5 EASY and PROVEN Tips for Drinking More Water || Simple Health Human Blog Tour

Hello there! Today, I have a super exciting post to share as a part of Vanessa’s blog tour for her new blog Simple Health Human! I’ll be sharing my top 5 tips for drinking more water!

5 Tips To Drink More Water.png

If you’ve ever seen me in real life, you know that I drink a LOT of water. Although I still generally don’t drink or believe in the recommended “8 cups a day” suggestion, I always try my best to drink as much water in a day as I can. Remembering to drink enough water is tricky sometimes, so here are my top 5 tips for drinking more water every day.

    I generally try to drink about 90 ounces of water a day, and in order to achieve a goal like that, I need to know how much water I’m drinking. To do that, I usually drink water from one set container that I know the volume of, to make it easier for me to count. The container I use is a quart Mason jar with a plastic lid*, which is a HUGE container (and a little bulky to carry around), but I like using bigger containers because they’re easier to keep track of.  It’s a lot easier to remember that you’ve had 3 jars of water instead of 8 cups!
    You can’t have water if you don’t have any, so in order to stay well hydrated, bring a water bottle of some sort around with you! There are so many cute water bottles everywhere that aren’t very expensive, and carrying it around makes it so much more likely that you’ll drink water!
    Caffeine is a diuretic, so if you have coffee (or anything else with caffeine), make sure you’re drinking water along with it! I *try* to drink twice the amount of water as my caffeine (so 6 ounces of coffee = 12 ounces of water) on top of my regular water, but even if that doesn’t work, I always drink water before and after I drink coffee. Drinking water with your caffeine will ensure you stay well hydrated!
    I find that I’ll drink a lot more water if I’m using a straw to drink it, so I have a stainless steel straw* (save the turtles!!) that I like to use to make it easier to drink my water. Using a straw makes it a lot more convenient to drink water, and is a super easy way to help yourself.
    The *only* thing you can’t put in your water is caffeine (so no coffee or tea), but aside from that, you can put other things in your water to make it more fun! Put in some ice, lemon, mint, or even those water flavor drops* to make your water taste better.
    Another way to make your water fun is to know how much you need to drink as the day progresses, so you have a way to tell if you’re on track or not and am not stressed about it. You can make a tracker on your water bottle (or even buy a water bottle with a tracker*!) or set a timer on your phone. So long as you remember, do it however works for you!

So there you have it: 5 easy and proven tips for drinking more water! What are some of the tips you have for drinking water? What are some things you like to put in your water? Tell me! I’m always looking for new infused water recipes! Have you checked out Simple Health Human yet?

*some links are affiliate


How to Do Spring Break: A Comprehensive Guide || A (nonsarcastic) list of 25 ways to (not waste) Spring Break

In which Hanne gives the Internet good advice about how to Spring Break™

Since Spring Break™ is not overrated, obviously.

So. It’s Spring Break. And you have lots of free time*. What are you going to do in that free time? Write a novel? Go to the park? Finish watching that TV show that everyone seems to like watching**?

*I know no one does, being a human in 2017. Humor me, will ya?
**Being someone who has never seen a TV show, this is my attempt at not being a undersocialized homeschooler, okay?


Let me tell you. In 25 Easy-To-Follow-Suggestions-That-You-Must-Follow-Before-The-Fairy-Godmother-Turns-Things-Into-Pumpkins.

