Currently: April 2017 || The Insanity Edition

What would you know, it’s time for another Currently post again! Anne and Jess are hosting Currently this month!

It’s competition season for me (Science Olympiad States is in less than a week, and I’m not freaking out at all)




Lots of things, but not feeling like I’m accomplishing anything whatsoever. It’s competition season (for Science Olympiad), as well as AP season, and lots of things are due and AIIIII.

Guess which gif goes with this point?




Excited and stressed. Science Olympiad tournaments are like the best things ever, particularly States tournaments. AP tests, on the other hand, are not quite as fun. They’re just sheerly stressful, but I still like studying…so I say…just wait a couple more weeks XD





More time. And Sanity. And study books would be nice. As well as cookies. And also more time. And sanity. And more time. And sanity. And more time.





Flute and bassoon for the concert that’s coming up in like three weeks!! I’m so excited 😀




Nothing much, really…I DONT HAVE TIME TO PINTEREST OMGNS. I’ve been looking for some Bible Journaling ideas, because I really want to start doing it…but guess who doesn’t have time? Not me?



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