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Currently: May 2017

Yayy, it’s time for another Currently post! Today’s linkup cohosts are Anne and Nancy!

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Well, nothing at the moment, because IT’S AP TEST WEEK AND IM DYING? I had planned to bake some sort of cookies for my band teachers and stuffs because of end-of-year, but TIME. A commodity I don’t have. (I do have a list of stuff I’m going to bake over the summer, though) 😛



To a lot of things, at the moment, actually. Classical music for when I’m writing timed AP Lang essays, just ‘regular’ (as regular of music I listen to XD) music when I’m typing up essays and stuff, and audiobooks when I’m doing math (because no words, and it uses a different part of my brain/concentration). I study better with noise in the background, so I’ve been listening to A TON of stuff.


The spring weather? You know, the 70 degree stuff that lasted one week before it went to the 50s, and then straight to the upper 80s? Fun stuff. Also my band people, because performing and playing music with friends is always THE BEST.


I just planted a bunch of succulents that hopefully I’ll not kill XD. I’m also *thinking* of doing some gardening stuff? But I don’t know? Because I have a tendency to kill plants and live things?


Not so much remembering, but realising that ITS THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. Like, not technically, because school goes until the middle of June, but after APs are over and band and Science Olympiad and extracurriculars are all over, it’s essentially over.


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Currently: April 2017 || The Insanity Edition

What would you know, it’s time for another Currently post again! Anne and Jess are hosting Currently this month!

It’s competition season for me (Science Olympiad States is in less than a week, and I’m not freaking out at all)




Lots of things, but not feeling like I’m accomplishing anything whatsoever. It’s competition season (for Science Olympiad), as well as AP season, and lots of things are due and AIIIII.

Guess which gif goes with this point?




Excited and stressed. Science Olympiad tournaments are like the best things ever, particularly States tournaments. AP tests, on the other hand, are not quite as fun. They’re just sheerly stressful, but I still like studying…so I say…just wait a couple more weeks 😄





More time. And Sanity. And study books would be nice. As well as cookies. And also more time. And sanity. And more time. And sanity. And more time.





Flute and bassoon for the concert that’s coming up in like three weeks!! I’m so excited 😀




Nothing much, really…I DONT HAVE TIME TO PINTEREST OMGNS. I’ve been looking for some Bible Journaling ideas, because I really want to start doing it…but guess who doesn’t have time? Not me?



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Currently: March 2017 || also Lent 2017, in which I have no idea what to do but want to do it anyways because that’s me

Aaand, it’s another Currently post on the first of the month! This month’s host are: Anne and Carrie!

This month’s prompts are: watching, eating, saying, wearing, and posting! Incidentally, these prompts are almost all things that I’m giving up on for Lent, so I’ll talk about that as well.


picture from Pinterest, editing mine, feat PicMonkey (WHO HAS NO LIKE LEGIT NO CUTE FREE FONTS OH THE INJUSTICE)

also yes, I know the colors don’t match

In case you didn’t know, Lent is the forty days before Easter, which begins on Ash Wednesday (today; also why it’s called that I don’t even know) and ends on Holy Saturday (the day before Easter). Lent is a time of repentance, fasting and preparation for the coming of Easter. It is a time of self-examination and reflection. In the early church, Lent was a time to prepare new converts for baptism. Here’s the link that I c/ped from 😄

Although I’m not Catholic, I’m planning on participating in Lent this year by giving up something(s) (which I’ll talk about in my points)


I don’t really watch movies or shows, but I do watch more YouTube than is good for me. 😄 (Top 5 Favorite Youtubers). So for Lent this year, I’m giving up on watching YouTube . . . except for one channel: Monica Church. She’s prepping for the Big Climb for Leukemia (climbing up the tallest skyscraper in Seattle), and all revenue from the channel will go towards Leukemia and Lymphoma society. I’m really interested in leukemia (I want to be an oncologist some day), so it’s a cause I’m standing behind.


Well, I can’t really think of anything in particular that I’m eating. o.0 (BUT RIGHT NOW I’M EATING SUPER GOOD MAC AND CHEESE SO THERES THAT)

But anyways, for Lent, I’m giving up eating sugar. (as in, pure, refined sugar, not like fruit sugar). This one’s probably going to be hard, and I’m going to be eating a lot of fruit 😄


Saying. . . .that I’m going to die soon. 😄 No, but seriously, there’s SO. MANY. THINGS. coming up and like, *flailing*

million things i havne't done.gif

lowkey like that gif way too much


Summer AND winter clothes! Seriously, how is it 45 degrees one day and 70 the next?



