and the beginning of summer (and work); it was a month of many, many birthdays of people I love. It was also a good month for my twitter analytics, apparently.

WHTM June 17.jpg

Image Credits, Editing mine, feat PicMonkey


  • SO MANY BIRTHDAYS. Jeneca, Anna Joy, Aimee, Lindsey, Sydney, Vanessa, Abbiee, and my best friend. ❤
  • My cousin came over and stayed at our house for two weeks! We also went to NYC together, so that was fun. *spouts Hamilton lyrics*
  • I ‘participated’ in my first 24hour readathon, even though I only finished one and a half books
  • Twitter updated. It’s sleek but weird
  • I started my summer internship. Working 40 hours a week is INTENSE and now I know why everyone on twitter is like #TGIF
  • I revealed the pronunciation of my name to the world and everyone was confused





  • This thread happened



  • The Science Olympiad events for 2018 came out and I got unrealistically excited, particularly because I’m not even doing it next year
  • This


  • I found MBTI Bingo Cards and they are the best thing ever. Also, I’m stereotypically ESFP
  • Reading A Series of Unfortunate Events, and seeing everyone who’s already read it on GoodReads and feeling like you’ve entered some Secret Reading Club
  • Being much too sassy for my own good on my Music Theory notes
  • A little boy at the grocery store who was so happy that his mom bought him his very own drink that he waved at me


  • When you’re at work writing to-do lists of all the things you’re going to do when you get home, but then actually be at home on social media because the wifi at work is terrible
  • When you’re cleaning out your backpack and find a bunch of gum…all partially unwrapped at the bottom
  • Being in the campus library with your backpack upstairs to keep from eating all the food before 2pm
  • Accidentally walking in between a gay couple holding hands in New York City
  • Accidentally being in New York City the week of #NYCPride and being inundated with RAINBOW EVERYTHING
  • The week you’re off work, the office does pizza, team building, and escape room
  • Overhearing two ladies talking about being on their period . . . then seeing that they’re wearing white and pale pink pants
  • Light green and purple scrapbook paper. Like ??? UGLY MUCH???

That Moment When-

  • You’re off twitter for ONE DAY and have to spend 45 minutes catching up
  • There are calluses on your dominant index finger and you can’t type with it on your screen
  • You’re not a gambler, but you wore white jeans
  • One small thing suddenly reminds you of how much you miss something you didn’t know you missed 😭😭💕💕
    July TBR


“Basically, I sound like I know what I’m doing but really, I have no idea” ~me when people ask about college stuff

“I’m going on a keto-diet! No bread, nothing!”

“Oh, it’s national army day today? Time to celebrate! …with cookies”


“Come on, let’s go before I cart away the whole library.” ~me, while carrying 20 books



  • Spring Song by Mendelssohn, piano
  • Bach’s Inventio 5, piano
  • Moonlight Sonata by Mozart, piano
  • Rondo in D Major by Mozart, flute


Blog News-

A *slightly* better month for blogging. I’m only behind because I upped the weekly post count to 3 so that I can catch up on all the books I need to review XD











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Media This Month: June 2017

Oh my goodness! It’s been another month! I sound repetitive…I say this every month, but seriously! How has 1/2 of 2017 flown by already??


This month, I’ve been really REALLY busy, so I haven’t really done very much media stuff, so this post might be a bit on the scrawny side, but here goes!


Musical Finds-

Cool Blogposts Read-

Summer Maybes by Grace Anne

10 Stupid Blogging Myths That Most People Actually Believe by Abbiee

Great Videos Watched-

Twitter Finds-

Book Review: KJV Thinline Bible

About the Book-

The Thomas Nelson KJV Thinline Large Print Bible—featuring the timeless beauty of the trustworthy King James translation in a large, readable font size—strikes the perfect balance between portability and readability. Wherever you’re going, the KJV Thinline Large Print Bible is built to travel with you. This easy-to-carry Bible comes with features that will enhance your reading experience, including beautifully-designed covers, an all-new typesetting in the elegant and readable Thomas Nelson KJV font, double ribbon markers, and the words of Christ in red.