  1. Make a list. THE LIST. The list of all the things that  you’ll have to do sometime between Now and The End Of Spring Break.
    And if you’re anything like me, this is what The List looks like.
  2. Go on your phone and scroll through twitter. And instagram. And facebook. And snapchat. And all the other social medias that 2017 has produced. This should effectively take care of all the spare time you were concerned about.
  3. Notice that you should probably do something to look productive. Look at The List and rank them in order of importance and priority and that sort of responsible stuff. Unless you’re Really Responsible, no actual work is required now.
    too much responsibility.gif
  4. Make a playlist of music that you’ll want to listen to in The Future.
  5. (And/or to Step 4). Learn all the words to Hamilton: the Musical. And if you haven’t listened to Hamilton yet, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!
  6. Make plans to do Something Fun. AND, if you’re lucky, actually go to said Something Fun event. Take lots of pictures, since this may well be the highlight of your entire Spring Break
  7. Get on the Internet and catch up on blog stuff. Which is easily caught up on, amiright?* Like y’know, 2 hours of focused work? 16436532 new blogposts to read and comment on and the Instagram aesthetics and the prescheduled blogposts?*for the nonblogger beautiful faces, THIS IS SARCASM. NO ONE ‘CATCHES UP’ ON BLOGGING (bless your nonblogger face, btw. thx for reading)
  8. Look up from the computer screen and noticed that Eternity and A Day has passed. Consider doing something from The List (why hasn’t it been Trademarked yet?), possibly, at least.
  9. Make cookies. Because EVERYONE NEEDS COOKIES, OKAY? Everyone in the blogger world is talking about Waffles and Pancakes from when I didn’t know PEOPLE in the blog world and thus didn’t participate and I’m just like
  10. Have epic chats with your FREN GROUP. And if your fren group happens to consist of 24 people, it’s EPICNESS.
    Actual excerpt:
    Screenshot from 2017-03-23 21-24-03.jpg
    (yes, it’s a Science Olympiad chat. No, we don’t talk about science much. Yes, it is actually really fun. Yes, maybe I am weird.)
  11. Go outside and be social. Yes, I know it’s hard. Do things with friends.
  12. Do the Science Night at your homeschool co-op*. Go talk about rocks and yell louder than the co-op dictator director (hey, typos happen, okay?) and bust helicopters. It’s great fun.*
    *Yes, okay, fine, I’m weird. But you still like me, right? *looks around hopefully*
  13. Suddenly remember that 7-page paper that you have due at the end of spring break. Then discard that nasty thought promptly.
  14. Watch a movie. Beauty and the Beast, maybe?
  15. Get out all your summer clothes. See if they fit and stuff like that.
  16. Actually write a novel. (But then, you’d have to scrap the 24 other ideas on this list, and why would you want to do that?) Also, Camp NaNoWriMo is a thing.
  17. And, if writing a novel is too much work, read one. (Reading books is a good thing, you know? Kids these days. *eye roll)
  18. Go outdoors, like hiking
  19. Prep for the SAT. There’s one coming up in April. And then one in May. And then one in June. And if you’re lucky enough to not have to take the SAT, prep for the ACT. There’s one in April and another one is in June.
  20. Do some sort of art. Artsy things are great!
  21. Sleep more. Because sleep is also great.
  22. Remember The List. Then don’t. Because procrastinating is great.
    (Yes, the word ‘great’ is overused. I evidently don’t use it enough)
  23. Catch up on all 1286498056 YouTube videos that you missed while you were being responsible and productive and doing school.
  24. Do something for someone else. Lots of people need help and time and stuffs. Help someone.
  25. Suddenly panic, remembering The List Of Doom that you have. Spend the rest of your spring break alternating between procrastinating and frantically scribbling.

AAAANDDD there you have it. A comprehensive* list of things to do while on Spring Break. A foolproof way to spend your time. Perfect. And you managed to put off all your school until the very end, which is how we wanted it, right? Right.

*very comprehensive. If you follow all my steps, you will have a well-done Spring Break.

10 Things I’ve Learned From Teaching Piano

This last year, I started teaching piano to the kids of one of my mom’s friends. Although I’d thought I knew what it would be like, I didn’t guess at what I’d learn through teaching.
Teaching’s easy, right?
You sit there, they sit there, you point to the music, they play. Simple, right?
Well apparently not.
Here are 10 things that I’ve learned from teaching piano that I didn’t expect.


