2017 Regionals||Science Olympiad

Okay so before I start, let’s just take note of this poll I did on twitter that amused me greatly:

BUT IM GOING TO WRITE ABOUT WHATEVER I WANT, DANG IT (sure, I’ll spare you one: let’s just do one now and one for states)

So…here’s my 10th SciOly tournament!


(let’s just ignore the quality of that thumbnail omgns okay)

  • 5.30am: alarm goes off. Naturally, I hit snooze
  • 5.33am: second alarm goes off (because, hey, lots of alarms…one’s bound to work eventually)
  • 5.46am: finally get up out of sheer necessity
  • 5.57am: go downstairs to my family legit choking down cereal. I decide to skip the torture
  • 6.07am: in the car with everything loaded, it’s freezing I’m so cold and why can’t we just go I have event at 7
  • we drive, I just sit there being cold
  • 6:40am: arrive on campus, text coach(es) about where to meet
  • 6:45am: daddy thinks he knows where the CSI is but he was looking at the CIS on the map and it was just confuzing. I’m 99% sure I know the campus better than he does lol
  • 6.49am: get into CSI (right building), meet partners for ExD
  • 6.55am: admitted into ExD room. it’s the same pro guy from last year, which means worksheets
  • 7.04am: starts ExD. proctor checks everyone for goggles, then allows us all not to wear them #yuss #butalsoslightwasteofenergy #butheyhefollowedthefules #ilovethisproctorsm
  • get our kit things. washer and string and dowel, this better/must be pendulum
  • opens packet YUSSSS
  • WE PRO AT DIS *writing writing writing*
  • Oh dear they going over. both DC and SC have 8am events and have to leave a tiny bit early. DC leaves first, then SC. I collect the papers and return stuff and stuff. momentary panic when I thought S took the page he was writing on with him but then I found it
  • 8.02am: walks out ExD door texting and nearly run over Mrs. C. She gives me my wristband. walking, texting, and putting on awristband is really hard in case anyone was wondering
  • 8:05am: walks with Mrs. C to see DC and MM’s event room. apparently it started a bit late so D wasn’t late. I get my anatomy notesheet from MM.
  • 8.12am: walk up to P/C building. Mrs. C. goes to bathroom, and I go to see where anatomy is going to be
  • 8:13am: meet a lady who’s looking for a room (and her kid). I lead her down the inexplicably long hallway to see the room
  • 8.20am: Mrs. C is done waiting for me and I haven’t gone seen the room yet oops. we go see the room together. they’re literally running like 6 events in that one room
  • 8:27am: head back to homeroom. mixing both me and Mrs C who both have like zero sense of direction isn’t a good thing. we end up following each other without telling the other and it doesn’t end well. also the homeroom is in the most confuzing building ever so hey excuse
  • meet peoples and drink water and eat food (maybe?) and go bathroom (which takes a long time bc the the building is so confuzing)
  • 8.36am: leave homeroom for anatomy.
  • 8.43am: finally find my way out of the building and actually start heading to anatomy
  • 8:45am: meet SC who was with anatomy DE
  • 8.46am: arrive at anatomy. DE’s not there yet but the event won’t start for another 14 minutes. see GC and ED’s dads waiting for them to come out of anatomy. also see SM and NF waiting to do anatomy as well
  • 8.52am: am about to start freaking out then see DE. so apparently they’re doing the MS and HS tests together
  • get the test. it’s another nice test with clearly marked sections. hey it’s short so bad ugh. oh dear my hormones got cut off on the notesheet shootshoot I need that
  • ooh my hormones table is useful. and our notesheet is so much better than from invitationals yay.
  • okay so apparently the event supervisor had no idea what to give endocrine for short answer, it’s something along the lines of “a gland that produces both peptides and steroids starts to malfunction. upon closer investigation, the cells have free floating ribosomes and a smooth endoplasmic reticulum. what can you conclude?” UM WHAT EXCUSE ME THAT’S BASICALLY NO INFORMATION SO WHAT ARE YOU EVEN LOOKING FOR???
  • we get done because it’s short so we turn it in and leave ~8 minutes early
  • we go to building C to see Mr. C who’s running bridges/towers/whatever-they’re-calling-that-event-this-year. he’s busy, so DE leaves for his next event/whatever he’s doing and I text KT, my friend from church who competes at a different school
