Why? || Poem || Thoughts


Why am I crying
Why is this so hard
Why am I so easily frustrated
Why can’t I do a simple task

Why do I even bother
Why do I strive to be the best
Why do I always fail
Why do I try

Why can I never be good enough
Why am I always mediocre
Why aren’t I actually really good at something
Why can’t I do something important

Why am I not like them
Why can’t I talk like them, write like them, act like them, look like them, sing like them, study like them
Why am I different
Why am I always the odd one out

Why don’t they text first
Why do I always appear so needy
Why can’t I wait for them to speak
Why am I so annoying

Why do I care when they don’t text back
Why can’t I understand they have other things to do
Why can’t I just wait
Why am I so afraid of being ignored

Why am I so proud
Why do I want people to notice me
Why do I need attention
Why am I always trying to show off

Why do I always want my way
Why am I so selfish
Why do I never look out for others
Why do I only care for me, me, and more me?

Why do I question myself
Why am I comparing myself
Why do I doubt myself
Why can’t I be satisfied with the way I am

Why do I doubt my faith
Why do I doubt myself
Why do I doubt my importance
Why don’t I know all the answers



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