  1. Even the basics are hard. Try to explain what a note is. Or a beat. Or the whole measure thing. Or time signatures. Or keys. Nothing’s simple.
  2. You can go fast, but then you’ll have to go slow. I started out my students fast, but at a point it started getting too hard, too fast, and I had to slow down.
  3. They will never know how much angst you put into teaching. When I first started teaching, I was perpetually overwhelmed by feeling like I was going to fail. Did I ever tell them? No. They’ll never know.
  4. Not practicing is the worst thing to do. Not only are you frustrated because you’re playing the same thing again, the teacher’s frustrated because she’ll feel like she failed.
  5. When the teacher gives you a choice as to which piece to learn, CHOOSE! As a student, I hate choosing when the teacher gives me a choice, but as a teacher, I want students to want to play music, and letting them choose is the best way to do it.
  6. Teaching is one of the most awesome things in life. What could possibly be better than transferring something you love with your whole person and allowing someone else to love it as well?
  7. You’re probably a better teacher than you think you are. While this probably isn’t true for everyone, I know at least for me, I could never have thought I had this level of teaching prowess.
  8. Different people learn different ways…and that’s okay. I’m teaching two kids whose learning styles are ultra different. They learn differently, so teach them at their own pace. Let them set the pace.
  9. Let them play what they want to play. They may not want to play a classical hymn with a teacher accompaniment. If there is any special request to play a piece, I’ll do my best to find that piece at their level so that they can play it.
  10. Never sit in a chair with wheels while teaching. It might get pulled out while you’re in the process of sitting down, causing you to sit down HARD on the floor and losing all your sense of dignity. Also all heck will break loose, and it’s not pretty. Particularly not in front of the parents.

And there you have it. 10 things about teaching piano that I have found out from teaching.

It’s not been all sunshine and rainbows so far, but I’m loving it, and I’m looking forward to more teaching!

Top 25 Blogs to Follow Before 2017||Blogmas Day 22

Happy 3-Days-Before-Christmas, y’all!

Today, I have…top 25 blogs to follow before 2017! As the year ends, here are 25 blogs that I follow that you should too because I’m a kind generous blogger person like that.

Blogmas Button22.jpg

Also check out my blogs page right here with all the blogs I follow. because shameless self promo

Here we go!

