Currently: February 2018

Hello everyone! It’s time for another Currently blogpost! Today we’re talking about what we’re currently finishing, subscribing, wishlisting, watching, and hearting with Anne in Residence!

Currently_ February2018


up high school! I got my senior pictures done a couple days ago, and I have about 10 weeks left of school, which is bitter sweet. I’m eager to be DONE with it all but also want to keep on going with the schedule that I have.


to college mail/news in general? It’s not very applicable to me right now, but I’ve been getting acceptance/otherwise letters and people that need confirmation and all that jazz. So fun. *eyeroll*


BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!!! I finally got into NetGalley (and with that, Kindle books in general) and got approved for WAY TOO MANY BOOKS!!! Which is slightly concerning since I already have 38 books on my TBR…and too many more on my wishlist.


YouTube! My three favorite vlogging families, Aspyn and Parker, OKBaby and KKandBabyJ are together, and it’s so much fun! One of them is pregnant (<-Keren), one of them may be (the conspiracy theories!) and one *should* be (but is not). 😀


My lattes!! I got a latte maker for Christmas (like I’ve mentioned before), and I’ve been trying to make a latte (either of the coffee variety or else of the the chai variety)…someday I’ll get to the fancy pouring things XD.

So! What are you all currently up to? Comment down below and let me know!


Currently: January 2018

Well. It’s time for the first Currently for the year!

Currently_ January.png

photo credits, editing mine (feat Canva)

Startingtime flies

a new semester! (It’s also my last semester of high school? like how does that work?) I’ve heard from a lot of people that the spring of senior year is going to be the easiest out of high school, and I’m really looking forward to that!


to be done with college applications soon? to be accepted to college(es)? Not sure, but recently my life has included a lot of late-night application deadline meeting, and I really hope to be done with that soon!

(realistically, I only have one or two left, so I’m really really close to being done . . . but it FEELS SO FAR AWAY OMG)


new blogposts! I’ve been semi-away from my blog for a while, and I’m hoping to get back into it this year, before college starts and I’ll be super busy again. I have some interesting content ideas, so those will be coming soon! I just . . . err . . . need to find time to get those written.

(also look at ->)

library cardReading

LITERALLY ALL THE THINGS. At the end of last year on winter break, I went to the library . . . two days in a row. (BAD IDEA). My physical TBR pile is literally over 30 books right now, and er . . it’s a *small* problem.


music! I stopped listening to a lot of music the end of last year, and I’m slowly getting back to it right now, especially since I’ve been spending more time on the computer/doing actual work. (Also, band starts really soon and I’m SO EXCITED. There hasn’t been for a month, and I am so ready to start playing flute again omgns)

Your turn! What are you starting, hoping, scheduling, reading, and playing this week/month?

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Blogmas Day 6: Currrently || December 2017

Hi everyone! Welcome to the 6th day of Blogmas! Today, I’m joining Anne and Catherine talking about what I’m currently doing!
Blogmas Day 6


The Christmas tree! Our family actually put up the Christmas tree fairly early (for once) and we have our tree up! The only thing is, we somehow only have one string of lights so we’ll have to resolve that during the post Christmas sales 😂


18 before 18 goals…and stuff to put on my to-do list. Somehow, the end of the year (theoretically supposed to be a “break”) is SO BUSY!!! I’m also choosing to do things intentionally that don’t have deadlines because STRESS OMGNS.



Christmas packages and cards! Our family has always managed to forget about sending out Christmas cards until very late in the year so I’m going to try to see if I can help with that and get those sent out…before the new year 😂


time with a purpose. There are so many things to do, and so little time to do it in, that everything I do needs to be purposeful…or else consequences happen 😅

Aside from studying for finals and college applications, I’m also doing blogmas and making a bunch of presents and AHHHH


Uh Christmas carols? What else? I also got my Spotify yearly recap back and I’m actually rather surprised with what I got…all except for Evynne Hollens. I’m not surprised about that one at all 😂

(Also, in my defense, I’ve only had Spotify for about half the year, and had to work in a place where I didn’t have internet connection for 2 months XD, so it’s not *too* abnormally low?)

What are you doing this time of year? Is it your busiest month too? Are finals stressing you out? What are you currently lighting, choosing, spending, sending, and singing?

Currently: July 2017

And with that, we’re halfway through 2017. This month’s currently is hosted by Anne and Stephanie! This month, we’re talking about what we’re documenting, accomplishing, enjoying, reading, and spending!


