2017 States || Science Olympiad

HI SO I FINISHED MY ELEVENTH SCIENCE OLYMPIAD TOURNAMENT AND WE KINDA FAILED BUT ALSO REALLY DIDNT. (tbh if I had to summarize this tournament it was the one where I had to go to the bathroom legit like ten times)

Science Olympiad States.jpg

  • 4.33- alarm goes off. Why I even set it at 4:33 I’m not even sure but w/e. Hit snooze, as expected
  • 4.38- brother comes barging in the door and turns on the lights. I [loudly] tell him to go away and to turn off the lights
  • 4.43- alarm goes off again. Instead of hitting snooze, I perform the greatest feat of self-control in history and get out of bed
  • 4.54- finish getting ready and go downstairs, where the family is frantically packing food that we’ll never eat
  • 5.17- we leave. Hey, 17 minutes is close enough to the estimated 5 am, right? XDD
  • *driving*
  • 6.30- arrive on campus. SC (ExD partner) texts me as we’re pulling into the parking garage, saying he’s arrived. The C’s (coach’s family) are also in the parking garage as well and I text him back.
  • 6.40- head to the homeroom. Meet SC at the entrance to the building
  • 6.43- unload stuff and get ready for ExD. I still think whoever decided that ExD should be at 7am was crazy
  • 6.47- start heading over to ExD, the next building over.
  • 6.48- meet MM, who has my anatomy notesheet (he has a colour printer). We discuss hand off options.
  • 6.50- arrive at ExD and stand around talking logistics stuff (namely, wristband stuff)
  • 6.57-get admitted into the test room. The topic is ‘maximum flight time of a paper airplane,’ which was similar to one of the topics we’d predicted
  • Oh, ew, we actually have to wear goggles. Apparently we might get blinded by flying paper airplanes
  • Oh look, I have EVEN LESS ROOM for my procedure! I *thought* that I had suggested MORE space??!!
  • ExD goes pretty smoothly, and we do a very standard ‘air friction’ experiment
  • 7.58- we finish. DC (other partner) and SC leave for their next events; I turn in our test and leave
  • 8.00- Mrs D (Mrs C’s mother) meets me outside ExD with my wristband and walks me back to the homeroom
  • 8.07- I walk to map out rocks and minerals with daddy. Tbh this campus is small enough and I have enough time in between my events that mapping out events isn’t even a big deal.
  • 8.21- return back to the homeroom
  • ‘Study’ anatomy stuff. (= sitting there with the textbook open and participating in every conversation in the room)
  • 8.55- leave for anatomy, way too early, since anatomy doesn’t start until 9:15 and it’s in the building next door, grabbing the anatomy notesheet that M left on the way out.
  • Hang around // go to the bathroom // talk // etc. DE (anat partner, different from ExD anat partner) goes to the bathroom for long enough that I get nervous that he vanished.
  • 9.13- Get to go into the testing room. It’s the same lady, with the same wacky system of high school + middle school + different tests. There’s some mild confuzzlation of test (the volunteers were handing out tests to one half and answer sheets to the other half because they thought it was the same thing).
  • The test isn’t bad. It was slightly easier than the regionals test and about as hard as the states test last year. I get to write a bunch of bogus on a short/long answer question to make myself sound like I know what I’m doing…#protesttakingskills
  • Finish test. It’s a pretty decent test. Like last year, anyone who would’ve known anything more than we did would have done better since we both did our fair share of guessing.
  • 10.13- walk back to the homeroom together. DE doesn’t have events for several hours, like me.
  • Go bathroom // eat (!!) food (!!) // etc
  • 10.35- Meet up with KT (my friend from another school). Eventually we have a group of ~8 people, and as with all other SciOly people meetings, we start talking gibberish stuffs.
  • Girls clothes // pockets // food // life // stuff // also hear about SC, who’s wearing shorts and wasn’t allowed into the lab, so RC gave HIM her LONG ANKLE-LENGTH SKIRT (she had leggings on underneath) so that he was legit. #TheThingsWeDoForSciOly
