Currently: February 2017

Happy Wednesday, readers! Also, happy February! HOW IS IT FEBRUARY ALREADY AND HOW HAS IT BEEN 1/12TH OF THE WAY THROUGH 2017 ALREADY?!?!


image creds, editing feat: picmonkey

The hosts this month are Anne and Erin!

This month’s prompts are packing, jonesing, texting, reading, and hearting.


Well, right now, I’m packing for SciOly tournaments! I have an invitational and regionals on consecutive weekends happening this month. No, I’m not going to die, why did you ever think that? So that’s nice.

also obviously I’m prepared and have everything all done.


Hmmm…okay so I’m not sure what this means, but according to my friend google it means addicted to? I’m currently jonesing…uhhh…ALL THE MUSIC. Spotify *STILL* doesn’t work on my computer, which is basically the saddest story of existence, but Pandora Shuffle is great. Also YouTube, but that’s obvious. XD



Best friends. Always.

I mean, what else would I do? But seriously, words cannot express how thankful I am for my friends. They keep me sane and also commiserate with me when I’m about to die.

I love them so much. :’)


Reading? What’s that? Is it, like, when you take a book in your leisure time (who has that?) and absorb information and enjoy it?

Ohhhh I remember now. I’m reading textbooks? Yeah, lame I know.


My bullet journal! It’s the only thing keeping me sane through these days.




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10 thoughts on “Currently: February 2017

  1. Just read your About section, so now I know what SciOly! Very cool! We homeschooled for 14 years, so here’s a big cheer for homeschoolers! HOORAY!!! Your writing voice is just perfect! Keep up the good work!


  2. I didn’t read as much in high school or college either. Text books and studying took up all my brain capacity. 🙂 I too looked at your about find out what SciOly is, how cool! I’m also a flute player. I played all through high school and got a scholarship to play in college, but more than anything I loved having a music outlet while going through my studies. It’s more of a hobby now, but still fun! Thanks for linking up!

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