What’s in My Bullet Journal: Summer Edition + What’s On My Summer Bucket List 2017!! || Bullet Journal

Hey! I haven’t done a bullet journal post in some time…so here’s one! Today, I’m going to be showing you some pages in my bullet journal that I’m going to be using over the summer, as well as talk about my Summer 2017 bucket list!

Summer Bu Jo Bucket List

(also, sorry guys. Apparently I have to learn how to use a DSLR camera over the summer too. #firstattempts)

There really aren’t too many spreads in my Bullet Journal for the summer, since I’m SUPER busy, and I just don’t have time/need to keep track of ALL THE THINGS*.

*ALL THE THINGS: I have lists of my lists, okay? ALL THE THINGS IS NO JOKE.

First off, being the responsible (#not) person that I am, I have a summer cleaning/projects list. This is a list of all the major things I need/want to get done over the summer, like going through clothes or repainting my room.It’s like a honey-do list, except it’s for me! 😋


Next, I have a Summer Timeline, where I keep track of all the cool things that happen over the summer, such as a cool trip, or going hiking, or stuff like that. It’s pretty straightforward.


I also have an Ideas page, where I’m going to dump the ideas for crafts or recipes or anything of that nature, for perusal. (I had wanted to write up some ideas but #lazy 😂 and also I’d probably ruin the page). It’s going to function as a physical Pinterest board, essentially.


For the summer, I run a lot less on deadlines, so I don’t do daily, or even weekly spreads most of the time. This is my to-do list that I’ve had for about a month now and have just filled up. (Feat: me thinking I could draw a scroll but failing miserably)

To Do List

The last spread in this post is my bucket list for the summer! (Also lowkey wanted this spread to look way cooler than it does but obviously that didn’t happen). There’s not very many things on it, because I’m super busy and have to work a lot, but here are a few things I plan to do this summer.

Bucket List

And since I have way too many goals already on this blog, why not share them?*

*because otherwise y’all sneaky people are going to zoom in and try to decipher what I wrote but I edited it so poorly you can’t read it HA

  • Go to the pool with friends
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Bake something new
  • Take a day away from the internet
  • Do 5 new things for the county fair
  • Redecorate/redo bedroom
  • Host a blog giveaway
  • Readathon (July 21)
  • Knit a big project
  • Look into colleges
  • Do something unusual
  • Make a summer playlist
  • Have a cookie day
  • Take cool pictures
  • Go on a hike
  • Visit the zoo
  • Go on a roadtrip

What are some of the plans you have for the summer? Also, what are some things I should add to my bucket list?


What Happened This Month: August 2016

So apparently it’s the end of August already. And apparently school’s started already. And apparently I’m like 5 posts behind blogging-wise.

I’m wondering whether to back-date the posts or to just post them late…will decide soon. So far, the online class I’ve been taking are taking up much more work than I expected, and when I get done with the work there, I don’t want to stare at a computer screen anymore. Especially since the computer I’m using has a crappy screen and give me headaches.

Okay. Rant over. Let’s move on.



  • Physics camp! Getting to spend 2 weeks at my dream college doing science with geeky girls like me! What’s not to like?
  • Baking 6, 6! batches of cookies with friend. cookiers

    This was, like, you know, the cookies that I was going to enter….

  • Raising monarch caterpillars, then releasing the butterflies.cats
  • COUNTY FAIR! And also working in the food booth with friends.fair1
  • Starting to teach piano lessons
  • Starting school(…?)


  • Getting a phone that one can actually do stuff with…then have friend follow suit two weeks later even though she’s 3 years younger than you. 😛
  • Replying to a query with the perfect song lyrics
  • Scoring baseball gamesscorecard
  • Baking lotsa lotsa cookies with friend
  • Twinning swimsuits with said friend.
  • Working in the food booth at the fair with said friend.
  • Meeting LITERALLY EVERYONE YOU KNOW at the fair
  • Sitting at a table eating ice cream with every. single. one. of your closest friends from different activities.