  • I go back into the homeroom to probably (??) eat (??) but CK comes in and says a girl from our rival [used lightly] school is in the hallway, wanting to talk to me about helicopters (???????)
  • I got outside to meet this girl. She starts asking me about all this stuff about our helicopters like ??? because like, we haven’t done our helicopters yet ??? I signal to MM [probably not very discreetly] to go inside to get KB (heli partner) so that he knows how much I’m telling.
  • Naturally I was evasive about giving out answers to questions like these (since we hadn’t flown yet at that point)
  • (It was actually pretty hilarious, looking back on it, because we were both essentially trying to find out stuff about each other’s helicopters without acting like it lol)
  • Eventually, I make up an excuse to get away.
  • 11.40- Head to the lab to pick up my friend KS after her events, with CK.
  • 11.50- We miss K, due to having to talk helicopters with [my dear friend] that girl, and having to take a detour.
  • 11.52- We see Mrs. C, who is looking for RC’s calculator. She needs it right then across campus, so we run across campus, trying to get the calculator to her. Eventually CK runs ahead with it and meets up with NB, who gives it to R.
  • 12.04- I go back to the homeroom, to see K. I eat (!!) my sandwich, and tape up the rocks binder, and teach AM insults in various languages (it’s great. He didn’t know what he was saying so we taught him “Hit me really hard” in Chinese and he went around saying it at one point bc he thought it was an insult XD [until he said it to a parent who speaks Chinese and then our game was up XD])
  • I also hear that the rocks test was APPARENTLY EASIER THAN THE REGIONALS TEST (?!?!?!) LIKE HOW (?!?!?) (WHAT?!?!)
  • 12.53- Head to rocks with MM.
  • The proctor does the binder shake AND WE GET TO USE THE AUDUBON GUIDE. YASSS
  • Starts Station 1. “Identify these two igneous rocks.” The first specimen is a igneous rock, okay, but the second specimen is LEGIT A CLOD OF DIRT? LIKE ??? LIKE IGNEOUS ROCK??? HELLO??? OBVIOUSLY A ROCK BLOWN FROM A VOLCANO LOOKS LIKE A CLOD OF DIRT. HI.
  • We figure that it was just a mistake and do some educated guessing (????!?!?!?!)
  • Move on to Station 2. THE SAME THING???!!!! LIKE ????!!?!?
  • MM raises his hand. ‘Excuse me, were these samples switched? (??????!?!)’ The guy walks over. ‘Nope, this is how they are.’ ?!?!?!?!?!??!
  • Station 3. ‘Identify these two metamorphic rocks’ One’s metamorphic, THE OTHER IS IGNEOUS. YAY. GOOD JOB.
  • We bog on through the test, doing a lot of educated guessing and some dothering. Eh. (tbh how the guy who wrote the test is a geology prof idek like qualifications?? At all ??)
  • Honestly the only good thing about that test was that we were allowed to use the guide book. Bc YASSSS
  • 2.13- We finish a couple (like literally 2) minutes early and leave bc I had to go bathroom (lol what else is new)
  • 2.18- I go back to the homeroom, and recruit people to walk down to the gym with me (bc it’s really far), and we eventually get together a group.
  • 2.30ish- Eventually get to the gym
  • We stand around talking to all the team people that are there: most of the people that have finished their events already for the day.
  • I meet my dear (much sarcasm) friend from the [rival] school.
  • 3.10ish- We start getting out our helicopters. The girl positions herself so that they can exactly see our design if/when we get it out (LIKE REALLY GIRL. DECENCY MUCH?)
  • RIGHT AS WE WERE ABOUT TO TAKE OUR HELICOPTER OUT OF THE BOX, The Girl walked over to me and was like “Hey can I borrow a ponytail holder? I assume that since you do helicopters too you know how annoying it is to get your hair caught in the winding motor” LIKE WUTTTTTTT REALLY HOW
  • Mind you, it wasn’t like it wasn’t obvious that we wanted our space and privacy. Like legit half the team was RIGHT THERE IN THAT CORNER and we were HIDDEN AWAY TRYING TO GET OUR HELICOPTERS OUT
