HELLO PEOPLE! Well guess what!

It’s been a WHOLE YEAR since I relaunched my blog! sure I did forget to post for 3 months after I relaunched the blog, but that’s beSIde the point.

So, to celebrate, I’m DOING AN Q AND A!

1 Year Relaunch.png

I’ve never actually done a Q + A on my blog before, so I’m super excited! Ask me anything–blogging related, college, life things, book things, ANYTHING–and I’ll answer them in my next blogpost!

So! What are you waiting for??? ASK ME YOUR QUESTIONS!!!

(also I move to college in a week so a. that’s wiLD and b. get ready to see a bunch of back to school/dorm/college posts)


17 Things I Learned While 17 || I’m an ADULT NOW

Hello, friend! Today’s blogspot is an exciting one: I turn EIGHTEEN (18!!!!!) in a few days, and so today, we’re talking about 17 Things I Learned While I was 17!

17 Things I Learned While 17.png

  1. Popsockets are the greatest thing to ever exist.
  2. Don’t ask multiple people if they want to hang out . . . if they’re all free, you have an issue. a big one.
  3. Professional people may appear professional . . . until you stalk their social media
  4. I REALLY LOVE teaching music. Teaching music is awesome.
  5. Driving isn’t that hard. You just have to not step on the brake so hard that the wire breaks, rending the entire car useless.
  6. Getting into troll arguments on twitter is counterproductive and useless . . . unless it’s about homeschooling.
  7. College classes are fun . . . provided you get a good professor, but stILL.
  8. College applications . . . just start them early. For your sanity, for your parents’ sanity, for your dog’s sanity, JUST DO IT.
  9. Spotify is an amazing thing.
  10. I’m old enough to have friends who are married. Not sure how that happened.
  11. E-books are amazing because you don’t have to cart liTERAL books around . . . side effects include staying up until 4am reading
  12. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but . . . it doesn’t hurt either
  13. Money is SO HARD TO GET
  14. DAILY Bible reading is so, SO helpful.
  15. Grades are important. but not thAT important.
  16. Graduation is one of the most exhilarating things ever
  17. It is, in fact, possible, to leave EVERYTHING you’ve ever known and live . . . though maybe not without tears

And that’s it! What’s something you learned recently? Also, e-books–yay or nay?

A Week In My Life || Senior Year Homeschooling || Spring 2018

Hey everyone! I’m very close to finishing out my senior year, and closing out being homeschooled (waHT), and I realized that I never did a day in my life/week in my life type post. So, HERE IT IS!

A Week In My Life.png

(obviously, this is very simplified: every week is different, and I’m not talking about my morning/evening routines, or anything like that. My week is the only thing that is consistent enough to possibly write about)


Sunday morning always begins with church: sometimes I help in children’s Sunday school with my mom, and sometimes I play flute in the service, but church always happens on Sunday mornings.


After church, I go home and eat lunch, clean my room, sometimes do some reading that I didn’t get done during the week.

In the afternoon, there is youth group, something my church puts on for middle and high schoolers, where we talk about topics and play games. I play on the worship team, so I get there a couple hours early to rehearse.

Sunday nights are usually when the deadlines of most of my classes are, so it’s usually spent rushing working to get everything turned in.



I have class Monday morning: calculus. Lots of fun. After I get home, I make coffee, unpack my backpack, and write out my to-do list and my assignments for the week. I finish the workbook assignments for my AP Lit class, and then take calculus notes.


In the evening, there is a Science Olympiad meeting. Usually at these meetings, I work on gathering data and studying. Sometimes I work with the middle school team to get some bugs on their end sorted out.


Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. In the morning, I’m productive: usually doing online class homework, and sometimes cleaning my room. I usually get a lot of offline work done, such as notetaking and problem-solving.


Then, in the late afternoon and evening, there is band, the highlight of the week! The early part of the night, I help in the flute section of the younger band, or lead a sectional, then later on in the night, I play flute in my band.

2018-02-17 08.03.56 1


I have class in the morning, and I usually stay and work in the campus library. Usually I comment on blogposts.


After I get home and eat lunch, I attend my music theory lab, where we do sightsinging and musical dictation, and all that fun stuff. After that, I do more homework, AP lit or music theory usually.

In the evening, I go help at AWANA Cubbies: a Bible memory club that our church hosts. Getting to work with three and four year olds is always fun.


Thursday morning I work on school work and stuff, then around noon, I head to my church to fly helicopters for Science Olympiad with my partner. It works better some days than others, but it’s fun (usually).

2018-02-15 01.53.43 1

Once a month on Thursdays, I have a 4-H meeting, but usually, I head home. I teach piano in the afternoons to some family friends’ kids, which is fun (because I get paid).