  1. A Girl Saved by God’s Grace This is a beautiful blog with a lot of “thought” posts, as well as lifestyle-ish style posts. I think it’s a new blog, because there aren’t many followers, but I personally am loving it!
  2. A Little Bit of Joy and Gratitude Lydia blogs about her family, and she was one of the people who inspired me to make one for my own family as well! Her family is so much fun. 😀
  3. A Writer’s Faith This blog by Katie Grace is a writing blog (lots of NaNo), but is also awesome, funny, and ALL THE THINGS.
  4. Becoming Lost Hannah posts lots of deep thoughtful posts, about discipleship and stuff. Her posts are often super good. She won’t be blogging starting in February, though…I’m enjoying her blog while it lasts!
  5. Bonnie’s Blessings Bonnie is a homeschooled (graduate, I think) girl from New Zealand who moved to the US for 6 months to work. She posts about lots of lifestyle, and she’s also pretty great at Bible journaling. 😉
  6. Eromai This is a blog started by two girls, Brooklyn and Anna, and it serves to lead girls further in their walk towards becoming more like Jesus. It’s super new, and I totally recommend that you go check it out, because it’s pretty awesome!
  7. Established in Faith Alyssa posts a bunch of awesome faith posts, and her posts are usually either challenging or encouraging, and they’re so insightful!
  8. Girls Living for God’s Glory This is a blog run by 10 girls, who strive to live for God’s glory, and disciple others to do so too!
  9. Grace In Everything If there is a blog whose posts I would describe as “beautiful,” this would be it. Hannah’s posts are so delicately crafted, and her way with words…wow.
  10. Growing in His Image I found Aaliyah on twitter follow me there too  and love her blog too! She posts about growing closer to Jesus and also lifestyle. 🙂
  11. Happily Abi Abi posts a mix between lifestyle, photography, and Bible posts, and it’s a pretty awesome blog to check out!
  12. It’s Simply Me  Vanessa’s blog is super awesome: she posts lots of different types of content, she takes so many beautiful pictures, AND SHE ALSO VLOGS.
  13. Loud and Clear Jacyrayn is another blogger I found via twitter, and her posts are always so encouraging!
  14. My Life Online This is a blog written by a girl who shares a lot of her awkward experiences online. Her blog is growing super fast!
  15. Musings of an Elf Christine is a writer who works at a book shop and drinks tea…a beautiful life. 🙂 Her blog is amazing, and her latest posts (about NaNo…surprise!) were so much fun to read.
  16. Paper Fury Cait is a book blogger, and a bookstagramer. I mean…just go check out her blog. ITS AWESOME. JUST DO IT.
  17. Pen and Ink Megan mostly posts about lifestyle, and her posts are always super interesting!
  18. Princess Faith Faith’s posts are so deep and powerful. She also has super pictures that go with her blogposts.
  19. Rustling Thoughts Chloe writes mostly about lifestyle, and she always can highlight something positively and make it funny. (ALSO: GIFS)
  20. Saved by Grace Kara…wow, she blogs about her faith, and with a passion! She’s often challenging her readers in deepening their walk with Jesus.
  21. Serenity Elly’s blog is one of the newer ones that I’ve followed, but what I’ve seen from her is amazing so far! She’s doing blogmas, and her poetry is awesome, as is her photography. 🙂
  22. South Kakalaki Girl This is a girl’s collab blog, run by two girls, Amanda and Rachel, and it’s a great blog for girls to follow, with tips and thoughts, and lots of fun things. I’m loving it!
  23. The Introverted Extrovert Sarah Margaret is an awesome photographer and writer. She posts about writing (NaNo) and also “thought” posts.
  24. The Jumping Bean Nichole’s blog is one of the newer blogs I’m following, but her content is so good, and I’m loving it so far!
  25. Totally Graced Grace is such a awesome writer. She’s really straightforward, and she posts a mix between lifestyle and writing posts, and she’s one of my main inspiration sources.

Wow, I didn’t realize I read so many blogs! This was harder than I thought it was going to be, haha!

Now I’m going to challenge you.

Can you make your own list of 25 Blogs to Follow before 2017? We can all go and share the love amongst all of us bloggers.

Let’s all start 2017 with a TON of new blogs to read, aye?

25 Christmas Gift Ideas || Blogmas Day 8

Hi readers! Welcome back to Day 8 of Blogmas!

Today, I have 25 Christmas gift ideas. I tried to chose ideas from a fairly large gift range.

And because I’m nice like that because I don’t use affiliate links, you’ll have to go find these things yourself if you want to buy something from here muahaha


    1. A Polaroid camera. They’ve been coming back in style recently, and they’re really cute and tumblr. 🙂
    2. Nail polish. Can’t really go wrong there.
    3. BOOKS. ALL THE BOOKS. (but make sure you’re at least a little sure of what the person you’re giving them to likes. OTHERWISE PREPARE TO BE EATEN BY FURIOUS BOOKWORMMONSTERS)
    4. Cookie mixes
    5. Cookies!
    6. cocoaCute mugs. BECAUSE HOT CHOCOLATE. (how many times have you seen that gif this blogmas?)
    7. A Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal (BECAUSE I NEED ONE, SISTA)
    8. Fuzzy socks.
    9. Fuzzy sweaters
    11. Knitted stuffs…again, fuzzy
    12. Bath salts and stuff like that (because I’ll never use it but I might regift it)
    13. Throw pillows, because THEY CUTE
    14. Stationary stuffs
    15. Electronic stuffs like headphones, a mouse, etc
    16. iPod/phone cases (this goes without saying, but know what model they have)
    17. Scarves/gloves/etc
    18. Jewelery
    19. A laptop psssss so that I can blog, no that was not a hint
    20. Candy. Because ALWAYS
    21. Candles but not the unscented ones…those are utterly useless, guys.
    22. Phone cases, because CUTE
    23. Something for their collection…if they have a collection of something, then give them something in their collection
    24. Some movies

So this was actually an almost serious post….hehe…I hope you gleaned some inspiration from this post!


