5 EASY and PROVEN Tips for Drinking More Water || Simple Health Human Blog Tour

Hello there! Today, I have a super exciting post to share as a part of Vanessa’s blog tour for her new blog Simple Health Human! I’ll be sharing my top 5 tips for drinking more water!

5 Tips To Drink More Water.png

If you’ve ever seen me in real life, you know that I drink a LOT of water. Although I still generally don’t drink or believe in the recommended “8 cups a day” suggestion, I always try my best to drink as much water in a day as I can. Remembering to drink enough water is tricky sometimes, so here are my top 5 tips for drinking more water every day.

    I generally try to drink about 90 ounces of water a day, and in order to achieve a goal like that, I need to know how much water I’m drinking. To do that, I usually drink water from one set container that I know the volume of, to make it easier for me to count. The container I use is a quart Mason jar with a plastic lid*, which is a HUGE container (and a little bulky to carry around), but I like using bigger containers because they’re easier to keep track of.  It’s a lot easier to remember that you’ve had 3 jars of water instead of 8 cups!
    You can’t have water if you don’t have any, so in order to stay well hydrated, bring a water bottle of some sort around with you! There are so many cute water bottles everywhere that aren’t very expensive, and carrying it around makes it so much more likely that you’ll drink water!
    Caffeine is a diuretic, so if you have coffee (or anything else with caffeine), make sure you’re drinking water along with it! I *try* to drink twice the amount of water as my caffeine (so 6 ounces of coffee = 12 ounces of water) on top of my regular water, but even if that doesn’t work, I always drink water before and after I drink coffee. Drinking water with your caffeine will ensure you stay well hydrated!
    I find that I’ll drink a lot more water if I’m using a straw to drink it, so I have a stainless steel straw* (save the turtles!!) that I like to use to make it easier to drink my water. Using a straw makes it a lot more convenient to drink water, and is a super easy way to help yourself.
    The *only* thing you can’t put in your water is caffeine (so no coffee or tea), but aside from that, you can put other things in your water to make it more fun! Put in some ice, lemon, mint, or even those water flavor drops* to make your water taste better.
    Another way to make your water fun is to know how much you need to drink as the day progresses, so you have a way to tell if you’re on track or not and am not stressed about it. You can make a tracker on your water bottle (or even buy a water bottle with a tracker*!) or set a timer on your phone. So long as you remember, do it however works for you!

So there you have it: 5 easy and proven tips for drinking more water! What are some of the tips you have for drinking water? What are some things you like to put in your water? Tell me! I’m always looking for new infused water recipes! Have you checked out Simple Health Human yet?

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How to Do Spring Break: A Comprehensive Guide || A (nonsarcastic) list of 25 ways to (not waste) Spring Break

In which Hanne gives the Internet good advice about how to Spring Break™

Since Spring Break™ is not overrated, obviously.

So. It’s Spring Break. And you have lots of free time*. What are you going to do in that free time? Write a novel? Go to the park? Finish watching that TV show that everyone seems to like watching**?

*I know no one does, being a human in 2017. Humor me, will ya?
**Being someone who has never seen a TV show, this is my attempt at not being a undersocialized homeschooler, okay?


Let me tell you. In 25 Easy-To-Follow-Suggestions-That-You-Must-Follow-Before-The-Fairy-Godmother-Turns-Things-Into-Pumpkins.