  • 10:17am: meet up with KT and DC and MM who are done with their events for now. we talk and KT tries to go run her bridges but it’s too early. I meet a boy from church who used to never talk to me but who’s running food sci now and is like the most friendly person ever
  • 10:23am: we walk back together (I think idr)
  • find the homeroom with minimal effort (read: following others), and eat food and stuff who knows I think I talk to the younger F girls? and maybe eat salad…I think I remember eating salad (why I’m eating salad at 10am, it’s a SciOly day, covers a multitude of sins, man)
  • 11.17am: P wants to go down to the gym to see building events, but the gym is so far away that no one wants to go with him, so I send him with CG and CZ
  • 11.20am (or so): leave homeroom (which takes much longer than it should) while carting the R&M binder and meet up with BF who has a couple free hours like me
  • like, around 11.30am: we wander around campus, find my room for rocks
  • 11.42am: see P with AM (most reliable, I assure you). BF and I continue on to the gym
  • we walk around, see our team do hovercraft. we also see these people winding up their Wright Stuff motor with A POWER DRILL. LIKE WHATEVEN SO MANY SKILLS I CANT EVEN we basically both die laughing while trying to look like we’re not staring at them and laughing
  • 12.03pm: go to C to see Mr. C again. it’s the lunch hour so he has time and so we get to talk about how much we failed, always a lovely subject.
  • 12.22pm: realise that the next timeslot is 1:15, not 1:45, so I should probably go get my R&M stuff.
  • 12:32pm: while on the way to homeroom, meets Mrs C carrying a huge box of towers going to (obvi) towers. BF helps her carry it, and I head on to the homeroom to look for the field guide
  • 12.37pm: can’t find the field guide, starts freaking out a little, texts Mrs. M (GM’s mom) to see if she knows where it is; she doesn’t reply and I freak out more
  • 12.40pm: goes and rummages through GM’s backpack and finds it so leaves
  • 12.42pm: Mrs. M finally texts back and says that the middle school wasn’t allowed to use the field guide oh darndarn
  • 12.50pm: arrive at building P and meet GM, who also talks about how the rocks proctor hates cell phones and stuff
  • 12.52pm: go through the connecting hall thingie to building C and see towers and stuff to see if BF wants to go with me on her way to WiDi. She’s needed to film the towers tho, so I leave by myself.
  • 12.56pm: gets to the front of the CE building, but I can’t figure out exactly which building it is, nor how to get in (despite the fact that I’d already been to the room earlier)
  • 1.00pm: finally finds my way into the building, and then find the room (#yesthatisreallyahugefeatformebecauseIlegithavenosenseofdirection)
  • 1.02pm: start hunting for a women’s bathroom. there is a men’s bathroom on the hallway, but there’s no women’s bathroom
  • 1.06pm: finally find the bathroom (with another girl who’s on the same mission as I am)…it’s ultra far away nearly on the other side of the building
  • 1.08pm: meet MM and sit there and wait. he’s eating a peanut butter sandwich (in case you didn’t know, I can’t stand the smell of peanut butter)
  • sits there and waits
  • …and waits
  • …and waits
  • 1.19pm: finally texts Mr. C about the fact that we haven’t been let in yet
  • 1.20pm: the instant I send the text, the proctor lets us in
  • we end up in the last row o.0 who designed a station test in a “theatre” like room (y’know, with rows of chairs)
  • the proctor doesn’t let us use the field guide, even though it’s technically attached to the binder. eh whatever
  • we start the test, apparently on the tie breakers. 5 minutes to a station…okay. these stations aren’t really long enough to warrant 5 minutes, but hey, it’s regionals. also they’re mostly identification so….
  • oh cool there’s some extra multiple choice questions in addition to the stations, that are like, hardish. but the stations are really, really easy.
  • OMFGNS LIKE THIS TEST IS WAY TOO EASY like legit we finish the station within a minute
  • at this point we’re basically sitting there trying to restrain each other from screaming. like omgns omgns OMGNS OMGNS wut even
  • 2.15pm (or so): we finally get released. I nearly start screaming before we exit the building, but MM all but sticks his hand over my mouth like yeah it was that bad
