Cover Reveal: Five Poisoned Apples

Honestly, why don’t I just make this a book blog…I blog so much about books XD But anyhow, I’m bringing y’all today the final cover reveal of Rooglewood Press’ collection of fairy tale classics, Five Poisoned Apples, a retelling of Snow White (duh).


So basically, Rooglewood Press holds yearly creative writing contests for fairytale retellings, starting with Cinderella, going through Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty, and now is on Snow White*.

*Titles lead to purchase links on Amazon

So basically, what the contest is, is for writers to write (oh, gee, really?) a retelling of Snow White in any genre/setting/etc you like, and Rooglewood Press will select five winners to be published in Five Poisoned Apples (along with a $125 cash prize and other cool stuff).


So…here’s the cover, in all of its glory!


The stories are due by December 31st, 2017, and the winners will be announced on April 2, 2018.

Have fun writing! (and I’m avail as your beta readers/promoter person when you win XD)


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