  1. Make a list. THE LIST. The list of all the things that  you’ll have to do sometime between Now and The End Of Spring Break.
    And if you’re anything like me, this is what The List looks like.
  2. Go on your phone and scroll through twitter. And instagram. And facebook. And snapchat. And all the other social medias that 2017 has produced. This should effectively take care of all the spare time you were concerned about.
  3. Notice that you should probably do something to look productive. Look at The List and rank them in order of importance and priority and that sort of responsible stuff. Unless you’re Really Responsible, no actual work is required now.
    too much responsibility.gif
  4. Make a playlist of music that you’ll want to listen to in The Future.
  5. (And/or to Step 4). Learn all the words to Hamilton: the Musical. And if you haven’t listened to Hamilton yet, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!
  6. Make plans to do Something Fun. AND, if you’re lucky, actually go to said Something Fun event. Take lots of pictures, since this may well be the highlight of your entire Spring Break
  7. Get on the Internet and catch up on blog stuff. Which is easily caught up on, amiright?* Like y’know, 2 hours of focused work? 16436532 new blogposts to read and comment on and the Instagram aesthetics and the prescheduled blogposts?*for the nonblogger beautiful faces, THIS IS SARCASM. NO ONE ‘CATCHES UP’ ON BLOGGING (bless your nonblogger face, btw. thx for reading)
  8. Look up from the computer screen and noticed that Eternity and A Day has passed. Consider doing something from The List (why hasn’t it been Trademarked yet?), possibly, at least.
  9. Make cookies. Because EVERYONE NEEDS COOKIES, OKAY? Everyone in the blogger world is talking about Waffles and Pancakes from when I didn’t know PEOPLE in the blog world and thus didn’t participate and I’m just like
  10. Have epic chats with your FREN GROUP. And if your fren group happens to consist of 24 people, it’s EPICNESS.
    Actual excerpt:
    Screenshot from 2017-03-23 21-24-03.jpg
    (yes, it’s a Science Olympiad chat. No, we don’t talk about science much. Yes, it is actually really fun. Yes, maybe I am weird.)
  11. Go outside and be social. Yes, I know it’s hard. Do things with friends.
  12. Do the Science Night at your homeschool co-op*. Go talk about rocks and yell louder than the co-op dictator director (hey, typos happen, okay?) and bust helicopters. It’s great fun.*
    *Yes, okay, fine, I’m weird. But you still like me, right? *looks around hopefully*
  13. Suddenly remember that 7-page paper that you have due at the end of spring break. Then discard that nasty thought promptly.
  14. Watch a movie. Beauty and the Beast, maybe?
  15. Get out all your summer clothes. See if they fit and stuff like that.
  16. Actually write a novel. (But then, you’d have to scrap the 24 other ideas on this list, and why would you want to do that?) Also, Camp NaNoWriMo is a thing.
  17. And, if writing a novel is too much work, read one. (Reading books is a good thing, you know? Kids these days. *eye roll)
  18. Go outdoors, like hiking
  19. Prep for the SAT. There’s one coming up in April. And then one in May. And then one in June. And if you’re lucky enough to not have to take the SAT, prep for the ACT. There’s one in April and another one is in June.
  20. Do some sort of art. Artsy things are great!
  21. Sleep more. Because sleep is also great.
  22. Remember The List. Then don’t. Because procrastinating is great.
    (Yes, the word ‘great’ is overused. I evidently don’t use it enough)
  23. Catch up on all 1286498056 YouTube videos that you missed while you were being responsible and productive and doing school.
  24. Do something for someone else. Lots of people need help and time and stuffs. Help someone.
  25. Suddenly panic, remembering The List Of Doom that you have. Spend the rest of your spring break alternating between procrastinating and frantically scribbling.

AAAANDDD there you have it. A comprehensive* list of things to do while on Spring Break. A foolproof way to spend your time. Perfect. And you managed to put off all your school until the very end, which is how we wanted it, right? Right.

*very comprehensive. If you follow all my steps, you will have a well-done Spring Break.

10 Life Hacks…TESTED

So. I watch wayy too many YouTube videos for my own good, or productivity. Some of these videos are “LIFE HACKS TESTED” videos, but usually the life hacks the YouTubers test are rather redundant and useless in actual life.

I’m usually more interested in more “practical” hacks, if you will. So I decided to do a blogpost, with 10 lifehacks that were more relevant to me (as in, school).

(TL;DR, I couldn’t think of a blogpost idea, so threw together something)


image not mine, feat Google Images; editing feat: PicMonkey



Pros: You can have your essay read out loud to you

Cons: 5000 character limit; sometimes mispronounces things



Pros: It works most of the time, but requires you consciously thinking about it.

Cons: Sometimes you can do a drop mic at a place that would be odd place to stop an essay



Pros: There are so many choices!

Cons: Sometimes the choices distract me; also white noise just doesn’t work well for me.



Pros: It actually works, particularly if you’re an auditory learner

Cons: If you don’t know enough about your topic, it’s rather sad and humiliating XD Also, you have to find a friend who’s willing to listen



Pros: It works! It saves lives.

Cons: Not really anything that I can think of



Pros: It works; I don’t use it for getting ready, but to measure off increments of time (usually 30 minutes).

Cons: You have to go through and think through times, and sort music and stuff.



Pros: It works…and I have to say, I’ve used it more than once in the past.

Cons: It doesn’t strengthen your paper any, and is also a hassle, depending on your word processor



Pros: It’s healthy

Cons: I’d rather die first (although tbh I don’t eat any of the above regularly)…but NOT ICE CREAM OR CHOCOLATE



Pros: You stay alert, and can’t drift off; also aforementioned reasons

Cons: If you’re sick or something, then it’s very obvious



Pros: It has a lot of languages, and is pretty effective (also has Klingon and other cool languages)

Cons: They are lacking several languages like Chinese, also require almost exponential time to keep up progress.

And that’s it. 10 lifehacks that may or may not improve your school life!

Checklist of Spiritual Fashion

While reading through my devotionals a few weeks ago, I came across this checklist of spiritual fashion. Like many people, I often worry about what to wear, and whether or not I’m keeping up with the latest styles/whether or not my choice of clothing is just weird :P, even though I have absolutely no desire to be “in” on clothing styles, especially now since the “in” clothing styles show body parts that I have no wish to show. I now have this pinned to my bulletin board, and I try to live on it. Of course, people should dress to look nice and what all, but inner beauty is what that really matters.

  • A Gentle and Quiet Spirit
    • First Peter 3:3-4- Do not let your adorning be external- the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear- but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.
  • Contentment
    • Hebrews 13:5- Keep your life free from love of money and be content with what you have, for He has said, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”
  • A smile
    • John 16:22- So also you have sorrow now, but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you.
  • Inner Peace
    • Romans 5:1- Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Confidence
    • Philippians 4:13- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  • Kindness
    • Matthew 7:2- For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.