Lots of blogposts and lots of Instagram posts! I’ve been a bit more consistent posting Instagram posts, so I’m actually pretty excited about that!

For Lent, I’m giving up on following everyone on my personal Instagram that I don’t know personally. After Lent, I’ll decide on whether I’ll follow them back (don’t worry, y’all, you guys are on my blog Insta, so you aren’t affected :P)

What are you up to Currently? Are you giving up things for Lent? What are you giving up for Lent? How are you planning on growing in Jesus in March?

P.S. I’m also doing the March Bible reading plan from Little Faith Blog–feel free to join along with me!


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Currently: February 2017

Happy Wednesday, readers! Also, happy February! HOW IS IT FEBRUARY ALREADY AND HOW HAS IT BEEN 1/12TH OF THE WAY THROUGH 2017 ALREADY?!?!


image creds, editing feat: picmonkey

The hosts this month are Anne and Erin!

This month’s prompts are packing, jonesing, texting, reading, and hearting.


Well, right now, I’m packing for SciOly tournaments! I have an invitational and regionals on consecutive weekends happening this month. No, I’m not going to die, why did you ever think that? So that’s nice.

also obviously I’m prepared and have everything all done.


Hmmm…okay so I’m not sure what this means, but according to my friend google it means addicted to? I’m currently jonesing…uhhh…ALL THE MUSIC. Spotify *STILL* doesn’t work on my computer, which is basically the saddest story of existence, but Pandora Shuffle is great. Also YouTube, but that’s obvious. 😄



Best friends. Always.

I mean, what else would I do? But seriously, words cannot express how thankful I am for my friends. They keep me sane and also commiserate with me when I’m about to die.

I love them so much. :’)


Reading? What’s that? Is it, like, when you take a book in your leisure time (who has that?) and absorb information and enjoy it?

Ohhhh I remember now. I’m reading textbooks? Yeah, lame I know.


My bullet journal! It’s the only thing keeping me sane through these days.




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Currently: January 2017

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first post of 2017! It’s time for another Currently post! This month’s hosts are Anne and Jessica!


photo credits (also wow this picture editing quality is horrible I didn’t even notice)

This month’s prompts are gathering, making, sipping, following, and resolving.


The last bits of my sanity….obviously. Starting this new semester, I have about 1804539876359731 things on my to-do list, and I’m organizing my life (hah, like how does one do that?!)


My new Bullet Journal! Close to the end of last year, I started using my Bullet Journal less than I would have, so I’m bringing it back this month! For a peek into this month’s Bullet Journal, click here. (because self-promo, why not?)


ALL THE TEA. I woke up this morning with a slight fever (the same one that’s been going around my family ever since Christmas) . . . so I’m playing the rather exciting game of “how many cups of tea can one down in a day” today.


New blogs! Within the last month, I think I’ve followed around 50 or so new blogs, and I’m loving it so far! For a list of some new blogs that you might really want to follow, check here.

resolving: nyr

A bunch of weird things. At least this year’s New Years Resolutions are more sensible than the ones I set two years ago (becoming ambidextrous? Really, self?)

What have YOU been doing currently?


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Currently: December 2016||Blogmas Day 7

Hey guys! It’s time for another Currently post! This month’s linkup is with Anne and Kellie!


The prompts for this month are doing, enjoying, cooking, wrapping, and playing.

Also, congrats y’all, for surviving all the Christmas-themed Currently posts I’ve been writing ever since, like September…haha! This one’s going to be the last one maybe. ^^


I’m finishing up the last couple of weeks before Christmas break! I have between 2 and 3 weeks of break between my classes, and I’m SUPER EXCITED for Christmas break! I’m also making Christmas presents for all the people I have to get presents for.


The cold weather. Although I’m usually cold all. the. time, I love cold weather in December because it means it potentially might maybe snow! (Likely not, but it might haha) I’m also loving my warm sweaters and fuzzy socks. 😀


I just made my annual Christmas holiday recipe! This year, I made Chocolate Crinkle Cookies!! They’re really good, and I’ve given a whole bunch of them away already.


