What Happened This Month: April 2017

WHTM April17.jpg

picture credits, editing mine, feat PicMonkey


  • Science Olympiad States happened.
  • Spotify finally started working on my computer 😀
  • I arranged Bohemian Rhapsody for flute, trumpet, 2 trombones, and tuba (tho we’re not going to play it XD)
  • Watching Moana and finding Lin Manuel
  • Finding out that Hangouts is slowly shutting down


  • Getting lots and lots of bookmail 😀 😀
  • When you actually prewrote blogposts to cover the week you were going to be really busy
  • Finding the song you’re playing in band in a meme
  • Chocolate bc Easter


  • When Hamilton doesn’t count for your history curriculum, even though it’s the only history you’ve done all year
  • When people interrupt your music with ads for their music. Like, guess whose music I’m not going to listen to next? Definitely not yours…
  • Waking up right before your flute lesson then spending the whole lesson choking on air bc allergies
  • When you get SO MUCH BOOKMAIL but the covers don’t match so you can’t do a photoshoot
  • When you’re procrastinating doing something that you’re doing to procrastinate on something that you’re procrastinating on
  • When your Spotify weekly is ON POINT

That Moment When-

  • When you title your essay “In Which My Brain Started Working Faster Than My Hand and I Started Mispelling Things . . . Then Ran Out Of Time (the title of my memoir, probably)” to show that you’re a serious essayist
  • You get 2x the likes on Insta because you’re posting b/w photos. Like…I’m not even good at b/w photography??


  • Wyman’s Silvery Waves Original Theme with Variations, piano (finally finished this one!)
  • Bach’s Inventio 5, piano
  • Bach’s Inventio 14, piano
  • Rondo in D Major by Mozart, flute
  • Flute for band:
    • Lincolnshire Posy
    • Suite of Old American Dances
    • The Stars and Stripes Forever
    • Exaltation by James Swearington (what a name)
  • A few jazz pieces for Bari Sax that I play on bassoon for jazz band
    • A String of Pearls
    • Blessed Assurance
    • Carnaby Street
    • Chattanooga Choo Choo
    • Pennsylvania 6500
    • Sweet Georgia Brown
    • and several others

Blog News-

It was a bad month for blogging XD I didn’t get to do any commenting on other blogs, and didn’t have time to write blogposts other than book reviews…sorry about that XD




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13 thoughts on “What Happened This Month: April 2017

  1. Seriously, why DOESN’T Hamilton count for history class?! I’ve heard that some public school American history teachers have their kids memorize Hamilton for homework… if only I could be so lucky. Sadly, my mom + my online teachers wouldn’t go for that. :/ However, I did slip more than one Hamilton reference into my college papers this spring and I was proud! *lowkey includes Guns and Ships lyrics in paper on Lafayette and then grins because only I see what I did there*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “I’m taking this horse by the reins, making red coats redder with blood stains!”


      LOL so the other day my teacher was at one point “and when push comes to shove” and this other kid was like “I WILL SEND…oops sorry” IT WAS AWESOME XDD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Are you sure Hamilton won’t count for history? I mean… it is pretty historical… perhaps write a paper and do some research for good measure. 😉 😉


  3. the thing about Hamilton is so relatable, Hanne. I mean, I have done other things for history, but none have been quite as life-changing as Hamilton. It’s so cool you arrange stuff! I love to figure out how to play cool stuff on the piano, but I’m basically broke so I end up downloading a bunch of arranged sheet music of my favorite songs. (and it’s no surprise a lot of it is Hamilton) Anyways, I have a huge appreciation for people who arrange music. I surely couldn’t. Great post!


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