What Happened This Month: July 2016


This is a new sort of post on my blog–a ‘What Happened This Month’ monthly recap of sorts!


  • My computer croaked and died. ;(
  • Finished school for the summer!
  • I finished a cake decorating class at Michaels. The remains of that cake are in a smashed pile on a plate in the fridge at the time of writing.
  • Read my first book for review! Link here.
  • Went to a baseball game!! and also watched the All-Star Game…but that doesn’t really appeal to me. XD
  • Golf Camp
  • Lots…and lots…and lots of swimming!
  • Library visits and lots of books!
  • 4H meetings and fair planning!
  • Oh and also, it was Camp NaNo….yeah no? okay.


  • Going swimming and funness with friends…multiple times
  • Meeting up with friends that moved back after 3 years
  • Meeting friends in Walmart…3 times, different people, same visit.
  • Golfing with friends.
  • Getting a planner and decorating said planner
  • Velcroing parade walking unit together
  • Having sunshine and rainbows pretty much everyday (okay, no rainbows, but sunshine)
  • Being almost active in swim team even though not part of the team
  • Getting accepted into AP Calc BC


  • Not having a computer to use…OR having a computer to use that’s ultra slow…THEN finding another computer that’s even slower.
  • Meeting friends on the opposing swim team at a swim meet
  • “Do fish have lungs?” ~Me
  • Accidentally messaging the entire group instead of one member of said group
  • Slicing your thumb open while trying to clean sticky stuff of a scissors blade..TWICE…and bleeding profusely in front of 4H club
  • Singing while accompanying self on piano…then losing voice for 2 days afterwards.
  • Finding out that you’ve had multiple refers to your blog from FaceBook…but you don’t have a FaceBook.
  • Your brothers’s voice is changing and you can’t sing with him at all because he can’t carry a tune in a bucket with two handles (okay, you can’t either, but he’s worse XD)
  • You think your golf coach is following you on your blog but it’s just someone with a similar name.

That Moment When:

  • Your friend (who’ve you’ve {{ooh that’s an interesting use of ‘ve XD}} considered to be ‘small’) tells you she’s 5’1″
  •  A little girl is feeding you orange pieces while you’re talking and not really paying attention, and you’re wondering why the orange is soft and warm and slimy, then look at her and find that she’s putting the orange pieces in her mouth before spitting it out and putting it in your mouth


  • The Fountain by Karl Bohm, piano
  • Invention 14 by J.S. Bach, piano
  • Valse, Opus 69. No 2, by Chopin, piano
  • “Autumn” from “The Four Seasons”, by Vivaldi, flute
  • “Winter” from “The Four Seasons”, by Vivaldi, flute

Musical Finds:

Blog News:



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How’s your month been?


6 thoughts on “What Happened This Month: July 2016

  1. I loved this! I hope to see more posts like this in the future; they’re really interesting.
    July has been good to me, I just got done helping with VBS (children are crazy) and I had a good time. ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved reading through your awkward and awesome moments! You’re an awesome writer. I haven’t heard of any of the piano pieces you’ve practised in July, which shows how limited my music knowledge is (yet). Thanks for sharing, and I’ll be sure to visit this blog often!


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