Spotting the Light: Audrey Caylin|| Creative Spotlight – 9

Hello everyone! Today, it’s time for the NINTH installment of Spotting the Light! Today, we are interviewing writer/author Audrey Caylin!


Audrey Caylin is a full-time dreamer and aspiring independent author, living on words and the wild beauty of life. Somewhere along the way, she began searching for green flashes during sunsets and embraced a mission to bring hope to the world through her writing. When she’s not delving into fantastical or futuristic worlds via writing or reading, she’ll probably be blogging, driving along the west coast with the windows rolled down, or with her face tilted to the sky on a rainy day.

What made you decide to start writing?

I started writing because I wanted to read a good book, actually! I could never find the “perfect book,” so eleven-year-old me decided to write one. However, I quickly forgot about the perfect book and was drawn more and more to the excitement that comes from exploring strange and unique worlds on paper. Only in the past few years did I see the power that stories hold to impact us and strive to have mine do that for other people.

How long does it take for you to write a book?

It takes me a month or two to outline, then around thirty days to complete the first draft. After that, it depends on the story. Most often, I’ll do a major rewrite and then plenty of edits over several months.

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What makes a good story?

For me, it’s three things: engaging plot, relatable characters, and a powerful theme. Take one of those out, and the story feels unbalanced or lacking something needed to be at its full potential.
And just for good measure, I love fascinating worlds!

Does writing energize you or exhaust you, and why?

Writing definitely energizes me! It gives me a rush that I can’t get from anything else. It makes my heart pound and my mind whirl with ideas as I try to keep up with my pen or my fingers on the keyboard. It’s like I’m flying when I’m writing; I’m totally free. There are times when I feel exhausted after writing, mainly because I was exhausted before I began, so maybe it’s the idea of writing that energizes me the most.

How much time do you spend doing research?

Not enough, haha! I love to jump right in to drafts or editing, so I look things up as I need them…and still probably don’t spend enough time on it 😉

How many books have you written so far?

I’ve written ten books so far. However, I’ve rewritten half of them several times and the others were simply first drafts I never edited.


What is your favorite book?

Just one?!? That’s such an impossible question for a bookworm like me! I guess if I had to choose, I’d pick A Time To Die, by Nadine Brandes. It’s my favorite dystopian novel ever and had a huge spiritual impact on me.
But Bones of Makaidos (Bryan Davis) and Resistance (Jaye L. Knight) are also pretty amazing 😉

What is/was your favorite childhood book?

Misty of Chincoteague was my very favorite; I read it over a dozen times! I also loved the Little House books and the Warrior cats series.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Cookies and cream, with really, really big chunks of Oreo cookies in there!

And that’s it! Go follow Audrey! She is amazing.

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