Media This Month: January 2017

Usually I do a “What Happened This Month” recap every month, but this month I’m going to try something different. The WHTM posts are getting really big and hard to load, so I’m splitting it up into a “Media This Month” post with the new media I found this month and a “What Happened This Month” with a monthly summary and highlights and stuff.

We’ll see how it works.


Musical Finds-

Just…ALL THE HAMILTON. But aside from that,

Cool Blogposts Read-


How Are You So Productive, Aimee by Aimee…who knew?


21 Answers to the Question “What are You Planning to do in Your Future?” by Rebekah

16 things i.png

16 Things I Learned in 2016 by Autumn


My Dad, Mostly, by Olivia

Great Videos Watched-

Twitter Finds-

So, how did you like this? Do you prefer this separate from the rest of the lifestyle stuff? Are there other categories would you like to see?


4 thoughts on “Media This Month: January 2017

  1. HAMILTON YASSSSS. I love Katie Gregoire (sp?)–I’ve never met anyone else who does! Splitting up the blog posts is a good idea. I’m starting Months in Review this month, and I was gonna do everything together, but the draft is like 1500 words and the month isn’t even over… so, I might take my cue from yours and split mine up as well. 🙂


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      Katie Gregoire is great!

      Haha, yea! The Month in Review posts get lengthy, and mine were getting hard to load because of all the YouTube videos, so I split mine. Go for it! (Also it boosts your blogpost count :P)

      Thanks for commenting, Hailey!

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  2. This is great! I just found your blog through instagram so hi! HAMILTON IS THE BEST YO! LET”S FANGIRL TOGETHER. I’ve watched that Google Translate sings video and it’s hilarious. I’ve always wondered about the ‘A Novel’ thing, but I figured it was so people didn’t get confused and start thinking it was true? who knows? Anyway, *waves*
    Shar @ Virtually Read

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