This or That Tag

After my last get to know me tag, I’ve wanted to do another get-to-know me tag….so here goes! Scanning over the questions, I feel like a good part doesn’t even apply to me….but….here goes!

blush or bronzer- Neither- I don’t wear makeup.
lip gloss or lipstick- Lip gloss, which is the only makeup I would like to wear.
eye liner or mascara- Mascara. To me, eyeliner is weird. (Not that I wear either)
foundation or concealer- I don’t really care. What’s the difference?
neutral or color eye shadow- Now is where I appear a total ignoramus. What’s the difference?
pressed or loose eye shadows- See above.
brushes or sponges- Interpreting brushes as hair brushes….brushes. 😛

OPI or china glaze- Difference, please.
Long or short- Short. *waves* Hello? Pianist??
Acrylic or natural- Natural? I don’t really know…only acrylic sounds very unnatural. 😛
Brights or darks- Darks.
Flower or no flower-  Flower!

perfume or body splash- Body splash.
lotion or body butter- Lotion, I think. 
body wash or soap- Body wash. (Finally! Something I know about! XD )
lush or other bath company- No idea.

jeans or sweat pants- Jeans, FTW!
long sleeve of short- Long sleeves. Love cute sweaters.
dresses or skirts- Hmmm….skirts. More convenient.
stripes or plaid- Stripes.
flip flops or sandals- Flip-flops!
scarves or hats- Scarves. Love scarves.
studs or dangly earrings- No pierced ears, but I hate dangly earrings.
necklaces or bracelets- Bracelets. Necklaces strangle me.
heels or flats- Flats!!
cowboy boots or riding boots- Cowboy boots.
jacket or hoodie- Jacket. I dislike hoodies unless it’s really really cold.
forever 21 or charlotte russe- I don’t have clothes from either company. 😛
abercombie or Hollister- See above.
saks 5th or nordstrom- See above. Follow instructions.

curly or straight- Straight. I can’t manage curly hair.
bun or ponytail- Ponytail. (See my top 5 favorite hairstyles here!)
bobby pins or butterfly clips- Bobby pins, although I can’t really use them well.
hair spray or gel- Hair spray….I guess….
long or short- Long. All the way.
light or dark- Lightish-dark.
side sweep bangs or full bangs- Side sweep.
up or down- Down. My head can’t handle it being up…it gives me headaches.

Rain or shine- Shine. Who prefers rain anyways?
Summer or winter- Winter.
Fall or spring- Fall! 
Chocolate or vanilla- I love chocolate chocolate, but if it’s a matter of chocolate or vanilla ice cream, then definitely vanilla. 
East coast or west coast- Hm……I’d have to say east coast!

Okay…so I’m not going to bother to tag people on this post, but….


If you see this, then do it on you blog, then comment down below letting me know you’ve done it!

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