    Oversaturated? Check

  • Actually having your monarch caterpillars survive.
  • Having a sort-of theme on your Instagram
  • Teaching piano lessons
  • Playing flute with friends
  • Starting school
  • Finding that you know one of your online class TA’s irl.
  • Pretty notes!notes


  • Going swimming with your hair down and proceeding to strangle in it
  • Slicing your finger open on a cell phone stand…twice No, this totally does not sound exactly like the post from last month.
  • Not being able to type on slidy glass keyboards and making stupid typos (e.g. “I hope your picnic was indoors” to “I hope your pelican is indoors”.
  • Dropping a caterpillar on yourself, screaming, then proceeding to drop another caterpillar on yourself.
  • Having someone ask you at the store to get something from the top shelf for her, because you’re taller than she is, despite your 5’4″
  • Staying up to 2 or 3 am working on calculus homework

That Moment When…

  • You totally forget that “That Moment When” is a subcategory and thus do not remember to take notes about said category.

Musical Finds

This is a song by For King and Country on the new Ben Hur movie that came out, and I LOVE IT! It’s so inspirational and there are SO MANY good quotes in it.

This is an original song by Pentatonix, and it’s also another inspirational song that I really love right now.

Because I’m like officially addicted to Christmas music, and whoever editied this music video deserves a Grammy of their own.

Niki and Gabi, twin YouTubers (that I don’t really watch often, tbh) cover Fight Song (which I’ve featured many, many times before), but this cover is SO GOOD.


  • Beethoven’s Sonata Op. 49, No. 2; piano
  • Chopin’s Valse Op. 69, No 2; piano
  • Handel’s Sonatina
  • Paganini’s Cantabile, MS 109, Op. 19; flute


“Teach us how to live humbly, live unconditionally, transform our hurt into hope, and grant us your peace.” ~Ceasefire

“One by one we can rewrite the headlines, standing side by side.” ~Ceasefire

Blog News


(and many backed up posts that I haven’t done yet. D:)



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How has your month been?


What Happened This Month: July 2016


This is a new sort of post on my blog–a ‘What Happened This Month’ monthly recap of sorts!


  • My computer croaked and died. ;(
  • Finished school for the summer!
  • I finished a cake decorating class at Michaels. The remains of that cake are in a smashed pile on a plate in the fridge at the time of writing.
  • Read my first book for review! Link here.
  • Went to a baseball game!! and also watched the All-Star Game…but that doesn’t really appeal to me. XD
  • Golf Camp
  • Lots…and lots…and lots of swimming!
  • Library visits and lots of books!
  • 4H meetings and fair planning!
  • Oh and also, it was Camp NaNo….yeah no? okay.


  • Going swimming and funness with friends…multiple times
  • Meeting up with friends that moved back after 3 years
  • Meeting friends in Walmart…3 times, different people, same visit.
  • Golfing with friends.
  • Getting a planner and decorating said planner
  • Velcroing parade walking unit together
  • Having sunshine and rainbows pretty much everyday (okay, no rainbows, but sunshine)
  • Being almost active in swim team even though not part of the team
  • Getting accepted into AP Calc BC


  • Not having a computer to use…OR having a computer to use that’s ultra slow…THEN finding another computer that’s even slower.
  • Meeting friends on the opposing swim team at a swim meet
  • “Do fish have lungs?” ~Me
  • Accidentally messaging the entire group instead of one member of said group
  • Slicing your thumb open while trying to clean sticky stuff of a scissors blade..TWICE…and bleeding profusely in front of 4H club
  • Singing while accompanying self on piano…then losing voice for 2 days afterwards.
  • Finding out that you’ve had multiple refers to your blog from FaceBook…but you don’t have a FaceBook.
  • Your brothers’s voice is changing and you can’t sing with him at all because he can’t carry a tune in a bucket with two handles (okay, you can’t either, but he’s worse XD)
  • You think your golf coach is following you on your blog but it’s just someone with a similar name.