  • upon leaving the building, we meet BF and AL and RC, and we run to catch up to them. I start ranting about the test
  • I think we go to bridges? I don’t remember. (oops)
  • but at some point I look at the time and notice that it’s time for heli, so I make my way down to the A (which is quite the distance).
  • 2.27pm: walk into A and see the B’s and Mrs. C…I continue ranting about the rocks test.
  • 2.28pm: I tell KB about the people I saw winding their Wright Stuff with a power drill, and he finds it as humorous as I did
  • we watch other people run. why on earth are they running two teams at the same time in a small square?
  • 2.35pm: we decide to go and just do it
  • 2.38pm: we go and weigh in. our helicopters are very close to being too wide, but it works (hey, we followed the national kit).
  • 2.42pm: first flight–3…2…1….and our helicopter traces a perfect parabolic curve. WHAT?! I adapt the traditional WHAT?! pose, then turn and see Kentie in the exact same pose XD but it is totally legit tho because helicopters aren’t supposed to trace parabolic curves.
  • I dash over and pick up the helicopter…the top part fell off somehow
  • 2.45pm: we set up and fly our second helicopter. tt hits exactly perfectly at a point where the ceiling supports stuff won’t interfere with the flying…PTL!
  • 2.46pm: the longest minute of my entire existence
  • 2.47pm: it falls, finally. wow.
  • 2.48pm: the proctor comes over-”that was quite the improvement” she said. we got 1.20–one of the best times of the year! PTL!
  • I just generally wander around, looking at the MS Mission Possible running, and other stuff, mainly just being glad that I’m done
  • 4.20ishpm: we start to head back to the homeroom. for some reason, there’s this huge pressure in my hip and barely make it back to the homeroom
  • we do a team meeting, which somehow takes a super, super long time. Eventually, a parent says that it’s nearly 5.30 and everyone leaves to go to dinner.
  • after the inevitable “lets-go-eat-the-food-mom-packed-because-we-ate-none-of-it” discussion, we all go to the student center place thingie and I get Chick-Fil-A. I can barely walk at this point.
  • 6.27pm: our family somehow finished before everyone else and head off to the awards ceremony. however, everyone else is like 25 feet behind us, so it’s not that much of a difference XD (also I can’t walk so Mr. S ended up driving me over)
  • 6.25pm: we get to the awards ceremony but there’s no more seats. our team ends up sitting on the floor so that we don’t have to sit in the balconies (because otherwise we won’t be able to get our awards)
  • they aren’t ready yet, so we just sit there and be stupid (like usual)
  • 6.55pm: they finally start arranging the mics and the screen and doing the lost and found and stuff
  • 7.08pm: FINALLY start  the awards ceremony. they’re doing the high school events first. also anatomy is first and we didn’t get on the board o.0
  • hum so the high school team isn’t doing very well apparently. we aren’t getting first, like it’s impossible
  • 7.20pm: 5th in rocks and minerals. okay I’m not really surprised because, and I repeat, THE TEST WAS TRASH
  • 7.28pm: ooh 1st in ED! but then, it was a super lucky pendulum, soooo we really should have gotten first but hey, it’s points, and we all know we need those XD
  • 7.46pm: so they didn’t finish the high school events (mainly builds left) and they’re starting on the middle school
  • the middle school is doing much better than the high school: they have only have one event where they didn’t place in
  • D gets 2 6ths and 1 5th…and somehow got 6th in Scrambler although he was tier-2ed, however that happened
  • 8.20pm: they finish with the high school events. we got 2nd in helicopters 😦
  • 8.40pm: doing team results….in theory
  • 8.43m: ACTUALLY starting the overall. ooh my friend’s team got 1st in the small school league!
  • 9.00pm: THE MIDDLE SCHOOL GOT FIRST TOO but this was more expected
  • 9.02pm: I text Mrs. B, who had to leave early.
  • 9.08pm: we go home.
  • 9.50pm: we get home. I text TJN about results (because she’s not on the team anymore)
  • 10.37pm: I go to bed…finally

AAAAAND that’s it. Somehow I lost a lot of the humor when writing SciOly days, but eh. (also my goal this year is to write both regionals and states because in 2015 I only did regionals and in 2016 I only did states so this year I want to do both)


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