A Kinda Different Post ||Blogging Updates


So I was on vacation recently, and I took a little break from the blog. While I was away, I got to do some thinking and brainstorming about what I wanted to do. One day, it hit me.

Why am I only posting on Fridays?

And why are all my posts really light, fluffy, and of no lasting value to my readers?

If I want to be a better blogger, why am I not writing stuff that makes an impact on my readers?

Well…for the longest time, I’ve always known/thought that I wasn’t any good at expressing my feelings, via speech, writing, or otherwise. And I’ve always known that blogging on a regular schedule was good for my blog, and I would grow the blog that ways. So that’s what I did. I wrote fluffily, without any deep connections, and I posted these fluffy writings weekly.

However, it feels like I’m not connecting with my readers. And that’s not good.

Because of my strict (okay, -ish) posting schedule, I don’t allow myself to sit down at the computer and write whenever I feel like writing. I have to restrict myself to scheduled posts and tags and stuff.

While I do love tags, and while I don’t do too many, that, and that kind of stuff is great, I really want to post a. more, and b. with more stuff that’s deeper and less fluffy.

So, thus the announcement.

From now on, although I’ll continue to post fluffy stuff on Fridays Oh, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down….wait that’s not a good comparison, is it? 😉, I’ll take myself out of the box that I created for myself, and post whenever I feel like it.

I’ll post rants, because I rant way too much, and by posting here, mebbe I get to spare my friends’ ears for a little.

I also got accepted into a couple book review programs, and I’ll be posting book reviews, because I’m super, super excited for that! (I mean, free books! Who’s not to love?)

I’ll also get to link up with a bunch of sources, IF I want to, such as Top Ten Tuesdays, or Currently posts, or whatever. I’ve been seeing them on others’ blogs for some time now, but have never gotten to do them, due to not posting on Tuesdays and other such

And I’ll post a bunch of other stuff that I want to post and whatever pops into my head at the moment.

I’ll be able to write way less formally (I mean, who likes to write essay-like…for fun?!) but better. (see, I’m having trouble saying what I want to say…aagh)

I’m really excited about this new step in my bloggin….but….

My computer’s dead. So all this fancy new bloggy stuff will have to wait a while.

Oh well.

At least I get *some* source of internet, and that I get to use it *some* of the time.

Get ready to see me more…once my computer works again!

Signing off,




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