What’s in My Bullet Journal: Summer Edition + What’s On My Summer Bucket List 2017!! || Bullet Journal

Hey! I haven’t done a bullet journal post in some time…so here’s one! Today, I’m going to be showing you some pages in my bullet journal that I’m going to be using over the summer, as well as talk about my Summer 2017 bucket list!

Summer Bu Jo Bucket List

(also, sorry guys. Apparently I have to learn how to use a DSLR camera over the summer too. #firstattempts)

There really aren’t too many spreads in my Bullet Journal for the summer, since I’m SUPER busy, and I just don’t have time/need to keep track of ALL THE THINGS*.

*ALL THE THINGS: I have lists of my lists, okay? ALL THE THINGS IS NO JOKE.

First off, being the responsible (#not) person that I am, I have a summer cleaning/projects list. This is a list of all the major things I need/want to get done over the summer, like going through clothes or repainting my room.It’s like a honey-do list, except it’s for me! 😋


Next, I have a Summer Timeline, where I keep track of all the cool things that happen over the summer, such as a cool trip, or going hiking, or stuff like that. It’s pretty straightforward.


I also have an Ideas page, where I’m going to dump the ideas for crafts or recipes or anything of that nature, for perusal. (I had wanted to write up some ideas but #lazy 😂 and also I’d probably ruin the page). It’s going to function as a physical Pinterest board, essentially.


For the summer, I run a lot less on deadlines, so I don’t do daily, or even weekly spreads most of the time. This is my to-do list that I’ve had for about a month now and have just filled up. (Feat: me thinking I could draw a scroll but failing miserably)

To Do List

The last spread in this post is my bucket list for the summer! (Also lowkey wanted this spread to look way cooler than it does but obviously that didn’t happen). There’s not very many things on it, because I’m super busy and have to work a lot, but here are a few things I plan to do this summer.

Bucket List

And since I have way too many goals already on this blog, why not share them?*

*because otherwise y’all sneaky people are going to zoom in and try to decipher what I wrote but I edited it so poorly you can’t read it HA

  • Go to the pool with friends
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Bake something new
  • Take a day away from the internet
  • Do 5 new things for the county fair
  • Redecorate/redo bedroom
  • Host a blog giveaway
  • Readathon (July 21)
  • Knit a big project
  • Look into colleges
  • Do something unusual
  • Make a summer playlist
  • Have a cookie day
  • Take cool pictures
  • Go on a hike
  • Visit the zoo
  • Go on a roadtrip

What are some of the plans you have for the summer? Also, what are some things I should add to my bucket list?


6 thoughts on “What’s in My Bullet Journal: Summer Edition + What’s On My Summer Bucket List 2017!! || Bullet Journal

  1. I hope you enjoy your summer, and get those goals crossed off! Looking forward to hearing about them as you achieve. 🙂 What are you planning as your big knitting project? (And ooh, a giveaway!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay thank you! I’m currently deciding between a mermaid tail blanket and a sweater…and maybe a rug? (The mermaid tail blanket is the funnest, and the most likely XD)

      And YES! GIVEAWAY! I’m excited. 😀


    • YES COOKIE DAYS ARE AMAZING. …well except for THE DAY OF where I get sick AND TIRED and SWEAR that I’ll never do another one of them again…but I do it again, out of necessity and funness (and also tradition)

      YAY TAHNK YOU and YES you should do a Bullet Journal! I *know* it’s going to be pretty. ❤


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