25 Things to Do Before Christmas || Blogmas Day 3

Hello readers, and welcome to day 3 of Blogmas! realizing how hard it’s going to be to come up with 25 of these blogmas introductions XD

Today, I’m bringing you 25 Things to Do Before Christmas! because obviously when I post this on December 3rd, there’s still 25 days before Christmas

Blogmas Button3.jpg

  1.  Play Christmas music. ALL THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC.
  2. Do a Advent/Count Down to Christmas thing.
  3. Make Christmas cookies. Necessities.
  4. Watch a Christmas movie.
  5. Read a Christmas book. Like A Christmas Carol, because that’s the only book I can think of.
  6. Make a list of people you’re giving gifts to this year.
  7. Flounder under said list of people
  8. cocoaMake hot cocoa and add an unreasonable amount of toppings. Whipped cream, caramel sauce, candy canes, peppermint extract, YOU NAME IT!
  9. Sit in front of a fire and revel in the warmness
  10. Do BLOGMAS because I was stupid and did it, and so now Y’ALL HAVE TO PARTAKE IN THE STUPIDITY MUAHAHAHA
  11. Follow lots of new blogs (shoutout to all the 30some new blogs I followed this week!)
  12. Actually be active in blogging….as in…ACTUALLY COMMENTING on people’s blogposts! surprise! Who knew?!
  13. Take the SAT and not die (#me)
  14. Sing “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” wayyyyy too many times, even though it’s impossible to have a White Christmas where you live.
  15. Do something fun with friends like going ice skating.
  16. Make something cool. Art stuffs.
  17. Donate your time, money, energy, presents, etc, to someone in need (and trust me, there’s plenty of people in need, especially around Christmastime)
  18. Make a gingerbread house
  19. todolistLook at your gift list (see #4), and actually realize that you should probably get to those at some point….before Christmas.
  20. Spend lots of time with family and friends and NOT WITH SCHOOL.
  22. Drive around and look at people’s Christmas lights and don’t be stalkery and go “oh, look, they put that light strand up last year on a different part of their tree” #me.
  23. Redecorate your room and do ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS.
  24. Go to a Christmas Eve Service and light candles and sing and ALL THE AWESOMENESS.
  25. Look at your gift list (see #4 and #19), and notice that you actually should probably have done something about the people on your list.

*clears throat*

*looks around awkwardly*


ahem. Moving on….

I hope this completely serious list of 25 things YOU NEED TO DO BEFORE CHRISTMAS (because clickbait like that) was helpful to y’all. #sarcasm

Apparently I shouldn’t write so close to midnight….my writing now sounds like a mix of an awkward 8 year old blogger girl, Cait, and like, ALL THE WEIRDNESS. (Cait, if you’re ever reading this, YOUR WRITING IS SUPER AWESOMES)



Top 25 Christmas Songs to Listen to This Season || Blogmas Day 1

So…I may be crazy or something, but I’ve decided that I’m going to do


this year!

I’ve watched a couple (as in, one) years of vlogmas on YT (hers), and this year, I’ll be watching several vlogmases (here, here, and here). Then I had a brilliant idea…why not do a blogmas of your own? After all, you’re only going to take the SAT and ACT on consecutive weeks, have 3 more weeks of school, have three million presents to make, a room to decorate, you obviously have enough time and energy to do Blogmas!

(It IS a good idea: I’ve been talking about Christmas for a bajillion years aka since last Christmas, so…)

But anyways…here’s Day 1 of RockandMinerals4Him Blogmas 2016!


Day 1: Top 25 Christmas Songs to Listen To This Season

The title is pretty self-explanatory. 😛 Also since I’ve been listening to Christmas music since, what, September 1st, I’m OBVIOUSLY a Christmas music expert. OBVIOUSLY.