  • Mrs B (K’s mom) (who hadn’t been at the exchange earlier in the hallway but had heard about it), fixed her with this glare and was like “the only one I have is IN MY HAIR ” (Mrs B is awesome jsyk)
  • But y’know, you’re supposed to be nice to people and all, so I hand her my spare ponytail (since at that point I just wanted to have her just go away)
  • KB and I basically tell each other that we were going to wait until that team flew to fly, just to be spiteful XD
  • 3.30ish- it ends up to be too late, so we go and check in. so APPARENTLY ONE OF OUR HELICOPTERS IS TOO BIG??? Like it was okayed at regionals ??? eh, it was our backup anyways, so we don’t really care *that* much.
  • 3.35- I have to go to the bathroom so I go. By the time I get back, the other team is flying their helicopters (so yay I guess we succeeded?)
  • 3.38- They fly a pretty decent time of 1.22, which means we actually have to work to beat them. XD
  • 3.40- The event is going to close in 5 minutes and we haven’t started yet. We frantically wind rubber and stuff (not really frantically since we were like adrenaline-calmed).
  • 3.44- The longest minute (and half) of the entire day. We beat them by 12 seconds. 😀 😀
  • 3.46- We get ready for our second flight (they let us finish even though the event was technically closed). Crank up the winds and torque and everything
  • 3.47- the helicopter flies up to the ceiling, gets stuck, gets unstuck, and lands on a window ledge. #wowwepro
  • The judge guys try to get it down for us. It comes down eventually . . . in a bajillion pieces. The rubber had so much tension on it that everything snapped.
  • 3.50- Since it’s past the time that we could fly, there’s legit NO ONE left in the building. EXCEPT our dear friends [sarcasm] from that [rival] school.
  • When we’re packing up, the girl walks over and hands me my ponytail holder back ‘hey good job, here’s your ponytail holder back.’ (LIKE GIRL how do I know you don’t have lice or something XD)
  • We all walk back to the homeroom, except for Mrs. B, who has to put the helicopters back in her car.
  • 4.10ish- We get back to the homeroom eventually, and do the end–of-day wrapup thing. The room’s so big that I barely hear half the things spoken oops.
  • 5ish- We hold the “let’s-go-eat-the-food-mom-packed-because-we-ate-none-of-it” discussion again, but then decide to walk with the S’s and the D’s to this buffet place that was apparently free for lunch to see if they had food for dinner.
  • 5.35ish- After some more discussion about what food to eat, we head to Chipotle, where we always eat.
  • After eating, we start heading back to campus. WHY IS IT SO FARRRRRRR
  • 6.20ish- reach the gym. Apparently the bleachers don’t come out, so the volunteers are pulling out folding chairs.
  • Mr. C, who sits next to me, has lots of commentary about each of the events and points and stuff.
  • 5th in anatomy. Okay, decent. Better than not placing, but worse than last year’s first XD
  • We aren’t doing very well. :/
  • 2nd in rocks (TBH YASSSSS bc who even knows how the test was graded my word)
  • 1st in ExD (WOOT)
  • 1st in heli (YAYAY was expecting a 2nd bc of a better heli school, but apparently they failed)
  • 7.35- DUDE THEY FINISHED THE CEREMONY BEFORE THE SUN WENT DOWN. THATS GOTTA BE A RECORD. No time killing, no waiting, no nothing. The screen + mic systems are great this year too. GREAT JOB, ADMINISTRATION.
  • 7.50- Wait the middle school GOT FOURTH? Man, it must be pretty DARN close. (also all time low placing for the ms team)
  • 7.57- As we almost predicted, we aren’t going to Nats. Ah well. We had high hopes, but didn’t work *quite* hard enough to make up for them XD
  • Lots and lots of picture taking and general chaos.
  • We get to sing for the first time in like legit three or four tournaments, and so I’m happy. 😀
  • 8.30ish- We go for ice cream with the S’s, since it’s still so early. There’s only one lady working, so it took super long.
  • Eventually we finish and drive home. No Nationals trip this year.


Now y’all won’t be bombarded by SciOly posts . . . until next year. 😀


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