Photo Credits. Editing mine, feat PicMonkey


Bucket List

My summer, through my bullet journal! With having to work full time (at least for 9 weeks), my goals and stuff for the summer slip my mind reeallyy easily. (If you haven’t seen what’s in it yet, check: What’s in My Bullet Journal: Summer Edition + What’s On My Summer Bucket List 2017!)


To Do ListThings? I feel productive, and I’ve been doing more blogposts? but I’m not really accomplishing much. I have a list of things I need to do, both school wise (college, bleh), and also fun wise (bucket list, crafts to do, etc), and I’m *slowly* going through all of them. (ALSO CRAFTS AND ART ARE GOOD GUYS. THEYRE FUN)


Summer break! I “officially” finish out junior year today (even though I’ve been done for a month) #homeschoolerlife. I’m spending the summer doing lots of crafty things (fun!), and also working -_- (not as fun, but still pretty cool). At least I have more free time (and less brain taxing) than I do usually. Also THE COUNTY FAIR IS COMING UP AND I COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITEDDDDDD

Reading-July TBR.jpg

ALL THE BOOKS. ALL THE BOOKS. I literally have like 30 physical books in my room now that I haven’t read, which literally HASNT EVER HAPPENED BEFORE IN MY LIFE. I’m *currently* reading, though, The Raven Boys by Maggie Steifvater, which has been so hyped up that I hope it lives up to it. OH, AND IM SO EXCITED FOR OVER MAYA DEAD BODY (by Sandra Orchard) THAT CAME OUT YESTERDAY EEEEEEE


Way too much money. These public cafeteria places COST SO MUCH MONEY. Also craft supplies also cost WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. At least I’m making money over the summer TO PAY FOR THE THINGS ESSENTIAL TO LIFE. (but to answer the question: I’m spending money on food and craft supplies)


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Currently: June 2017

Well well well…it’s time for everyone’s favourite linkup*: Currently!

* okay, the *only* linkup I do. but still!

Today, Anne and Erin are talking about what we are all planning, wishing, learning, browsing, and going.


Image Credit. Editing mine, feat PicMonkey


On repainting my room and redecorating it! There are so many pretty colours and I can’t decide which one to pick! (Comment down below which colour you would paint your room if you had to pick one, from the selection over there! I literally CAN NOT CHOOSE. (Also lowkey having to pick decoration and stuff is so much fun yet also freaky because I have literally the worst fashion/decoration sense ever XD)



For more time! I start working 40 hours a week this week (more on that below), and I still want to have a fun summer…not to say that what I’m going to do this summer won’t be fun! I’m so excited. 🙂 I’m also wishing for new room decor items (fairy lights, anyone?) and that’s so exciting. 😀


To drive! I (finally) got my learner’s permit last week (or so), and I’ve been at driver’s ed every day for the last two weeks! We get to watch all these insane videos of teens driving and getting themselves killed, to ensure we follow all the laws and everything. Fun stuff! *eyeroll* (I haven’t *actually* driven yet, but that’s happening soon AIII) *shameless rips picture off IG story*

Screenshot from 2017-06-09 21-43-28.jpgBrowsing-

Modest swimsuit ideas! This year, I’m trying to find a more modest swimsuit than what I’ve worn in the past, and there are so many ideas . . . but they’re all rather pricey. :/ So I’m looking for a swimsuit that’s not above $100 but is also modest. 🙂 One place I’ve really liked is Cover Up For Christ, a swimsuit store by Bree. Her ideas are all so cute! (This is a shot of one of her suits).


To work! I’m legit working this summer for the first time ever! I’ve babysat and taught piano, but this is a legit work thing! I’m interning at a lab (doing what, I’m not sure yet lol), and also volunteering at a local museum, which I’m super excited for. 🙂



Currently: May 2017

Yayy, it’s time for another Currently post! Today’s linkup cohosts are Anne and Nancy!

Currently May 17.jpeg


Well, nothing at the moment, because IT’S AP TEST WEEK AND IM DYING? I had planned to bake some sort of cookies for my band teachers and stuffs because of end-of-year, but TIME. A commodity I don’t have. (I do have a list of stuff I’m going to bake over the summer, though) 😛



To a lot of things, at the moment, actually. Classical music for when I’m writing timed AP Lang essays, just ‘regular’ (as regular of music I listen to XD) music when I’m typing up essays and stuff, and audiobooks when I’m doing math (because no words, and it uses a different part of my brain/concentration). I study better with noise in the background, so I’ve been listening to A TON of stuff.


