What Happened This Month: August 2016

So apparently it’s the end of August already. And apparently school’s started already. And apparently I’m like 5 posts behind blogging-wise.

I’m wondering whether to back-date the posts or to just post them late…will decide soon. So far, the online class I’ve been taking are taking up much more work than I expected, and when I get done with the work there, I don’t want to stare at a computer screen anymore. Especially since the computer I’m using has a crappy screen and give me headaches.

Okay. Rant over. Let’s move on.



  • Physics camp! Getting to spend 2 weeks at my dream college doing science with geeky girls like me! What’s not to like?
  • Baking 6, 6! batches of cookies with friend. cookiers

    This was, like, you know, the cookies that I was going to enter….

  • Raising monarch caterpillars, then releasing the butterflies.cats
  • COUNTY FAIR! And also working in the food booth with friends.fair1
  • Starting to teach piano lessons
  • Starting school(…?)


  • Getting a phone that one can actually do stuff with…then have friend follow suit two weeks later even though she’s 3 years younger than you. 😛
  • Replying to a query with the perfect song lyrics
  • Scoring baseball gamesscorecard
  • Baking lotsa lotsa cookies with friend
  • Twinning swimsuits with said friend.
  • Working in the food booth at the fair with said friend.
  • Meeting LITERALLY EVERYONE YOU KNOW at the fair
  • Sitting at a table eating ice cream with every. single. one. of your closest friends from different activities.


    Oversaturated? Check

  • Actually having your monarch caterpillars survive.
  • Having a sort-of theme on your Instagram
  • Teaching piano lessons
  • Playing flute with friends
  • Starting school
  • Finding that you know one of your online class TA’s irl.
  • Pretty notes!notes


  • Going swimming with your hair down and proceeding to strangle in it
  • Slicing your finger open on a cell phone stand…twice No, this totally does not sound exactly like the post from last month.
  • Not being able to type on slidy glass keyboards and making stupid typos (e.g. “I hope your picnic was indoors” to “I hope your pelican is indoors”.
  • Dropping a caterpillar on yourself, screaming, then proceeding to drop another caterpillar on yourself.
  • Having someone ask you at the store to get something from the top shelf for her, because you’re taller than she is, despite your 5’4″
  • Staying up to 2 or 3 am working on calculus homework

That Moment When…

  • You totally forget that “That Moment When” is a subcategory and thus do not remember to take notes about said category.

Musical Finds

This is a song by For King and Country on the new Ben Hur movie that came out, and I LOVE IT! It’s so inspirational and there are SO MANY good quotes in it.

This is an original song by Pentatonix, and it’s also another inspirational song that I really love right now.

Because I’m like officially addicted to Christmas music, and whoever editied this music video deserves a Grammy of their own.

Niki and Gabi, twin YouTubers (that I don’t really watch often, tbh) cover Fight Song (which I’ve featured many, many times before), but this cover is SO GOOD.


  • Beethoven’s Sonata Op. 49, No. 2; piano
  • Chopin’s Valse Op. 69, No 2; piano
  • Handel’s Sonatina
  • Paganini’s Cantabile, MS 109, Op. 19; flute


“Teach us how to live humbly, live unconditionally, transform our hurt into hope, and grant us your peace.” ~Ceasefire

“One by one we can rewrite the headlines, standing side by side.” ~Ceasefire

Blog News


(and many backed up posts that I haven’t done yet. D:)



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How has your month been?



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