You May Be A Science Olympian If…

Part 1 (Homeschooler edition)

I was thinking (that is a good thing). Science Olympians do a lot of things most people wouldn’t. And it’s weird. And because I’m obviously NOT PROCRASTINATING on studying for Science Olympiad, here is a list of things Science Olympians do.


You may be a Science Olympian if…

  • Mission Possible sounds more right to you than Mission Impossible
  • Likewise,  Sounds of Music sounds more right to you than The Sound of Music
  • You’re more excited about the new event list being out than you are about summer break
  • Christmas break to you basically means “Two weeks of Science Olympiad and no school”
  • You have random maps of colleges in your brain
  • You judge people from different states based on how good their state is at Science Olympiad
  • You follow someone on Instagram just because they’re a Science Olympian and sometimes post sciency pictures.
  • You can appreciate how big size 10 font is
  • You have experience with drilling holes through textbooks
  • You’re known to write long scientific incomprehensible ramblings for biology
  • You’re known to write long confusing essays with scientific words in them
  • No one understood your biology project
  • You engage in a discussion as to whether Sharpie ink is able to add a noticeable amount of weight to an object (helicopters)
  • The final conclusion to aforementioned discussion is yes, Sharpie ink DOES add too much weight. (helicopters)
  • You hands perpetually have superglue (or any type of glue, really) on them (helicopters/ELG/Wright Stuff/bridges/towers/boomilever/anything with balsa wood)
  • You can say that you’ve gone to the fire station to ask how high their ceiling is (helicopters/ELG/Wright Stuff)
  • Similarly, you know exactly the dimensions of all the rooms with high ceilings in town (helicopters/ELG/Wright Stuff)
  • The people at the recreation center know you by name (building events in general)
  • Your kitchen counter is full of soda bottles, foam trays, plastic lids, and other miscellaneous recycling that cannot be thrown out on penalty of death (Bottle Rockets/Wind Power/Forensics)
  • You follow mineral pages on social media, rather than people (rocks and minerals)
  • You identify stuff you find on hikes (ornithology/forestry/rocks and minerals)
  • You collect insects/rocks and minerals/fossils for fun
  • You’ve been to the point where even Google is not useful –>
  • You’re learning to writes ambidextriously so that you can write with both hands to save time (CJAP, WI/DI, ExD)
  • You know how scary Splenda packets, foam cups, and plastic stir sticks can be (WI/DI)
  • Your procrastination abilities far exceed those of your friends’
  • Your friends don’t question anything you give the explanation “it’s for science” for.
  • You have the best friend group on the planet
  • You spend your New Year’s Eve discussing the social psychology behind New Year’s and New Year’s resolutions…because why not
  • You find yourself discussing earth’s magnetic field with your friend group
  • You discuss whether being consistently late is accuracy or precision while waiting for said consistently late persons
  • You’re exceedingly brilliant-for instance, you close your eyes while looking in the mirror and wonder why you can’t see yourself
  • You draw on your forehead with Sharpie as part of “scientific experimentation”
  • You constantly make jokes about dying…and oftentimes actually cannot see how you’ll be able to survive
  • You and the other Science Olympian are shipped at church
  • You’re unimaginably excited to “study,” better known as “socialization.”
  • You stay overnight at the coach’s house to study
  • You write “You May be a Science Olympian If” blogposts instead of actually studying for Science Olympiad.

8 thoughts on “You May Be A Science Olympian If…

  1. HAHA all of these are so true!!! (I relate with the procrastination one the most, obviously XDD) I love these types of posts so much, I swear (reading this makes me proud to be a Science Olympian) ❤

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  2. So I just got picked to compete for Science Olympiad (for my first time). Can you give me some tips? Like I don’t really know how to study for it… I’m doing Rocks and Minerals, Invasive Species, and Write it Do it > <


    • OMGNS IM DOING ROCKS AND MINERALS TOO (as not obvious by my blog name) and I was doing Invasive Species, but then someone else took it. Congrats!!

      Um…for rocks/invasive, make a binder with each new specimen (each rock/mineral/invasive species) with all the information you need, like for R&M, hardness, specific gravity, color, streak, etcetc. Since you can bring that binder in, it’s going to be super helpful. is a really good website for rocks and minerals.

      As for WI/DI, I haven’t done that event before, but I know you need A LOT of practice with your partner. Establish who’s going to write and who’s going to do.

      And above all, read the rules and know what exactly you’re expected to do. Like for R&M/Invasive, (I’m assuming you know there’s a list of specimens you need to know), make sure you know everything in the rules (or even if you don’t, know that it’s in the binder and where it is).

      Hope this was helpful!


  3. Size 10? More like 6 or as small as the word processor goes, then further reduction by photocopying on the printer, and BF and RC claiming they can read meteo but it looks ridiculous you’re sure they’re making it up

    Also you guys are lame the church still has nothing but Splenda cups and stirrers. Ever since me and MC conquered that oddly stabbed hell nothing has been that good. I know the prospective WIDI proctor, and she is rigging it against you by not including Splenda 😏😏

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    • Ha yes! lol I was able to get by with size 3 font last year for anatomy and RC was just bashing me Monday for “leaving so much space.” XD

      Oh no, no Splenda??! WE’RE DOOMEDDDDDDDD


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