2016 States ||Science Olympiad

I have a tradition (kind of), of writing up my SciOly days so that I can remember them. I’ve made this goal a grand total of 3 times, and 2 half times, and 2 mentions. (AKA it’s not a tradition). However, I did write up this years’ states. Here it is!-

Random disclosure thingies-

  • Bullet form, because bullet form is fun to write and gives less pressure on perfect grammar and punctuation and stuffs.
  • Time is really truly superficial on Science Olympiad days-I’ll try to reference and do time stamps, but times may be either what I think it is, or just nonexistent.
  • I pretty much run around by myself all day, so I have no idea whatsoever about what the rest of my family is doing.
  • Feelings and stuff will be in paragraph/essay form, but can’t guarantee grammar and whatever

  • Alarm clock starts blaring at 4.40am…hit snooze and return to sleep
  • 4.50-hits snooze
  • 5.00-hits snooze
  • 5.10-“I really should be getting up,” hits snooze
  • 5.20-“We’re leaving at 5.30,” gets out of bed.
  • Gets ready, packs food, checks final email, etc.
  • I plan to vlog, so I start off the vlog with a really crappy intro
  • 6.10 (or so)-We leave the house. I film clips of us driving.
  • 7.25-We’re stopped, due to roadwork or something. We’re running late.
  • 7.40-Start moving. Eventually pass the place where they’re doing road work. There’s THREE PEOPLE painting lines on the road…and ITS RAINING OUT, so one of the guys has a BLOW DRYER and is trying to BLOW DRY the wet pain in the rain while the other two guys stand there TALKING! Half the city is blocked up while they stand there trying to dry wet paint in the RAIN!!
  • 7.50-Reach campus. It’s raining, and bad map skills doesn’t mesh well with reading maps in the rain. So lost. Meet NC and his mom, then Mr. S and CK as they go impound the FS stuff. Mom offers me a sheetprotecter for my map/event schedule.
  • 7.55- I go in the homeroom while Mom+D go impound the Air  Trajectory. Text NR’s mom to see if he has the notesheets for Cell Bio and Chem Lab. She doesn’t know. Opens backpack–what is the crumpled mass of paper and plastic? Oh, it’s my map and event schedule in the page protector mom jammed into my backpack…I had *planned* not to ruin my map/schedule that early in the morning…but w/e.
  • 8.15-Go map out my events with GM. My horrendous skills at map reading and navigation in general requires me to map out my events before they actually happen, so that I don’t get totally lost between events or just simply freak out and forget where I’m going. Vlog a little. It’s cool vlogging.
  • 8.20-Meet AS going into her shift as high school WI/DI event supervisor. Berate her (as a matter of routine) about her ditching the team. She hands me her Curvy Copter Cube (ooh lookee alliteration dats cool) to give to AM.
  • 8.30- Head to the lab to map out events. See Rin in her event, Food Science, with CK–she doesn’t notice me.
  • 8.50-Back in the homeroom. Deliver the Curvy Copter Cube to AM. Read Chemistry textbook and eats an orange and a dinner roll for breakfast, ish. WAIT WHAT I don’t have a Chem Lab notesheet. Start furiously hashing out notes on the back of my event schedule.
  • 9.10-Leave homeroom for Chem Lab. I end up tearing out the sheet of formulas from my SciOly notebook, rather than use the horrendously hashed notesheet.
  • 9.17- Meet Rin as she comes out of FS.
  • 9.22- Reach the lab and meets NR and his dad. The people from the previous timeslot are still in the room working on their test–they should have been let out 7 minutes ago.
  • 9.25-We hear “5 minutes left!” WHAT–we have to start at 9.30 in order for both N and me to make our next time slot. Text Mr/Mrs C about long previous timeslot.
  • 9.35-Finally make it into the room, after N’s been kicked out of the room once for going in ‘too early’. Proctor apologizes for delay. N starts test without waiting for approval from proctor, in order that we can leave early. I’m worried that we’ll get penalized for starting early.
  • 9.40-Chem Lab test starts.
  • 9.45-Realizes that I’m dumby for waiting around while N does the MC part of test. Start working on the lab part of the test. Turns out the reason the previous slot ran over was because the Kinetics experiment didn’t work. Work on the experiment (data was provided). ED skills help in drawing graphs. (I’m bad at labeling graph axis, but it works out fairly well here).
  • 9.55- Finish Kinetics part of test. Sit around waiting until we’re allowed to switch over to gases part of experiment.
  • 10.05-FINALLY switch over to gases part of experiment. N says he’s able to take care of the test part, despite not having studied for it (He took kinetics, I took gases). I start on the experiment. Reread the instructions several times to make sure I read it right. WHY IS THIS A GASES EXPERIMENT?! The first 1/2 page is giving instructions about how to fill up a beral pipette. LIKE I COULDNT FIGURE OUT HOW TO FILL A PIPETTE BY MYSELF IN LIKE THIRD GRADE.
