Currently: October 2016

Eyyyy it’s another Currently post! This month’s linkup is with Anne and Jacqui!


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Cheers-ing: cheersing

I’m currently cheering for fall break! I have fall break next week for a couple classes, and I’m super excited because I get to work on stuff I actually like, such as knitting or practicing music (as if I would have the time, haha!). I’ll probably knitting or practicing done, but instead I’ll be stuck at home doing math, aagh! I’m also cheering for fall in general, because big sweaters and warm drinks (potentially including coffee) and yummi apples and pumpkin spiced freaking everything.

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Organizing: bullet-journal

I just finished organizing my room and my desk! I’ve also gotten out some of my fall clothes, and I’m super excited for that! I’ve also recently started using a bullet journal to stay organized, and I’m really loving it so far!

I really like how when I use a bullet journal, I don’t have to make everything perfect and I can use as much space as I need to for my everlasting todo list! Also I can make it as pretty as I want to!



🎶🎶I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…🎶🎶 No, I’m totally not cheesy at all.

No, but seriously. I’ve been dreaming about Christmas for months, and now it’s finally gotten closer. (or maybe I just haven’t gotten off the Christmas high from last year?) I’m so excited for Christmas–making/buying presents, baking cookies, Christmas concerts, and snow…(????)!! And cold weather, and boots, and mint flavored everything I’M SO EXCITED.


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I haven’t really been buying much. The last haul I did was my back-to-school haul, and ever since then, I haven’t actually bought anything.


Listening: coffeetea

I’ve been listening a bunch of random music, including a bunch of Meghan Trainor, piano hymns, and Irish fiddling.

I’ve also been listening to a bunch of Fiddler on the Roof soundtracks, because we’re currently playing an arrangement of several Fiddler on the Roof pieces in band!


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