What’s In My Bullet Journal: 1st Quarter Wrapup || Bullet Journaling


It’s time for…another Bullet Journal post! Today’s post is about how I’ve been using my Bullet Journal for the first quarter! (To see how I thought I was going to plan, check here)

In this post, y’all get to see how I’ve used my Bullet Journal through this quarter (ALREADY? MY GOODNESS), and how I’ve tracked some of the stuffs that I showed you in that post (that I linked ^)

What's in my BuJo Q1 Wrapup.jpg

First off is the cover (bc why not and also bc logic, of which I incidentally have none)


As you can see, I’ve heavily tabbed the sections, signifying “month” “year” “today” and many such other reminders to myself. how they haven’t fallen off yet idk

After that is the internet tracker. Surprisingly I haven’t blown my yearly quota of internet yet (how idek don’t ask me)


And then for books read. 23 books so far, which is rather surprising although I’m still behind oops


Here’s a picture of a pretty habit tracker.


My daily spreads looks like this:


It’s basically a time tracker/schedule for each day, with a small to-do list at the bottom.

Other times, if I don’t want to follow a schedule that day, I just have a to-do list.


After this is basically a whole bunch of spreads that I’ve used over the last quarter.

First up is a water tracker. Although evidently I didn’t complete this tracker (and also evidently I don’t drink enough water), I think it might work if I were to actually work on it. (that sentence was just way redundant omw)


Here’s a spread that I’m drafting a blogpost on. These kinds of blogposts, which take a bunch of thought, I put on a BuJo spread, so that I can add to it whenever (as I have my bujo with me more often then I do have internet access)


(also BTS/sneak peek here lol)

This is a huge long to-do list entitled “All The Things that I have to do…’some day'”.


Here’s a blogging tracker/calendar that I use.


I also have an AP Lang assignment tracker in my weekly bullet journal spread. We have weekly assignments, so by having a spread in my BuJo, I’m better able to see what I’ve done, and what I yet have to do.

AP Lang

And…that’s it! Here’s a look into what I’ve been doing to my BuJo this first quarter (yes, I know there’s 20 days before this quarter ends, but still, close ’nuff)

Also, like, I absolutely suck at writing descriptions for BuJo spreads…ohwell XD


10 thoughts on “What’s In My Bullet Journal: 1st Quarter Wrapup || Bullet Journaling

  1. Cool, what’s carbonation? Intriguing.

    Also, be careful–you’re not actually supposed to drink 8 glasses of water. Not only is this really hard, it’s also wrong–that much water including what comes in your food already. Overhydration is also a thing (mostly only happens to runners tho). The real recommendation is 2 large bottles of water, maybe 3-4 glasses of water. Really improves everything, body, spirit, when you drink enough! (If you exercise, exercising feels 5 times easier and better)

    ok my lecture rant for the day sorry in kindness plz


    • Carbonation: carbonated drinks. As in I’m not drinking soda this year 😛

      I usually gauge how much water I need by how I feel; the 8-glasses a day is for guidelines. (also I never actually do 8 glasses so eh) But I do still need to drink more water /regularly/ bc drinking 2 glasses within 10 minutes doesn’t do anything.


  2. Okay, your journal is SO PRETTY. I love all the different trackers, especially the water tracker! Someday, I will attempt bullet journalling… there’s just something so beautifully organized and controlled about it. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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