That Moment When:

  • Your friend (who’ve you’ve {{ooh that’s an interesting use of ‘ve XD}} considered to be ‘small’) tells you she’s 5’1″
  •  A little girl is feeding you orange pieces while you’re talking and not really paying attention, and you’re wondering why the orange is soft and warm and slimy, then look at her and find that she’s putting the orange pieces in her mouth before spitting it out and putting it in your mouth


  • The Fountain by Karl Bohm, piano
  • Invention 14 by J.S. Bach, piano
  • Valse, Opus 69. No 2, by Chopin, piano
  • “Autumn” from “The Four Seasons”, by Vivaldi, flute
  • “Winter” from “The Four Seasons”, by Vivaldi, flute

Musical Finds:

Blog News:



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How’s your month been?

Summer Fun

Summer’s over! How did that happen?

Small recap of what I’ve done over the past summer.

Repeating events-

  • Bright Lights– I’m incredibly blessed to be able to be a part of a Bright Lights group, which a dear friend’s sister started. We had 3 meetings over the whole summer.

Taken my by my dear friend Elizabeth at Clear Creations Photography!

  • Band/Orchestra/Chamber music- A small music ensemble thing for six weeks that a music store did. I played violin in a quartet…which was really cool, considering that I quit violin around 3 years ago.
  • Youth group Bible study- Originally the same time and day as the music thing, but God in all his mercy allowed me to go as soon as music was over, and I was only about 1/2 hour late.
  • Piano Lessons- One of the only summers in my life that I’ve continued music lessons over the summer.
  • Python programming- A course from Coursera, it was a really awesome class in which I learned to program using Python.

And….now on to the part of summer where I actually do stuff! 🙂


  • 15th- Get out of school finally!
  • 17th- First meeting of the knitting club that I started…it still doesn’t have a name…and that was the ONLY meeting we ever did.
  • 17th to 19th- Have friends over while their mom is at a cooking class.
  • 22th to July 3rd- Band camp- the only music camp I’ve ever been to so far…and it was awesome! I learned all twelve major scales, as well as all twelve natural minor and melodic minor scales.  ‘Twas pretty odd though, there were four flautists and four trombonists….however, we still managed to sound nice. ☺ Lotsa good fun. ☺


  • 3rd- Friend’s grandma’s memorial service…it was super sad…but it was still fun, in a sorta weird way. I got to see people that I don’t usually see over the summer, so it was fun…(Wow, this is super awkward to write!)
  • 4th- Watch fireworks with friends.

Color Night Shot

  • 7th- Storytelling at a shopping center.
  • 8th- My first ever sleepover! (And yes, I’m in high school…my parents are quite protective, which I count as a blessing)
  • 23nd- Went to my friend’s house to ride bikes and to practice music.
  • 20th to 24th- Golf camp. I’m not very good at golf…but I do enjoy it!. 🙂
  • 29th to 30th- Programming camp. It was fun, in and of itself, but it was not very useful in terms of learning at all.
  • We got a new car!
  • I also finished my first ever Camp NaNoWriMo with a measly goal of 10K words. I used the 10K words to improve my blog…but at least I finished!



  • 20th- My 2nd ever baseball game! It was pretty awesome even though there was a 2 hour rain delay…but to “thank us for our patience”, we got to sit in the front! So it was really fun and cool watching all the players at close range. 🙂


  • The County Fair!! Being in 4H, the county fair is always a huge part of the year. I didn’t do very well this year….but it was quite good enough! We had friends over for 3 days in a row working on 4H stuff, and it was really fun.
  • 22nd- Went on a day trip….but we really didn’t do very much, except eat at a Japanese restaurant and go to a museum.

A few things that I did this summer-

  • Pet keeping- We expanded our menagerie of weird pets with an assassin bug, monarch butterflies, and guppies.
  •  Knitting- Lots of knitting, hoping to hit my New Year’s Resolution of 10 skeins of yarn.


  • Reading- Also, lots of reading, trying to hit my 120 book goal.
Snow Treasure- one of my favorite books!!

Snow Treasure- one of my favorite books!!

  • Origami- I tried out a new kusudama ball, originally for the fair, but I didn’t get to enter it.

P1220980 P1220981

  • Baking- I made 5 different types of cookies for the county fair- Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal Raisin, Oatmeal Carrot, Molasses, and Gingersnaps.
  • Gardening- I’ve done quite a bit of gardening this summer, growing from tomatoes to potatoes to pineapples.

What has happened over your summer?

Screenshot (25)