The spring weather? You know, the 70 degree stuff that lasted one week before it went to the 50s, and then straight to the upper 80s? Fun stuff. Also my band people, because performing and playing music with friends is always THE BEST.


I just planted a bunch of succulents that hopefully I’ll not kill XD. I’m also *thinking* of doing some gardening stuff? But I don’t know? Because I have a tendency to kill plants and live things?


Not so much remembering, but realising that ITS THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. Like, not technically, because school goes until the middle of June, but after APs are over and band and Science Olympiad and extracurriculars are all over, it’s essentially over.


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Currently: April 2017 || The Insanity Edition

What would you know, it’s time for another Currently post again! Anne and Jess are hosting Currently this month!

It’s competition season for me (Science Olympiad States is in less than a week, and I’m not freaking out at all)




Lots of things, but not feeling like I’m accomplishing anything whatsoever. It’s competition season (for Science Olympiad), as well as AP season, and lots of things are due and AIIIII.

Guess which gif goes with this point?




Excited and stressed. Science Olympiad tournaments are like the best things ever, particularly States tournaments. AP tests, on the other hand, are not quite as fun. They’re just sheerly stressful, but I still like studying…so I say…just wait a couple more weeks XD





More time. And Sanity. And study books would be nice. As well as cookies. And also more time. And sanity. And more time. And sanity. And more time.





Flute and bassoon for the concert that’s coming up in like three weeks!! I’m so excited 😀




Nothing much, really…I DONT HAVE TIME TO PINTEREST OMGNS. I’ve been looking for some Bible Journaling ideas, because I really want to start doing it…but guess who doesn’t have time? Not me?



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Currently: March 2017 || also Lent 2017, in which I have no idea what to do but want to do it anyways because that’s me

Aaand, it’s another Currently post on the first of the month! This month’s host are: Anne and Carrie!

This month’s prompts are: watching, eating, saying, wearing, and posting! Incidentally, these prompts are almost all things that I’m giving up on for Lent, so I’ll talk about that as well.


picture from Pinterest, editing mine, feat PicMonkey (WHO HAS NO LIKE LEGIT NO CUTE FREE FONTS OH THE INJUSTICE)

also yes, I know the colors don’t match

In case you didn’t know, Lent is the forty days before Easter, which begins on Ash Wednesday (today; also why it’s called that I don’t even know) and ends on Holy Saturday (the day before Easter). Lent is a time of repentance, fasting and preparation for the coming of Easter. It is a time of self-examination and reflection. In the early church, Lent was a time to prepare new converts for baptism. Here’s the link that I c/ped from XD

Although I’m not Catholic, I’m planning on participating in Lent this year by giving up something(s) (which I’ll talk about in my points)


I don’t really watch movies or shows, but I do watch more YouTube than is good for me. XD (Top 5 Favorite Youtubers). So for Lent this year, I’m giving up on watching YouTube . . . except for one channel: Monica Church. She’s prepping for the Big Climb for Leukemia (climbing up the tallest skyscraper in Seattle), and all revenue from the channel will go towards Leukemia and Lymphoma society. I’m really interested in leukemia (I want to be an oncologist some day), so it’s a cause I’m standing behind.


Well, I can’t really think of anything in particular that I’m eating. o.0 (BUT RIGHT NOW I’M EATING SUPER GOOD MAC AND CHEESE SO THERES THAT)

But anyways, for Lent, I’m giving up eating sugar. (as in, pure, refined sugar, not like fruit sugar). This one’s probably going to be hard, and I’m going to be eating a lot of fruit XD


Saying. . . .that I’m going to die soon. XD No, but seriously, there’s SO. MANY. THINGS. coming up and like, *flailing*

million things i havne't done.gif

lowkey like that gif way too much


Summer AND winter clothes! Seriously, how is it 45 degrees one day and 70 the next?



Lots of blogposts and lots of Instagram posts! I’ve been a bit more consistent posting Instagram posts, so I’m actually pretty excited about that!

For Lent, I’m giving up on following everyone on my personal Instagram that I don’t know personally. After Lent, I’ll decide on whether I’ll follow them back (don’t worry, y’all, you guys are on my blog Insta, so you aren’t affected :P)

What are you up to Currently? Are you giving up things for Lent? What are you giving up for Lent? How are you planning on growing in Jesus in March?

P.S. I’m also doing the March Bible reading plan from Little Faith Blog–feel free to join along with me!


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