Currently: May 2017

Yayy, it’s time for another Currently post! Today’s linkup cohosts are Anne and Nancy!

Currently May 17.jpeg


Well, nothing at the moment, because IT’S AP TEST WEEK AND IM DYING? I had planned to bake some sort of cookies for my band teachers and stuffs because of end-of-year, but TIME. A commodity I don’t have. (I do have a list of stuff I’m going to bake over the summer, though) 😛



To a lot of things, at the moment, actually. Classical music for when I’m writing timed AP Lang essays, just ‘regular’ (as regular of music I listen to XD) music when I’m typing up essays and stuff, and audiobooks when I’m doing math (because no words, and it uses a different part of my brain/concentration). I study better with noise in the background, so I’ve been listening to A TON of stuff.


The spring weather? You know, the 70 degree stuff that lasted one week before it went to the 50s, and then straight to the upper 80s? Fun stuff. Also my band people, because performing and playing music with friends is always THE BEST.


I just planted a bunch of succulents that hopefully I’ll not kill XD. I’m also *thinking* of doing some gardening stuff? But I don’t know? Because I have a tendency to kill plants and live things?


Not so much remembering, but realising that ITS THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. Like, not technically, because school goes until the middle of June, but after APs are over and band and Science Olympiad and extracurriculars are all over, it’s essentially over.


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