In the evening, I attend a youth group discussion, where the seniors in youth groups from around the area get together to discuss what to expect during college, and being a Christian in college, which is always fun.


I have class again ><

When I get home, I write my blogpost that goes up, then homework, usually calculus and sometimes read.

2018-03-07 03.30.04 1

Friday afternoons are lots of fun. I go to my Science Olympiad coach’s house and we study for Science Olympiad. Usually I run a powder identification test for forensics, and we identify some rocks and minerals. I get to hang out with my friends and geek out about fun science things.

2018-03-17 01.43.58 1


These are all different, since there are different things I have to go to. Sometimes I have to work at the museum I volunteer at, but today I have a 4-H event to go to.


Saturday evening, I clean my room, because it’s gotten messy again over the week, and do something relaxing like read a book.


How did you like this post? What is a typical week in your life like? Are you finishing up the school year too?

Totally me (music version)

My friend, Elizabeth, posts “Totally Me” posts on her blog to describe herself and to allow her readers to know her better. I copied her idea…and so here we go!


I LOVE learning new instruments. So far, I have/can play piano, flute, violin, bassoon, and a few random other instruments, such as hand bells and recorder.

♫♪ Music ♪♫ is not what I do It’s who I am.

I just hit my 10th year doing music (well, technically, it’s 13, since my parents wanted to start music young…but I was SO shy that I refused to talk to the teacher…and do anything else in front of the teacher, so they decided to quit for a little while).

Teehee, teehee…

Music is a language. I think that special connections can be made between people when music is involved.


For the first 3 years of my taking piano lessons, I never spoke a word to my teacher…except once, when I said “Thank you.” We still got along fine though, and I learned a lot…we communicated through music.

Yes, I like classical music (and opera). No, I am not "old.":

Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. #quotes IMAGE BY: http://500px.com/photo/28910505

I'm using images like this as friendly piano practice reminders on my piano studio Facebook and Twitter.  See more at http://www.teachpianotoday.com/2013/06/13/6-clever-piano-practice-nudges-to-up-the-practice-hours-in-your-studio/

It’s true, I don’t watch TV at all.

technology rocks. seriously.: Sayings & Posters & Quotes OH MY! {Part 7}


This blog has GORGEOUS custom-made signs.  Above piano???

story of my life!!!!!!! especially piano. or drawing. or baking. or running. basically everything.:

Oh…you play the piece through twenty times, non-stop, no mistakes. Person walks in; you can hardly get through the FIRST line without messing up. And this, my readers, is why I fail auditions. Every. Single. Year.

Sight reading reality-  YASS so true!:

And sight reading could also be why I fail auditions, too.

Yes!! Sometimes it makes me think the conductor doesn't like the sound of clarinets...:P

Oh, the joys of band

funny marching band quotes - Google Search:

Going Beyond Music In Our Schools Month

I’m SO blessed to be able to learn to play music…and I’m appreciating it to death!

If I still had a piano in my house, this would be put on canvas and placed on the wall above it.

To learn music is to learn a whole new language, one universally known and understood.:

Music will never let you down:

Marching band isn't easy but its worth it

Music <3         http://pinterest.com/cameronpiano


Psalm 100:1-2

"Praise the Lord with trumpets, guitars, harps, tambourines, dancing, flutes and loud clanging cymbals!" From Psalm 150 ("Hallelujah" in Hebrew.)

Some flute quotes-

YASS!!! Do you know how to finger that?

Yup…and also, “Do you know how to finger that?”

Flautist....all the way:

It’s a flautist. NOT flutist. That’s wrong. (Even if spellcheck thinks it’s the other way around).

that is the first thing i thought when i saw this part:

Life is like a flute. It may have many holes and emptiness, but if you work on it carefully, it can play magical memories.


michellekoay:    “Life is like a flute. It may have many holes and emptiness but if you work on it carefully, it can play magical melodies.” - Unknown:

Love that quote!

Psalm 150:4

You’ve gotta have at least ONE about strings, right?

50 fun facts about THE SOUND OF MUSIC on the film's 50th anniversary! #pinoftheday:

I don’t know about y’all, but when I think of Sound of Music, I think of the Science Olympiad event it goes with music…so here are a few of my Sound of Music quotes!

Nice visual for "Do Re Mi" from The Sound of Music. I think sol is actually supposed to be so, but this is really cute :)

And, well, this fits into music pretty well, too…

Edelweiss- My edit!:

My edit!


Last but not least-

Psalm 150:1-4, 6 Praise the Lord!  Praise God in His sanctuary;  Praise Him in His mighty firmament! Praise Him for His mighty acts;Praise Him according to His excellent greatness! Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet; Praise Him with the lute and harp! Praise Him with the timbrel and dance; Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes! Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord!

That’s it!