My Review-


Review over.

Just kidding XD but seriously, that’s how I feel like whenever I review Bibles! There’s nothing much you really can say. XD

But anyhow, today, I’m reviewing the green edition of Thomas Nelson’s line of thinline redletter Bibles! First of all, I LOVE the color! It goes so well with the general scheme of my room (lol), and is one of the prettiest colours (in my opinion; I don’t discriminate against colors XD) out there.

It’s hard cover, and it also lies flat, which is really nice. I’m planning on using this Bible for Bible Journaling, so that’ll be really nice for that. Also, there are two ribbon bookmarkers, which is really handy!

It’s a KJV version, so that’s a bit unusual for me, but I like it, a lot more than I had expected to!

The font is a nice size, not too small, but not too large, and it’s very clear. In addition, it’s a very nice size to carry in a bag: it’s not bulky at all, which makes it great to bring to church.

There are a few maps/bible reading plans/etc in the back, which I always really like in a Bible. However, it is just a Bible, not a study Bible,  which I actually like better, because I’m not as distracted.

Aside from that…I don’t think there’s much? I don’t need to review the content, so I’m mainly reviewing aesthetics.

Overall, it’s a great Bible. The clear font and its size make it a very nice Bible to read, and the book markers make it really handy.

My Rating-


Thank you to BookLook Bloggers for providing me with a complementary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not re2quired to write a positive review.



What’s in My Bullet Journal: Summer Edition + What’s On My Summer Bucket List 2017!! || Bullet Journal

Hey! I haven’t done a bullet journal post in some time…so here’s one! Today, I’m going to be showing you some pages in my bullet journal that I’m going to be using over the summer, as well as talk about my Summer 2017 bucket list!

Summer Bu Jo Bucket List

(also, sorry guys. Apparently I have to learn how to use a DSLR camera over the summer too. #firstattempts)

There really aren’t too many spreads in my Bullet Journal for the summer, since I’m SUPER busy, and I just don’t have time/need to keep track of ALL THE THINGS*.

*ALL THE THINGS: I have lists of my lists, okay? ALL THE THINGS IS NO JOKE.

First off, being the responsible (#not) person that I am, I have a summer cleaning/projects list. This is a list of all the major things I need/want to get done over the summer, like going through clothes or repainting my room.It’s like a honey-do list, except it’s for me! 😋


Next, I have a Summer Timeline, where I keep track of all the cool things that happen over the summer, such as a cool trip, or going hiking, or stuff like that. It’s pretty straightforward.


I also have an Ideas page, where I’m going to dump the ideas for crafts or recipes or anything of that nature, for perusal. (I had wanted to write up some ideas but #lazy 😂 and also I’d probably ruin the page). It’s going to function as a physical Pinterest board, essentially.


For the summer, I run a lot less on deadlines, so I don’t do daily, or even weekly spreads most of the time. This is my to-do list that I’ve had for about a month now and have just filled up. (Feat: me thinking I could draw a scroll but failing miserably)

To Do List

The last spread in this post is my bucket list for the summer! (Also lowkey wanted this spread to look way cooler than it does but obviously that didn’t happen). There’s not very many things on it, because I’m super busy and have to work a lot, but here are a few things I plan to do this summer.

Bucket List

And since I have way too many goals already on this blog, why not share them?*

*because otherwise y’all sneaky people are going to zoom in and try to decipher what I wrote but I edited it so poorly you can’t read it HA

  • Go to the pool with friends
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Bake something new
  • Take a day away from the internet
  • Do 5 new things for the county fair
  • Redecorate/redo bedroom
  • Host a blog giveaway
  • Readathon (July 21)
  • Knit a big project
  • Look into colleges
  • Do something unusual
  • Make a summer playlist
  • Have a cookie day
  • Take cool pictures
  • Go on a hike
  • Visit the zoo
  • Go on a roadtrip

What are some of the plans you have for the summer? Also, what are some things I should add to my bucket list?