What Happened This Month: October 2016

WHTM October.jpg
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  • Telling stories at the Harvest Festival
  • Starting to study for Science Olympiad
  • I lived through the PSAT
  • Mike Pence SLAYYYEEEDD


  • Cute hayride selfies
  • Bullet Journaling for a whole month
  • Starting a blog Instagram
  • Beginning to understand what the band is playing and not getting lost every 2 lines
  • Playing in the youth group band and ACTUALLY BEING ABLE TO PLAY
  • Watching bullet journal YT videos and drinking tea
  • Recognizing songs within the first chord
  • Instagram allowing friend requests to be approved via website #thebestdayever
  • Taking this picture-


  • When Pandora is super pro to you and plays all your favorite songs
  • When Pandora plays a song you played in band and you know all the flute fingerings
  • Hearing Christmas songs being played throughout your house
  • Getting your Habitica postcard in the mail


  • Washing your hair before your piano lesson and having your hair literally dripping water through the entire lesson
  • Listening to a recording of yourself and realizing how annoying you are
  • Getting your hair caught in the buttons of your shirt
  • Playing in a band where you’re the only person who has sheet music and everyone else has chord charts.
  • When your teacher messages you with “Thanks! It a problem!” and proceeds to not grade your essay
  • Having a spam/robot comment on your blog that is literally a conglomeration of about 25 different spam messages like “I’ve been surfing on-line greater than three hours today, but I never discovered any interesting article like your,” using 3K words, and having a email that sold silicone bracelets.
  • Finally learning all the words to Week 2 of Song Saturday.
  • When you actually put effort into taking an IG photo with a camera and everything then IG tells you the picture is an “unsupported file”
  • Having a blog Instagram for 4 days and having half the number of followers as your personal one, which you’ve had for a year
  • Forgetting which your v.s you’re to use #THEWORSTEVER
  • When your proxy blocks your AP Lang page, marking as “pornographic”
  • When someone finds your blog through a dating website
  • When you forget that accidentals carry through the measure and ask a question about it during band rehearsal

That Moment When-

  • Your mom texts you from upstairs
  • You hear your brother singing the HARMONY trumpet part to Joy to the World in the bathroom
  • It’s both National Candy Corn Day and National Sugar Addiction Awareness Day on the same day
  • You caption your Instagram picture something by Thoreau and seem all scholarly but you actually just googled the quote
  • The Washington Post reporter attempts to explain all the PSAT memes and gets them spot on, with Amazon links
  • You just might fail the English part of the PSAT because the College Board doesn’t let you use a calculator #PSATjoke
  • You’re trying to write a poem on your blog but end up trying to format it and make it pretty

Musical Finds-

Just check out Megan Davies in general. She’s great.

Cool Blogposts Read-


I’m Okay by Elizabeth Anne


21 Answers to the Question “Why Aren’t You in School?” by Rebekah

Not Fit In.jpg

It’s Okay Not to Fit In, by Hannah

Great Videos Watched-


  • Wyman’s Silvery Waves Original Theme with Variations, piano
  • Bach’s Inventio 14, piano
  • Mozart’s No 16, K545, piano
  • Chopin’s Valse Op. 69, No 2; piano
  • Same plethora of music for flute for band:
    • Symphonic Dances (an arrangement of a bunch of dances from Fiddler on the Roof)
    • Suite of Old American Dances
    • Lassus’ Trombone
    • John Williams in Concert
  • A few jazz pieces for Bari Sax that I play on bassoon for jazz band
    • The Christmas Song
    • Go Tell It on the Mountain
    • Silver Bells
    • Jingle Bells


“One good thing is that Hillary Clinton has hair very similar to Donald Trump” ~Miranda Sings, 2016

“I love when I use semicolons; I CAN ENGLISH GOODLY.” ~Me

Twitter Finds:

Blog News-




  • Views: 207
  • Visitors: 102
  • Countries Viewed From:
    • United States- 163
    • New Zealand- 15
    • Malaysia- 6
    • Lebanon- 5
    • United Arab Emirates- 5
    • United Kingdom- 3
    • India- 3
    • Australia- 3
    • Indonesia- 2
    • European Union- 1
    • Canada- 1

What are some of the highlights of your month? Did you have any fun things that happened this month? What about some Awk/Awe moments?


2 thoughts on “What Happened This Month: October 2016

  1. Great thoughts! It seems like a lot has been going on for you! Only I’ll have to argue with your excitement over the Cubs; as an Indians fan I am duty bound to take offence at that (; Thanks for sharing at the Grace + Lace Linkup!


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