So let’s get into it, shall we? *realizes how much self sounds like a YouTuber…oops*

(This is in no particular order…I don’t have the energy to sort them in order XD) Also since I don’t use Blogger and WordPress widgets and stuff are stupid I’m not techy enough to give you a Spotify playlist, and thus the YouTube Links. Deal with it. XD

  1. Amazing Grace (Peter Hollins)
  2. Carol of the Bells (Pentatonix)
  3. Carol of the Bells (The Piano Guys)
  4. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire (Francesca Batistelli)
  5. Christmas Is (Francesca Battistelli)
  6. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Pentatonix)
  7. December Song (Peter Hollins)
  8. God Rest Ye Merry Gentelmen (Pentatonix)
  9. Go Tell It On The Mountain (Francesca Batistelli)
  10. Grown Up Christmas List (Peter Hollins)
  11. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Cimorelli)
  12. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Lauren Daigle)
  13. It’s Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Bing Crosby) (who am I kidding I was singing this in July)
  14. Joy To The World (Francesca Batistelli)
  15. Little Drummer Boy (Pentatonix)
  16. Mary Did You Know (Pentatonix)
  17. Noel (Chris Tomlin ft. Lauren Daigle)
  18. O Holy Night (Lauren Daigle)
  19. Sleigh Ride (Pentatonix)
  20. The Nutcracker (Straight No Chaser)
  21. The Christmas Can-Can (Straight No Chaser)
  22. The First Noel (Pentatonix)
  23. What Child Is This (Lauren Daigle)
  24. White Christmas (Lauren Daigle)
  25. Winter Wonderland (Niki and Gabi)

Here’s a YouTube playlist with all the songs on this list.

See you tomorrow!


5 Reasons I’m Not Giving Up Blogging


picture credits

If you’ve read my rant about life last week, you may have picked up that I’m not very happy with my blogging right now. To help me change that mindset, I’m doing this post. This is a totally original post, one that I’ve literally just thought of right now. I’m so proud of myself for being original and also I really really love that thumbnail

So, here are five reasons that I do what I do!

  1. I can keep track of my goals in my life If you’ve read my blog for any period of time, you know that I often post goals for my life on this blog. And since I’m ultra disorganized, having my stuff on the Internet where I can access them everywhere is very convenient for me. It also keeps me accountable, because I have to do recaps. If I fail too badly, I’ll strive to do better because I know there’s people watching me (even if it is only myself reading my blog, ha!)
  2. It’s fun teaching other people stuff I know how to do. Although I haven’t done this in a really long time, (as in, I’ve been too lazy because DIYs usually require taking pictures and effort) I really really love cataloging the crap that I know how to do—knitting, photography, baking, crafting, you name it. I also have a sense of accomplishment, and I can also look back and go “wow, I didn’t realize I was so talented 4 years ago!”
  3. I get to meet other people who have similar interests to me. Being part of the blogging community is absolutely amazing. There are so many people with similar interests as me, and I pull so much inspiration from their blogs, and I hope my blog inspires others as much other blogs inspire me (and also that’s a lot of inspires in that last sentence). I get to meet people from across the country and from all over the world, and that’s awesome.
  4. I get free books to review. I’m part of a few book blogger review programs. They send me books, I review the books, then I get to keep the books. What’s not to love? I really really love reading new books, oftentimes books that haven’t been published yet, and brand new books are just freaking amazing: the covers, the pages, the smell, the colors, and EVERYTHINGGGGGGG.
  5. It’s fun! Blogging is fun! Although it may not look like it in my life (as in, every Friday I go “UGAHJGFDH I HAVE TO BLOG TODAY DARNNN), it is SO. MUCH. FUN. I love writing my thoughts and opinions, and listing ideas and sharing opinions and taking aesthetic pictures and thinking up blog ideas and basically ALL OF THE ABOVE. It’s pretty awesome having a little corner of the Internet to myself. It also makes me feel accomplished. I have words on the Internet that people are reading. o.O

Are you a blogger? What do you like best about blogging?