What Happened This Month: April 2017

WHTM April17.jpg

picture credits, editing mine, feat PicMonkey


  • Science Olympiad States happened.
  • Spotify finally started working on my computer ๐Ÿ˜€
  • I arranged Bohemian Rhapsody for flute, trumpet, 2 trombones, and tuba (tho we’re not going to play it XD)
  • Watching Moana and finding Lin Manuel
  • Finding out that Hangouts is slowly shutting down


  • Getting lots and lots of bookmail ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
  • When you actually prewrote blogposts to cover the week you were going to be really busy
  • Finding the song you’re playing in band in a meme
  • Chocolate bc Easter


  • When Hamilton doesn’t count for your history curriculum, even though it’s the only history you’ve done all year
  • When people interrupt your music with ads for their music. Like, guess whose music I’m not going to listen to next? Definitely not yours…
  • Waking up right before your flute lesson then spending the whole lesson choking on air bc allergies
  • When you get SO MUCH BOOKMAIL but the covers don’t match so you can’t do a photoshoot
  • When you’re procrastinating doing something that you’re doing to procrastinate on something that you’re procrastinating on
  • When your Spotify weekly is ON POINT

That Moment When-

  • When you title your essay “In Which My Brain Started Working Faster Than My Hand and I Started Mispelling Things . . . Then Ran Out Of Time (the title of my memoir, probably)”ย to show that you’re a serious essayist
  • You get 2x the likes on Insta because you’re posting b/w photos. Like…I’m not even good at b/w photography??


  • Wymanโ€™s Silvery Waves Original Theme with Variations, piano (finally finished this one!)
  • Bachโ€™s Inventio 5, piano
  • Bachโ€™s Inventio 14, piano
  • Rondo in D Major by Mozart, flute
  • Flute for band:
    • Lincolnshire Posy
    • Suite of Old American Dances
    • The Stars and Stripes Forever
    • Exaltation by James Swearington (what a name)
  • A few jazz pieces for Bari Sax that I play on bassoon for jazz band
    • A String of Pearls
    • Blessed Assurance
    • Carnaby Street
    • Chattanooga Choo Choo
    • Pennsylvania 6500
    • Sweet Georgia Brown
    • and several others

Blog News-

It was a bad month for blogging XD I didn’t get to do any commenting on other blogs, and didn’t have time to write blogposts other than book reviews…sorry about that XD




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13 thoughts on “What Happened This Month: April 2017

  1. Seriously, why DOESN’T Hamilton count for history class?! I’ve heard that some public school American history teachers have their kids memorize Hamilton for homework… if only I could be so lucky. Sadly, my mom + my online teachers wouldn’t go for that. :/ However, I did slip more than one Hamilton reference into my college papers this spring and I was proud! *lowkey includes Guns and Ships lyrics in paper on Lafayette and then grins because only I see what I did there*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Are you sure Hamilton won’t count for history? I mean… it is pretty historical… perhaps write a paper and do some research for good measure. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. the thing about Hamilton is so relatable, Hanne. I mean, I have done other things for history, but none have been quite as life-changing as Hamilton. It’s so cool you arrange stuff! I love to figure out how to play cool stuff on the piano, but I’m basically broke so I end up downloading a bunch of arranged sheet music of my favorite songs. (and it’s no surprise a lot of it is Hamilton) Anyways, I have a huge appreciation for people who arrange music. I surely couldn’t. Great post!


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