ALL THE THINGS. Christmas is one of the most fun times of the year, where I plan out everything and get to do stuff without being restricted by school stuff. I’m wrapping presents for teachers (which needs to be done earlier, since I won’t see them during Christmas break), friends (which need to be done before everyone leaves), and also my family.


CHRISTMAS MUSIC!! Well I guess that’s not very surprising, considering that I’ve been listening to Christmas music since…like…September. 😄

But it’s actually considered SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE NOW, so my joy is complete.

What have you been doing currently?

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Currently: November 2016

If you’re seeing this…then it’s November. So Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year 😛 This month’s linkup is with Anne and Catherine!



Picture from Trader Joe’s website

I’ve just discovered how awesome Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend Herbal Tea is! It is SO GOOD.Trader Joe’s tea is always to die for…but w/e. It tastes cinnamony with a blend of all other colors, and also sweet without any sugar added–it’s really just super awesome. I drink cupfuls of it while watching Bullet Journal YouTube videos, and it’s so much fun. :3


Well…since it’s November, OBVIOUSLY I’m celebrating CHRISTMAS!!! Okay well I guess I talked about dreaming for Christmas in my last Currently post in October, but still….Christmas can’t come soon enough for me! I guess it’s really stupid for me to be so excited about Christmas when I’ve literally knit nothing for peoples’ Christmas, nor have looked up/prepped any recipes, so I don’t even know why I’m so excited…but WHO’S COUNTING?


I’m starting NaNoWriMo 2016! If you don’t know what NaNo is, it’s basically a month-long program where people attempt to write a novel of 50,000 words within the month of November. I’ve done NaNos in the past, but never 50K…basically, I’m crazy I honestly doubt I’ll finish this year’s as well, but hey, it never hurts to try! As always, I’ll be prewriting blogposts (hopefully to last me until June….but fat chance that actually happens, hehe!)


fallHmm…..I’d have to say fall clothes. I mean, I got out all my cold weather clothes and put away all my summer clothes, then the day after was like 80 degrees and I had to go out wearing a sweater but who’s counting? I really like the vest trend going around today: vests are so soft and also really warm without being bulky, which is nice. I’m really excited for winter sweaters though.

Picture Credits


Well…the latest thing I googled was “Google search history”…guess why? 😛 The most current ones were for the memes that I put in this post, and then the rest are school stuff, mainly figures of speech for AP Language and other stuff like that for school. I don’t really google much <anymore>, but I know that pretty soon I’ll be googling stuff for ROCKS AND MINERALS, which I’ll be studying for Science Olympiad I’m madly excited, but obviously you can’t tell. Obviously.


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Currently: October 2016

Eyyyy it’s another Currently post! This month’s linkup is with Anne and Jacqui!


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Cheers-ing: cheersing

I’m currently cheering for fall break! I have fall break next week for a couple classes, and I’m super excited because I get to work on stuff I actually like, such as knitting or practicing music (as if I would have the time, haha!). I’ll probably knitting or practicing done, but instead I’ll be stuck at home doing math, aagh! I’m also cheering for fall in general, because big sweaters and warm drinks (potentially including coffee) and yummi apples and pumpkin spiced freaking everything.

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Organizing: bullet-journal

I just finished organizing my room and my desk! I’ve also gotten out some of my fall clothes, and I’m super excited for that! I’ve also recently started using a bullet journal to stay organized, and I’m really loving it so far!

I really like how when I use a bullet journal, I don’t have to make everything perfect and I can use as much space as I need to for my everlasting todo list! Also I can make it as pretty as I want to!



🎶🎶I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…🎶🎶 No, I’m totally not cheesy at all.

No, but seriously. I’ve been dreaming about Christmas for months, and now it’s finally gotten closer. (or maybe I just haven’t gotten off the Christmas high from last year?) I’m so excited for Christmas–making/buying presents, baking cookies, Christmas concerts, and snow…(????)!! And cold weather, and boots, and mint flavored everything I’M SO EXCITED.


picture credits



I haven’t really been buying much. The last haul I did was my back-to-school haul, and ever since then, I haven’t actually bought anything.


Listening: coffeetea

I’ve been listening a bunch of random music, including a bunch of Meghan Trainor, piano hymns, and Irish fiddling.

I’ve also been listening to a bunch of Fiddler on the Roof soundtracks, because we’re currently playing an arrangement of several Fiddler on the Roof pieces in band!


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