2016 Reflections/2017 Resolutions || Blogmas Day 29

Man, could it already be the third of these posts I’m writing? (Also, as I’m writing this, I’m looking back on old posts, and I’m actually rather amazed by how much I’ve grown over the past two years. Like, why on earth would I want to have become a. ambidextrous, or b. a vegetarian?)

(and if you want to stalk, here they are. Don’t cringe too hard. 2015 2016)

Also, it’s my 2 year Blogiversary today! WOWWWW.

But anyways…..on to the recap of the year, since this post is going to be long enough already. 😛


Bloggy Stats

  • 130 total posts (90 written in 2016)
  • Views: 2792 (compared to 845 last year…WOW!)
  • Received visitors from 39 different countries
  • 50 followers! Thank you all!!

Random blog highlights of the year:

Most Read Posts


What’s in My Bullet Journal: December 2016 Edition + 17 Before 2017 || Bullet Journaling


Book Review: Ben Hur by Carol Wallace


What’s in My Bullet Journal: Overview Edition || Bullet Journaling

(I guess y’all like seeing my Bullet Journal posts, wow!)

2016 Resolutions:

  • Read through the entire New Testament- YES! Well, there’s less number of chapters in the New Testament than there are days in a year, so it wasn’t hard. But I still did it! Success.
  • Memorize 1 chapter of the Bible per month- uhhhhh. NO. Fail.
  • Witness to one person- *sigh* I had really wanted to, but this never actually came to fruitation. I’m sad. Fail.
  • Bless someone everyday- Um. I tried to everyday, but I’m not positive if I actually succeeded. I’m going to count it though. It would have been nice if I had been thinking about it a little more consciously. Success
  • Honor my parents more- I’ve tried to. As I’ve gotten older and more mature (hah!), the points where I disagree with them are diminishing, so thus our relationship has indeed gotten better. Does this really count? I’m not sure, but I’m counting it anyways. Success
  • Clear my conscience and maintain it as clear- oiiiii….no. I mean, I actually never did it. So no. Fail.
  • Get a job- I’ve babysat several times this year, and I’ve also started teaching piano. Success.
  • Keep my room clean- Weeeellllll….my room has been decently clean lately. At least, I don’t fall on my face when I wake up in the morning, so I guess that counts? Success.
  • Eat no more than 1 piece of candy per week- I *think* this one worked. I’m not sure. It’s about right, though. (Though I may or may not have made up for not eating candy by eating chocolate chips, oops). Success.
  • Learn how to sing all the verses of 50 songs (basically, one per week)- heh. heh…hehhhh….no. XD I have about a total of 14 songs that I chose, and about , what, 3 that I’ve learned? Fail.
  • Get better at taking and editing photos and do ‘Photo A Day’- I’ve definitely gotten better at editing pictures (though looking at some of the pictures that I’ve edited you’d laugh when I say that), but I didn’t do the Photo a Day thing. That was just….hah. So…I guess it counts? Maybe? Success.
  • Knit 10 skeins of yarn- eeh, no. I just don’t have enough time to knit that much. I probably knit more than I did last year, so that was a minor success. But it doesn’t count, anyways. Fail.
  • Drink more tea- I think so. I’ve liked making tea a lot more (who doesn’t want to be the sterotypical blogger who has 13675498 types of tea in their pantry?) and so I’ve drunk more tea. Success.

So…that’s 8/13….not *too* bad…right?

Highlights of 2016:

Um…what happened in 2016?

As I’m looking back over my records (hah, like I’m actually ORGANIZED enough to keep records), I feel like I haven’t really done much new this year that I didn’t do last year, but here are a few highlights that came through this year.

  • I turned SIXTEEN. SIXTEEN. What is life. (Feb…kinda)
  • Attending my first youth conference—it was AMAZING (Mar)
  • Somehow managing to take 2 AP tests and 3 SAT subject tests over 4 days and not dying—ITS AN ACCOMPLISHMENT YALL (May)
  • Visiting all my grandparents and extended family peoples and stuffs (May/June)
  • Attending a cake decorating class with my friend (July)
  • Going without a working computer for ONE MONTH. ONE WHOLE MONTH (July)
  • Attending physics camp (Aug)
  • The county fair and the state fair. Nuff said (Aug/Sep)
  • Start teaching piano lessons (Aug)
  • Start my JUNIOR year of high school, my FIFTH year of band, my FOURTH year of Science Olympiad, and my SECOND year as an AWANA leader (when did those numbers get SO BIG? I didn’t realize I was that old omgns) (Aug)
  • Starting Bullet Journalling (Sep)
  • Took the PSAT that actually counted, and didn’t fail…too badly (Oct)
  • Taking the SAT and the ACT on consecutive Saturdays, because I’m not stupid like that…OBVIOUSLY (Dec)
  • I hit 50 followers on the blog, on my second blogiversary. THANK YOU GUYS (Dec)

People who made 2016 what it was

2017 Resolutions:

  1. Do Bible Reading everyday
  2. Memorize 3 chapters of the Bible
  3. Pray more, and more specifically
  4. Clear the dishwasher every morning
  5. Don’t use more than 1000 hours of internet
  6. Read 150 books
  7. Write a total of 300 blogposts
  8. Comment 3x/day on other blogs
  9. Stay on track with family blog
  10. Post regularly on Instagram
  11. Do more art
  12. Don’t drink any carbonated drinks
  13. Exercise (at least 1 hour) intensively every week…maybe get into running?
  14. Drink more water



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