What Happened This Month: May 2017

And with that, I’m wrapping another month. This month has been even worse for blogging than it was last month. Forgive me?

WHTM May17.jpg

Image Credits, editing mine, feat PicMonkey


  • The band concert happened. It was SO MUCH FUN. 😀
  • I took two AP tests in a row and didn’t completely die!
  • I finally finished the essay that was 8 weeks overdue *hides*
  • We went on a trip to the Midwest USA
  • I started Driver’s Ed. It’s freaking boring


  • When your Spotify weekly/daily plays the best music :3
  • The memes after the AP tests. 😀
  • I went to the library and got like 30+ new books and *heart eyes*
  • When you can’t get a math problem wrong because it’s multiple choice and there’s four choices/chances. #winningatlife
  • Being seventeen years old and discussing crayon colours with your friend
    Screenshot from 2017-05-23 21-31-25.jpg
  • Finding a friend in driver’s ed whom you haven’t seen/been in contact with for at least 4 years, and recognizing them


  • When your earphones randomly die while you’re using it -_-
  • Listening to your concert recording and wincing at how out of tune you were
  • Falling asleep for the last 15 minutes of AP Lang multiple choice because you stayed up too late the night before. o.0
  • When you find out the new French president is married to his teacher that he had when he was 15 and she was 39?????
  • When you somehow know what “artiface” was for the AP Lang test, and wrote an entire essay on it, only to not have spelled it correctly once throughout the essay XD
  • When you go to a graduation party (happy thing) and almost start crying because of hormones
  • When you writing essays is essentially you paraphrasing Wikipedia and citing other sources.

That Moment When-

  • You play Spotify to focus and Spotify plays ads. -_-
  • The College Board says to not share testing material, and you still retweet every meme that you see.
  • You’re running late to Driver’s Ed to learn how to become a good driver, and so your mom is speeding XD
  • You wake up in the morning with lyrics of Guns and Ships in my head, and you’re pretty sure you dreamed-listened to Guns and Ships before you woke up
  • You put a book onto your Goodreads to-read shelf, and then later go back to mark it as read, and Goodreads shows a different edition that you’ve read. -_-


  • Spring Song by Mendelssohn piano
  • Bach’s Inventio 5, piano
  • Moonlight Sonata by Mozart, piano
  • Rondo in D Major by Mozart, flute
  • Flute for band:
    • Lincolnshire Posy
    • Suite of Old American Dances
    • The Stars and Stripes Forever
    • Exaltation by James Swearington (what a name)
  • A few jazz pieces for Bari Sax that I play on bassoon for jazz band
    • A String of Pearls
    • Blessed Assurance
    • Carnaby Street
    • Chattanooga Choo Choo
    • Pennsylvania 6500
    • Sweet Georgia Brown
    • and several others
  • (Finished up all the band pieces bc concert)

Blog News-

And if I had thought last month was bad for blogging…this month was even worse >.<




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