Book Review: Ben Hur by Carol Wallace

BenHur-HC-SC-CVR-FINALBen Hur has been a really well known book for years decades centuries. However, I’ve never actually read it, considering to be one of those dusty antique classic books, like….err…I don’t know. Oh well. But you know what I mean.

However, when I saw this book, I thought I might as well give it a try, if only to say I’ve read it.

This copy/edition of Ben Hur  is a rewritten edition–the original author, Lew Wallace, wrote the original edition in archaic form, and his great-great-granddaughter, Carol Wallace, rewrote it in ‘modern’ language. I really really appreciated that, and as a result, I love this book.

Ben Hur is such as well known book that, despite not having read it before, I know some parts of the story. I don’t usually like historical fiction set during Jesus’ time (having had a bad experience with The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare), but this one was really good.

Ben Hur is a Jew living during the time of Jesus in Jerusalem, and he hates the Romans who have taken over with a passion. Eventually Romans arrest him and his family, he gets sent to a galley ship, and becomes a slave. After rescuing a commander, he gets adopted by the commander, gains innumerable riches, and attempts to search for his family.

And…I won’t spoil any more.

I loved the story line, I loved the characters, the book was amazing. One thing I didn’t like, though, is how Judah Ben-Hur (the main character), at one point kills a man just to show his power. Although he regretted it further on, it was just..ehh for me. The only turn off for me for this book was the amount of killing/injury in the book.

I liked how Jesus was set into the story, and he’s just portrayed as so…Christ like. The author never had Jesus say anything not in the Bible, keeping the authenticity of Christ, and I appreciated that a lot.

Also, can I just say…I never know Ben Hur was SO BIG! I absolutely loved that fact that I was able to read it in TWO DAYS (usually I finish books within a day).

All in all, I rate Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ a-

RockandMinerals4Him rating- 9/10

Thank you to Tyndale House Publishers for sending me a free print copy for my honest review; I was not required to write a positive review.


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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Ben Hur by Carol Wallace

  1. Cool review! I also like the new layout!

    What have you got against The Bronze Bow :((( ?

    I think it’s pretty cool how you are doing arc reading! How did you apply, and what are the requirements? I know one other person who does this but she’s an absolute book person, like books are her actual entire life (shanaqui, who I met first on Habit if you know her).

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    • Thanks! lol I’ve had it for like 3 months now XD

      I don’t like the main character, Daniel, in The Bronze Bow. I feel like he’s too one dimensional and not entirely well developed. The storyline itself isn’t bad, but I just dislike the main character.

      I’m currently reviewing for a couple companies, Tyndale Publishing ( and Baker Publishing ( There is an application on each of their websites, and after filling it out, they tell you when you’re accepted. They basically want a blog that has a good amount of views/subscribers.

      I got started in ARC reading not from Nikki/shanaqui (mainly because she reads way too much and I can’t keep up and her interests are different from mine), but from some other bloggers that I follow, the main one being Fictionally (


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