Currently: July 2017

And with that, we’re halfway through 2017. This month’s currently is hosted by Anne and Stephanie! This month, we’re talking about what we’re documenting, accomplishing, enjoying, reading, and spending!


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Bucket List

My summer, through my bullet journal! With having to work full time (at least for 9 weeks), my goals and stuff for the summer slip my mind reeallyy easily. (If you haven’t seen what’s in it yet, check: What’s in My Bullet Journal: Summer Edition + What’s On My Summer Bucket List 2017!)


To Do ListThings? I feel productive, and I’ve been doing more blogposts? but I’m not really accomplishing much. I have a list of things I need to do, both school wise (college, bleh), and also fun wise (bucket list, crafts to do, etc), and I’m *slowly* going through all of them. (ALSO CRAFTS AND ART ARE GOOD GUYS. THEYRE FUN)


Summer break! I “officially” finish out junior year today (even though I’ve been done for a month) #homeschoolerlife. I’m spending the summer doing lots of crafty things (fun!), and also working -_- (not as fun, but still pretty cool). At least I have more free time (and less brain taxing) than I do usually. Also THE COUNTY FAIR IS COMING UP AND I COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITEDDDDDD

Reading-July TBR.jpg

ALL THE BOOKS. ALL THE BOOKS. I literally have like 30 physical books in my room now that I haven’t read, which literally HASNT EVER HAPPENED BEFORE IN MY LIFE. I’m *currently* reading, though, The Raven Boys by Maggie Steifvater, which has been so hyped up that I hope it lives up to it. OH, AND IM SO EXCITED FOR OVER MAYA DEAD BODY (by Sandra Orchard) THAT CAME OUT YESTERDAY EEEEEEE


Way too much money. These public cafeteria places COST SO MUCH MONEY. Also craft supplies also cost WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. At least I’m making money over the summer TO PAY FOR THE THINGS ESSENTIAL TO LIFE. (but to answer the question: I’m spending money on food and craft supplies)


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9 thoughts on “Currently: July 2017

  1. Crafts and blog posts totally counts as being productive. 😉 Also the “theyre fun guys!” thing made me laugh because that’s exactly what I’d have to convince my husband of haha

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  2. Crafts are very fun, and reading. I’m working on a knitting project with illusion knitting at the moment. Your bullet journal looks like lots of fun. Apart from writing, I’m also trying to learn how to make lemon meringue pie this summer.


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