What’s in My Bullet Journal: December 2016 Edition + 17 Before 2017 || Bullet Journaling

Hey everyone! I’m here today…with another Bullet Journal post! I really really love making BuJo posts because taking pictures of BuJos are so cute!

In this post, I’m going to be sharing my December spreads as well as my 17 before 2017 goals (yes, I know I’m rather late on the 17 Before 2017 thing, but better late than never, right?!)

What's in my BuJo December 16.jpg

I don’t usually have very many spreads I do for a monthly overview or whatever, because I usually put all the stuff on daily spreads. However, I only have 5 pages left in my current BuJo, and I want to save my new one until 2017, so I’m having to make do with these 4 pages. I’m also likely going to have to go back and reutilize some of the pages with more blank space again as daily spreads.

I am anticipating, though, that I won’t have to use as many daily spread pages this month because of the holidays (and less homework!!) so I’m not *too* nervous about there being wayyyy too little pages.

But anyways…on to the pictures!

First up is my monthly spread. Unlike many bullet journalers, I don’t use my monthly spread very much, because, as I’ve said before, I tend to use the daily spreads more extensively.


So on my December spread, I have a calendar (obviously), my monthly goals, highlights of the month, and then a to-read list. I still have like 60 books I yet have to read this year (D:), so that’s why I have an entire column for that.

Next for my December spreads is my present planning spread.


This one is fairly straightforward: a column of people I have to give presents to, and then a column of what I have, a column of whether I’ll purchase or make their presents, and then a column for what I need to purchase in order to complete the present. Simple!

Next up are my New Years Resolutions. I didn’t start BuJoing until the start of the school year, so I don’t have a spread for my 2016 NYR’s, so I made one now, so that I can check to see how many I’ve done so far. (Hint: not many)


Finally, my 17 Before 2017 spread!

If you don’t know what 17 before 2017 is, it’s basically a thing where you set a list of 17 goals you want to complete before 2017! There have been 16 before 2016, 15 before 2015, stuff like that. I’m not sure who started this, but here is Kara (Boho Berry)’s post about her 17 before 2017 stuff.


Because I share all my goals on my blog, and I haven’t done my 17 before 2017 ones yet, here are my goals!

  1. Take, edit, and post all pictures of the day
  2. Meet my reading goal
  3. Finish Bible reading, journaling, and sermons
  4. Not miss a blogpost (go back and fill in posts that I haven’t finished)
  5. Catch up on my family blog
  6. Do a cool piece of art (I’m not an artist, so this is kinda big)
  7. Finish my gifts
  8. Take the SAT and ACT
  9. Redecorate my room
  10. Play Christmas music on my instrument
  11. Get 100 posts on Instagram (currently at 88)
  12. Redo the categories/tags on my blog (these are a mess, man)
  13. Hand letter a Christmas song (this does not count as the cool piece of art)
  14. Set up new Bullet Journal (the one for 2017)
  15. Spend times with friends
  16. Finish rocks and minerals binder (couldn’t be more excited)
  17. Finish getting ready for 2017!

So there you have it: my December spreads and my 17 before 2017 goals!

Do you have a bullet journal? Do you have a 17 before 2017 goal list? Are you excited for Christmas (because if you aren’t, I’ll come and find you and tickle you until you are) XD


10 thoughts on “What’s in My Bullet Journal: December 2016 Edition + 17 Before 2017 || Bullet Journaling

  1. The 17 before 2017 is such a fantastic idea! I never even thought about it, and I guess it’s pretty late in the year to start one now anyway, but I’ll keep it in mind šŸ™‚ Your goals are great! GO GET ‘EM.

    And I love love LOVE your doodling! I try sometimes in my spare time but it definitely doesn’t look as awesome as yours. It looks so cool ā¤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I agree! The 17 before 2017 is a really good idea! There’s definitely still time!!

      Awwe thanks! I’m not very good at doodling…I’m thinking you’re seeing the stickers that I used…but THANK YOU ANYWAYS šŸ˜›

      Thanks for reading!


  2. I love how festive your Bullet Journal is! Love the gifts page too! Also, just wanted to say that the SAT and ACT aren’t as challenging as they seem. You will do really well is you work hard and relax. You got this! (You totally didn’t say anything about those tests, but I know that I needed to hear this when I was taking it, so I thought I would share some encouragement!)

    Thank you so much for linking up at Grace + Lace!

    Bows & Clothes

    Liked by 1 person

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