2016 Blogger Gift Exchange || Indigo Ink || Blogmas Day 23

Hey everyone, and welcome to THE DAY BEFORE THE DAY BEFORE Christmas! (Or, as my ESFP brain calls it, Christmas Adam!)

So today, I’m trying out something different. A few weeks ago, I saw this post by Vanessa Best from It’s Simply Me, about a 2016 Blogger Gift Exchange.

This gift exchange isn’t anything big, or actually “gifty,” but instead an exchanging, a highlighting, of a blog. It’s hosted by The Bearable Blog by Jo and It’s Simply Me by Vanessa.
I was paired with Aliah from Indigo Ink, and I’ve gotten to poke around on her blog for a bit.
I’m really loving her content so far. Although she doesn’t post very often, her posts are always very thoughtful.
She travels a lot, and has beautiful pictures that she took in Greece and Turkey, and lots of other places. Aliah also posts “thought” posts.

Here are some of her posts that I really enjoyed.

She’s like me in several ways, including the fact that we’re both homeschooled, and that also we both play piano.

Go do yourself a favor and go check her blog out (and maybe wish her a merry Christmas!)

So what are you doing before Christmas?
Merry Christmas Adam, y’all!


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