Rant: Books Within Books

Okay, so can we talk about something for a moment?3636576273_1c6b4ed8f0.jpg

That glorious moment when you read a book and find a mention of another book hidden deep within it.

I LOVEEEEE when other books are mentioned in books.

Like in Ramona.


Although I don’t even like Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel, I LOVE when it’s mentioned.

Also in Project Mulberry. That mention of The Four Story Mistake? ITS AMAZING.

Books within books show that the author has actually read books.

And in the case of The Four Story Mistake, it shows that LINDA SUE PARK has read ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS, and that’s awesome.

Is that just a thing about me? that I like reading books and finding other books? and fangirling because the author has read the same books as I have? and actually liked it enough to put it in a book that I read?

I don’t know.

And I don’t really care either.

But oh, how I do love books like that.

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