Currently: June 2017

Well well well…it’s time for everyone’s favourite linkup*: Currently!

* okay, the *only* linkup I do. but still!

Today, Anne and Erin are talking about what we are all planning, wishing, learning, browsing, and going.


Image Credit. Editing mine, feat PicMonkey


On repainting my room and redecorating it! There are so many pretty colours and I can’t decide which one to pick! (Comment down below which colour you would paint your room if you had to pick one, from the selection over there! I literally CAN NOT CHOOSE. (Also lowkey having to pick decoration and stuff is so much fun yet also freaky because I have literally the worst fashion/decoration sense ever XD)



For more time! I start working 40 hours a week this week (more on that below), and I still want to have a fun summer…not to say that what I’m going to do this summer won’t be fun! I’m so excited. 🙂 I’m also wishing for new room decor items (fairy lights, anyone?) and that’s so exciting. 😀


To drive! I (finally) got my learner’s permit last week (or so), and I’ve been at driver’s ed every day for the last two weeks! We get to watch all these insane videos of teens driving and getting themselves killed, to ensure we follow all the laws and everything. Fun stuff! *eyeroll* (I haven’t *actually* driven yet, but that’s happening soon AIII) *shameless rips picture off IG story*

Screenshot from 2017-06-09 21-43-28.jpgBrowsing-

Modest swimsuit ideas! This year, I’m trying to find a more modest swimsuit than what I’ve worn in the past, and there are so many ideas . . . but they’re all rather pricey. :/ So I’m looking for a swimsuit that’s not above $100 but is also modest. 🙂 One place I’ve really liked is Cover Up For Christ, a swimsuit store by Bree. Her ideas are all so cute! (This is a shot of one of her suits).


To work! I’m legit working this summer for the first time ever! I’ve babysat and taught piano, but this is a legit work thing! I’m interning at a lab (doing what, I’m not sure yet lol), and also volunteering at a local museum, which I’m super excited for. 🙂




6 thoughts on “Currently: June 2017

  1. Your internship and volunteer work sound so cool! Yes, for sure go for the fairy lights–I put some up in my room this past winter (one strand above my bed, one above my desk, and one on my closet door), and they completely transformed my entire room and made it so magical.

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