HELLO PEOPLE! Well guess what!

It’s been a WHOLE YEAR since I relaunched my blog! sure I did forget to post for 3 months after I relaunched the blog, but that’s beSIde the point.

So, to celebrate, I’m DOING AN Q AND A!

1 Year Relaunch.png

I’ve never actually done a Q + A on my blog before, so I’m super excited! Ask me anything–blogging related, college, life things, book things, ANYTHING–and I’ll answer them in my next blogpost!

So! What are you waiting for??? ASK ME YOUR QUESTIONS!!!

(also I move to college in a week so a. that’s wiLD and b. get ready to see a bunch of back to school/dorm/college posts)


4 thoughts on “1 YEAR RELAUNCH ANNIVERSARY || I’m Doing a Q + A!

  1. When was the time when everything changed in your relationship with God (like when did you really start getting serious about living as a Christian and what caused that?)

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  2. 1. Favorite dog breed?
    2. Favorite comfort food?
    3. Favorite time to read?
    4. Favorite color?
    5. Favorite outfit?
    6. Favorite college class?
    7. Favorite book in the Bible?

    These are my questions, have fun! And congrats on one year of blogging!!!


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