A Week In My Life || Senior Year Homeschooling || Spring 2018

Hey everyone! I’m very close to finishing out my senior year, and closing out being homeschooled (waHT), and I realized that I never did a day in my life/week in my life type post. So, HERE IT IS!

A Week In My Life.png

(obviously, this is very simplified: every week is different, and I’m not talking about my morning/evening routines, or anything like that. My week is the only thing that is consistent enough to possibly write about)


Sunday morning always begins with church: sometimes I help in children’s Sunday school with my mom, and sometimes I play flute in the service, but church always happens on Sunday mornings.


After church, I go home and eat lunch, clean my room, sometimes do some reading that I didn’t get done during the week.

In the afternoon, there is youth group, something my church puts on for middle and high schoolers, where we talk about topics and play games. I play on the worship team, so I get there a couple hours early to rehearse.

Sunday nights are usually when the deadlines of most of my classes are, so it’s usually spent rushing working to get everything turned in.



I have class Monday morning: calculus. Lots of fun. After I get home, I make coffee, unpack my backpack, and write out my to-do list and my assignments for the week. I finish the workbook assignments for my AP Lit class, and then take calculus notes.


In the evening, there is a Science Olympiad meeting. Usually at these meetings, I work on gathering data and studying. Sometimes I work with the middle school team to get some bugs on their end sorted out.


Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. In the morning, I’m productive: usually doing online class homework, and sometimes cleaning my room. I usually get a lot of offline work done, such as notetaking and problem-solving.


Then, in the late afternoon and evening, there is band, the highlight of the week! The early part of the night, I help in the flute section of the younger band, or lead a sectional, then later on in the night, I play flute in my band.

2018-02-17 08.03.56 1


I have class in the morning, and I usually stay and work in the campus library. Usually I comment on blogposts.


After I get home and eat lunch, I attend my music theory lab, where we do sightsinging and musical dictation, and all that fun stuff. After that, I do more homework, AP lit or music theory usually.

In the evening, I go help at AWANA Cubbies: a Bible memory club that our church hosts. Getting to work with three and four year olds is always fun.


Thursday morning I work on school work and stuff, then around noon, I head to my church to fly helicopters for Science Olympiad with my partner. It works better some days than others, but it’s fun (usually).

2018-02-15 01.53.43 1

Once a month on Thursdays, I have a 4-H meeting, but usually, I head home. I teach piano in the afternoons to some family friends’ kids, which is fun (because I get paid).

In the evening, I attend a youth group discussion, where the seniors in youth groups from around the area get together to discuss what to expect during college, and being a Christian in college, which is always fun.


I have class again ><

When I get home, I write my blogpost that goes up, then homework, usually calculus and sometimes read.

2018-03-07 03.30.04 1

Friday afternoons are lots of fun. I go to my Science Olympiad coach’s house and we study for Science Olympiad. Usually I run a powder identification test for forensics, and we identify some rocks and minerals. I get to hang out with my friends and geek out about fun science things.

2018-03-17 01.43.58 1


These are all different, since there are different things I have to go to. Sometimes I have to work at the museum I volunteer at, but today I have a 4-H event to go to.


Saturday evening, I clean my room, because it’s gotten messy again over the week, and do something relaxing like read a book.


How did you like this post? What is a typical week in your life like? Are you finishing up the school year too?


12 thoughts on “A Week In My Life || Senior Year Homeschooling || Spring 2018

  1. I REALLY liked this post!! I’ve never really read anything like it before! (I’m sure this is probably a pretty normal type of post for blogs, but I’m a hermit, and therefore have never seen one before?? XD Ah well. XD)

    ACK! You’re finishing up with school!!!! That is so exciting!! I actually graduated last year, but I can still remember how weird and exciting and terrifying it was… It was a strange jumble of many tangled feelings. XD And EEP! I was homeschooled, too!!!! #HomeschoolersUnite!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Oh! That’s actually true! I’ve seen quite a few on YouTube, but never really any on the blogosphere…

        IT TOTALLY IS. *shudders* #HomeschoolerAreActuallyCool #WeAreTotallySocial #AndNotAwkwardInTheLeast XD

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh I loved reading this! And I loved all the photos too, eeep. It’s always really interesting knowing how homeschooling looks for different people, right?! I can’t really remember what my schedule looked like (lol lol it was almost 8 years ago now😂) but I love that you have so much variety (and creativity!) happening here. Good luuuuck with finishing up!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. WELL AREN’T YOU A BUSY BEE. I loved reading this post and it makes me wish my week was as organized and planned as yours. ❤ I also see you have A Darker Shade of Magic there. I am aching to read that series. <3-<3

    I hope you are having a lovely week!

    xx Kenzie


  4. Wow! As I’m entering my freshman year this year (homeschooling), I’m encouraged to read about someone who’s done it before! Your schedule is quite full…I could never do that much in a week. Multitasker! Hats off to you!

    I’d love for you to visit my homeschooling through high school blog: survivingthechallengeyears.wordpress.com


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