This has been really helpful to me both in choosing what I wear and in remembering that we are living for an eternal goal, not just for the new clothes/latest fashion.

Screenshot (25)

Planting Pineapples

Most people have this useless thing that they’re really good at, but there is absolutely no use whatsoever in the product. One of the useless things I can do includes planting pineapples.

Planting pineapples is actually pretty easy- it doesn’t require very much care and they are hard to kill. Pineapples do not need very much water nor do they need very high-quality soil. They do well under both full sunlight (which I’ve heard- the one time I tried doing that the leaves burned) and shade (which is definitely true).

First, choose a pineapple. (Tip for choosing pineapples- Grasp one of the pointy leaf things of the pineapple. If it comes out easily, then it’s ripe. The pineapple HAS to be ripe in order for it to produce pineapples.)


Next, twist the crown of the pineapple off- don’t cut it off! Grab the bottom of the crown with one hand, hold the pineapple in the other, and twist. It should come off pretty easily.




(You can cut up your pineapple and eat it. ☺)

Now that you have your pineapple crown in hand, strip off about an inch’s worth of the bottom leaves. Roots should become visible when you’ve pulled off a few leaves.



(See the roots? They’re in this brown casing. I pulled one of the casings off to show the root)

Suspend the crown in water, but make sure that the leafy part of the crown is NOT in the water. If the leafy part of the pineapple is in water, then it WILL mold quickly!) Either suspend the pineapple above the water with toothpicks, or simply use less water)

(I have also heard to NOT put the end in water, but to instead let the end dry before planting it; however, I have not tried that technique yet.)

When the white roots become visible and are a few inches long, you can plant the pineapple in the dirt. I have mine in a pot, mainly because where I live, there simply is too much cold weather for a pineapple to do well outside. This pineapple is about 2 years old.



Pineapples do not take very much water. They do not like growing in soggy dirt. If the pineapple leaves turn red/purple, then it is undernourished. Pineapples are pretty hard to kill, but I’ve already killed one by freezing it. ☺

I have not yet gotten any fruit from my plant., and I have heard that it takes about 2-3 years for a pineapple plant to flower. After a plant flowers, it usually takes about 6 or so months before the fruit is ready to pick.

Here are some more links for more information-

http://www.dole-plantation.com/Growing (This one is from Dole, the pineapple company!)


http://www.wikihow.com/Grow-a-Pineapple (Wikihow but it is very clear)

Happy 4th of July!!

Orthodontics Do’s and Don’ts.

So, having had orthodontics treatment for almost 4 years now, I consider myself quite the orthodontics expert!

Here are some tips/tricks that I’ve learned over the years:

  • Orthodontists everywhere will hate me for saying this. You really don’t have to listen to what they say when they tell what to not eat! For example, on my “do-not-eat” list of foods, one of the things were M&M’s!! Of course, use common sense. Don’t try to eat a one-inch-thick piece of peppermint bark (see below post) with your braces. I encourage you to test around with your braces. I know two sisters who both have braces. One of the girls can eat carrot sticks without breaking her braces, while the other can’t eat crackers without something snapping!
  • Always be truthful to your orthodontist! Close to the end of my orthodontic treatment, I was so eager to get rid of my braces, that when my orthodontist asked, “Do your teeth feel right?” I replied “Yes!” even though my back teeth still felt a little weird. They took the braces off, and my back teeth have been feeling weird ever since.
  • Take care of your retainer. In the beginning when I first got my retainer, I had to wear them all the time for 3 months, my thought was, “Well, since it’ll be in my mouth all the time anyways, who cares if I wash it or not? I didn’t have to wash my braces all the time.” Well, as time went on, my retainers got really gunky. Believe me, I started washing them way more often after that! It also probably didn’t help that I have white retainers.
  • Never ever wrap your retainers unless you’re putting them in your case as well. I often wrap my retainers in tissues or napkins when I put them in my case to prevent them from rattling around. However, NEVER, and I say never….oh, and, did I mention NEVER? wrap your retainers in napkins and such, especially around food!! I myself have wrapped them up and forgotten about them (at someone else’s house! We had to go back and dig through their trash can.). One of my friends, who was on a missions trip, was eating in a cafeteria and forgot her case. She wrapped her retainers in a napkin (spoiler alert! :P) and left them on her tray. After she finished eating (and threw away her garbage), she went to do other stuff. A little while later, she suddenly remembered that she had wrapped her retainers! When she returned to the cafeteria, she found that her retainers were in the dumpster. Instead of going dumpster diving, she instead chose to make her parents shell out another $300 or so for new retainers. Although it seems like common sense right when you get your new retainers (“I promise to always take care of my retainers, they’re so expensive, and I won’t ever, EVER, lose them!)….you will, eventually, forget your case one day. Don’t be afraid to just leave them out. Most everybody nowadays have retainers (or will have them eventually). They’ll understand.
  • SMILE!! Even though braces may look weird, smiling is always the best thing to wear. Don’t try to hide your braces by not smiling, because people often notice stuff more when you’re trying to hide something. It also shows a lot of self confidence.