10 Life Hacks…TESTED

So. I watch wayy too many YouTube videos for my own good, or productivity. Some of these videos are “LIFE HACKS TESTED” videos, but usually the life hacks the YouTubers test are rather redundant and useless in actual life.

I’m usually more interested in more “practical” hacks, if you will. So I decided to do a blogpost, with 10 lifehacks that were more relevant to me (as in, school).

(TL;DR, I couldn’t think of a blogpost idea, so threw together something)


image not mine, feat Google Images; editing feat: PicMonkey



Pros: You can have your essay read out loud to you

Cons: 5000 character limit; sometimes mispronounces things



Pros: It works most of the time, but requires you consciously thinking about it.

Cons: Sometimes you can do a drop mic at a place that would be odd place to stop an essay



Pros: There are so many choices!

Cons: Sometimes the choices distract me; also white noise just doesn’t work well for me.



Pros: It actually works, particularly if you’re an auditory learner

Cons: If you don’t know enough about your topic, it’s rather sad and humiliating XD Also, you have to find a friend who’s willing to listen



Pros: It works! It saves lives.

Cons: Not really anything that I can think of



Pros: It works; I don’t use it for getting ready, but to measure off increments of time (usually 30 minutes).

Cons: You have to go through and think through times, and sort music and stuff.



Pros: It works…and I have to say, I’ve used it more than once in the past.

Cons: It doesn’t strengthen your paper any, and is also a hassle, depending on your word processor



Pros: It’s healthy

Cons: I’d rather die first (although tbh I don’t eat any of the above regularly)…but NOT ICE CREAM OR CHOCOLATE



Pros: You stay alert, and can’t drift off; also aforementioned reasons

Cons: If you’re sick or something, then it’s very obvious



Pros: It has a lot of languages, and is pretty effective (also has Klingon and other cool languages)

Cons: They are lacking several languages like Chinese, also require almost exponential time to keep up progress.

And that’s it. 10 lifehacks that may or may not improve your school life!


18 thoughts on “10 Life Hacks…TESTED

  1. I’ll have to try some of these, I think! Number seven sounds like it may come in handy sometime. 😉

    Also, I’ve just been exploring your blog and enjoying reading back through your posts! I also got excited when I saw you teach piano! I’m planning on teaching music this year, so I’m sure I’ll find out firsthand some of those things you learned by teaching. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yea, number 7 is rather nice, particularly if there’s a set page number required and you’re out of things to say. 😛

      Oooh, teaching music is so much fun! Let me know if you have questions…I’ll try to do my best to answer!


  2. Ooh, I use the opening-accidentally-closed-tab hack all the time! IT SAVES LIVES.😂 And I kind of do the healthy eating one because I generally eat healthy (NOT CHOCOLATE THOUGH) but I don’t know if it improves my ability to remember things haha. I have the memory of a damaged grape whether I eat junk or not. 😉
    I loved that you tried out these hacks, though. YOU DO US ALL A FAVOUR.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really liked this post! im new to blogging and i would like to follow you, would you mind following me back? look forward to your future posts xx Bek


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