Blog Review: Just Girly Things

Just Girly Things, a tumblr site that attempts to show what girls are like and what they enjoy doing. Many girls often find them relatable, but heck, I rarely ever find one that really speaks to me. In writing of this post, I’ve gone through about 200+, and I’ve found about 5 that I really really relate to. I did not mean for this post to insult anyone, and these are just a few of my own personal views about this matter.

Just Girly Things obviously takes HUGE stereotypes. However, I think they take too general of stereotypes, and occasionally include things that even guys can relate to, or things that should happen in life in order for life to be successful, such as “eating lots of fruit.” Others are just so random that you wonder where they come from, such as “getting along better with guys than girls.” Eh? While I realize that they’re trying to relate to all girls, and that no one is the same, I still feel like their stereotypes are WAY to standardized.

I originally intended for this to be a “Just Girly Things that I actually relate to” post, but in the search of Just Girly Things I actually relate to, I found very, very, few. Thus, this post. Here are some of the Just Girly Things that I don’t agree with.


Uhh….isn’t that why we actually change into PAJAMAS?!


Ahem, I don’t…..what? Well you MAY, but I certainly don’t.


And you DO realize that not all people want their hair blonde, correct?


Yeah, sure, but okay, guys eat fruits too (or, at least, they should)…and since girls make up about half the population, shouldn’t they eat at least half of the fruit? This doesn’t even make sense to my brain.


I don’t. Not at all. I can’t manage it, when I’ve tried working with others with big, curly hair. It just doesn’t.


Well….this is SUPPOSED to be why you make your hair look cute, doesn’t it? And besides, girls are the only ones who care about their hair looking cute! ><


I’d rather have bad hair days than wear hats. And, the fact that I rarely have bad hair days anyways.


Now, this one is definitely working on stereotype. I don’t wear makeup, and I don’t want to. Essentials? Clothes, decent looking hair, and I’m set!


Um…what can I say? Doesn’t EVERYONE? Why is this considered a girly thing?


I dislike camping, although this may be just me (it actually probably is). Why go out into the cold and sleep on the ground when you have a perfectly nice warm bed at home?


Um…this may be just the homeschooled kid in me coming out, but I read ALL the time! I read when there’s nothing to do, AND when I’m supposed to be doing something. I suppose that girls nowadays read and think they’re so accomplished instead going on their phones and chatting or whatever, but no! And, also, guys do this too.


Definitely not a girl thing. Sure, SOME girls may get a tattoo, but SOME guys do as well. It’s not a gender thing.


Okay. Several problems wrong with this statement. First of all, it’s fall. You’re SUPPOSED to keep warm. Second, guys have to keep warm too! They may not show it, but they do.


What? I love the winter!


Isn’t this WHY you’re best friends? If you haven’t had at least ONE deep conversation with your so-called best friend, then in my opinion, you aren’t best best friends.

And heck, I think this last one takes the cake-


SERIOUSLY?! You have this blog for GIRLS and how GIRLS live their lives and relate to other GIRLS….and you have THIS?!?!?!?! Yeah, this definitely takes the cake.

As I said before, these are just my own opinions, and I don’t mean to offend anyone by these comments. What are YOUR views?



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