New Year’s Resolutions Mid-Year Updates/Revisions 2016

Here is my Mid-Year (hah, considering it’s like 7/12th of a year)’s New Year Resolutions Updates. So far this year, I don’t feel like I’ve actually done very much, having more school pressures and less time to do much. However, it’s summer, and I’ll try to do better on these!

  • Read through the entire New Testament-I’ve read through 1 Corinthians-Revelations, Matthew, Mark, and half of Luke. However, I haven’t really been reading at all for all of July, and I really need to get back to that.
    • Revisions- None
  • Memorize 1 chapter of the Bible per month– Um. No. No no no. But I still think that I want to do it….I’m totally not sure how well this is going to work out.
    • Revisions- None
  • Witness to one person- So far, I haven’t witnessed to anyone yet. However, the Lord has laid on my heart WHO to witness to, but I haven’t actually done it yet. Bad, I know.
    • Revisions- None
  • Bless someone everyday– Um. Depends on how small the deed is, but it has happened basically everyday. Like ‘helped XYZ find something (when it was lying in plain sight)’ but y’know.
    • Revisions- None, except that it should be not so much ‘small’ things, but ‘larger’ things, like doing the dishes or something. But again, that line’s hard to distinguish.
  • Honor my parents more-Um. Kinda…but not really.
    • Revisions- None. 
  • Clear my conscience and maintain it as clear-Err no.
    • Revisions- None.
  • Get a job (babysitting counts)– I’ve babysat for about 2 months for a parenting class at our church for a couple of families, as well as babysat for a family a couple of times, but other than that, no ‘official’ job yet. I applied for a summer volunteer position at a local museum, and did the application and interview and everything, but I didn’t get in… 😦
    • Revisions- None
  • Exercise for at least 2 hours a week-Um. No. ‘Nuff said. I do other sorts of physical activity, but as for exercising exercising, no.
    • Revisions- This one’s going away, because me nuts.
  • Keep my room clean– This one’s been kinda okay so far. My room’s okay-clean, but not anything especial. Definitely not camera-worthy.
    • Revisions- None.
  • Eat no more than 1 piece of candy per week– Sortof. I haven’t actually counted, so I don’t really know, but I do know that I have been eating candy probably more than I should have.
    • Revisions- None.
  • Learn how to sing all the verses of 50 songs (basically, one per week)-
    No. I have chosen (a few) songs to learn, but I haven’t actually learned any yet. I really should do that.

    • Revisions- I don’t know what do revise this to, since I don’t feel motivated to do this. Often I hear a song and want to sing along, but don’t know the words, and I’m also really terrible at telling what people are singing, so I have to actually read the lyrics. I don’t know…but I won’t change anything.
  • Get better at taking and editing photos and do ‘Photo A Day’- Weeeelllll….I am better at EDITING photos…I haven’t really taken any photos at all. As for ‘Photo a Day’, I basically took half of January, 2 of February, and none after that. So….yeah. However, this year I’ve made an Instagram, so I’m motivated to edit, take, and post more pictures. Also I have no selfie skills and I need to improve.
    • Revisions- Get better at taking and editing photos, as well as post more to Instagram.
  • Knit 10 skeins of yarn- So far, I’ve knit about 1/2 skein of yarn. My new favorite pattern is this one for chunky socks. I knit a pair for a friend last year for Christmas, and I’ve been revising it. I hope to knit more over the summer! 😀
    • Revisions- None
  • Drink more tea– Yes, I’ve definitely been drinking more tea than before. I love tea…but mostly MAKING tea, not drinking tea, which bothers my mom. XD
    • Revisions- None.

I don’t know, I feel really unmotivated to do anything right now. I’m not sure if it’s because of the lack of internet that I’m feeling this way, or if it’s just because of the lack of structure of my days recently. I have been fairly kinda motivated to blog here, but my poor family blog has been severely neglected. Ugh.


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