What’s In My Bullet Journal: Daily Planning Edition 2017Q1||Bullet Journaling

So…I’m starting to run out of ideas for Bullet Journaling posts. BUT, I love making these posts, so if y’all have any ideas, let me know!

Today’s post is a look into how I plan for each new day! I go through this routine every night before bed, so I know what will happen the next day.

What's in my BuJo Daily Q1.jpg

First off, I refer to my routines page. I got an idea to write up a “routines” page one day, and since then, it’s been super, super helpful. I really recommend a routines page, if you like routine, like I do. 🙂


This page has my online routine, which “ensures” that I don’t waste *too* much time on the internet. I’ve found that having a list of the websites I need to check does help make sure I don’t spend all my time just browsing the internet. (also, self promo: Instagram/Twitter/GoodReads are all in the sidebar –>. Go follow me)

Aside from my online routine, I have a bullet journal routine (which is basically what I’m going to show you right now), a school routine (what I need to get done everyday), and habits (which are just habits that I need to get done everyday).

After that, I go to my internet tracker. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to spend <1000 hours on the internet this year, so this is my tracker. I fill in a little square for each hour I use.


(why I started on the bottom, I don’t know)

Next, I fill out my Habit Tracker. It debuted in my BuJo Planning for 2017 and January 2017 Edition , and it’s been working pretty well so far. At least, I’m checking each day as to what habits I need to do.


What you don’t see is that the header says “Habit Tracker Jan 16″…oops

Next, I’ll fill in my monthly log, basically where I went each day. Needless to say, that’s blurred out.

I also check my monthly goals and blogging schedule, which are both also on the monthly log.


After that, I’ll log the book(s) I read that day. It’s a very basic spread, none of the bookshelf stuff that you see on Pinterest (mine is also linked in the sidebar, FYI)


how I’m up to 7 books already in 2017, I don’t even know

After all the “today” things, I plan out the next day. I usually make a schedule of how I’ll get everything done, like this:


of course, when I try to do a ribbon banner for the blog, I do it wrong and have to white it out.

Otherwise, I’ll just write out a to-do list, like this:


ewww @editing quality. WHO DID THIS? Oh wait, I did.

If there’s a prayer request from that day, I’ll log it on the weekly prayer request spot.


And that’s it. The routine I go through each night before I go to bed. It does take a little time (close to 30 minutes), but it’s totally worth it!

What other Bullet Journaling posts would you like to see?


11 thoughts on “What’s In My Bullet Journal: Daily Planning Edition 2017Q1||Bullet Journaling

  1. Hooray, my favorite lol. I just got a tiny lined book today to try and start minimal bullet journaling (I don’t have the patience or the knack for overdecoration like you do). I think an entire page would be too scary for me to fill, considering I’m pretty bad at designing page layout and decorations. Keep you updated!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😄 yup. Ooh yayay! Let me know how it goes! Overdecoration, eh? 😄 But seriously, that ‘s the beautiful part about bullet journaling, there’s nothing you NEED to make it work…decorations are optional. 🙂 Tweak it to however you need it to work for you.

      Let me know if there’s anything BuJo related you possibly want to see here…I’m running out of ideas. 😛


  2. I love reading bullet journal posts! I don’t really have time for it (this is why I miss homeschooling, but such is life), but I really like reading other peoples, so keep it up! I will read these anyway. 😛 Also I love your washi tape! I have all this rainbow washi tape with flowers on it, and some sparkly stuff too. Anyway, thank you for sharing this!

    Liked by 1 person

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