  • 10.07-Completely fills the pipette, without even referencing the instruction sheet. It’s far too complicated to read anyways, I could do it without using it.
  • 10.12-Still filling. Accuracy/precision has gone far, far out the window.
  • 10.16-Now I’m SUPPOSED TO ADD 500mL MORE WATER INTO THIS BIN AND REPEAT IT 5 MORE TIMES?!? The bin’s not even going to hold that much–it’s 2/3 full already.
  • 10.22-The bin’s not going to hold that much water. I ask the proctor and he says “Well, the bin only holds 3L of water, so obviously I don’t expect you to completely follow the experiment.” WELL SIR I WOULD HAVE APPRECIATED THAT INFORMATION!!
  • 10.25-FINALLY finish the experiment. I HAVE 5 MINUTES LEFT, thanks to having to fill up THE BIN WITH THAT GRADUATED CYLINDER!! Rush to finish data table/graph/final questions.
  • 10.28-2 minutes left. Start on discussion questions. “How would you make this data linear, considering the logarithmic form of the current graph?” WTH I have absolutely NO IDEA. MY GRAPH IS FRIGGIN LINEAR, NOT LOGARITHMIC!! “What gas property was this experiment illustrating?” WHAT? YOU THINK THIS IS A *GASES* EXPERIMENT? I HAVE ABSOLUTELY. NO. IDEA. WHAT THIS EXPERIMENT WAS ILLUSTRATING. COMPRESSIBLITY? I have no idea, but that’s what I put down anyways–more likelihood of getting points than ‘nothing whatsoever relating to gases.’
  • 10.30-Pencils down. I lost about 7 points, after wildly guessing+writing down an answer on the last two questions about 5 seconds before time was called. N remarks that he lost around 7 points on the MC part as well.
  • 10.35-Leave. Dash off to ExD. It’s cool having consecutive events.
  • 10.41-Reach where ExD is held. Shoot off a text to Mr/Mrs. C- “Stupid easy time consuming chem lab test with a stupid experiment that didn’t pertain to the topic.” I’m good at condensing.
  • 10.43-We pray.
  • 10.45-Starts ExD. TORQUE?! Haven’t practiced with that before. Meh. We can use the RUBRIC? We don’t have one, expecting that we won’t be allowed to use it. (foreshadowing of bad things to come).
  • 10.50-Okay, SC and RC have come up with an experiment that I’m supposed to perform and I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT ITS DOING.
  • 11.05- I perform experiment. Starts putting down number of weights in data table. R and S INSIST I put down NEWTONS. Why would I do that? Isn’t it supposed to be number of weights, or at least the mass? NEWTONS IS NOT RAW DATA. But you don’t argue with R, so I switch over to Newtons (stupid error alert).
  • 11.10-Finish numerical stuff. WHY DO I HAVE A FULL PAGE FOR THE STATISTICAL DATA (I usually take about 1/6 a page) WHILE I HAVE LESS THAN 1/2 PAGE FOR THE PROCEDURE (I usually take a full page). HOW IS THIS SETUP?!
  • 11.15-R dashes out of the room to go to her 4.5th event, hydrogeology. (She’s just slightly nuts).
  • 11.25-I finish procedure and am looking over materials list and my numerical stuff. WAIT A SECOND THE MASS IS WRONG–I USED THE WRONG MASS THEN MY NEWTONS WERE ALSO OFF AAUGH Furiously fix it. I have a dead eraser–ugh. Have fleeting thought that I should probably put sample calculations for the mass–>Newtons thing. I’m running out of time, though, so I don’t. (double stupid error alert).
  • 11.30- Start Qualitative Observations. I’m bad at Qualitative Observations. It takes me WAYYY longer than usual, mainly because I’m over analyzing all the observations (result of CJAP last year).
  • 11.40-Finish. I finish early. HOW? I didn’t even START on time!!? I must’ve missed something. Instead of checking to see what I missed, I focus on putting team name/number on each page. (triple stupid error alert).
  • 11.45-Finish. Turn in test. Go to bathroom.
  • 11.55-Head down to Bridges with SC, to talk to Mr C about how my events were run. Pass through this freaky cafeteria thingie that has everything closed, except for the music. The lights and music are there, but there are no people there. I get a little freaked out to be in a building alone with a guy.
  • 12.00-I’m not very complimentary, especially about the Chem Lab. Nor am I very quiet–Mr. C tells me to quiet down multiple times. He thinks that ED should have gone okay, since if it was hard for us, then it would have been hard for everyone else as well.
  • 12.10-Finish talking. Mr. C asks me to go get a set of maps/event schedules for him, since he forgot to get a set.
  • 12.15-Reach the homeroom. Mom tries to forcefeed me a piece of chicken, egg, croissant, and multiple other items of food. I settle for the chicken and another clementine.
  • 12.20-Head back to Bridges to hand off maps and stuff, this time, by myself. Passes through eerie cafeteria again without trouble.
  • 12.25-Drops off stuff. (I must’ve talked some more to him about ExD and Chem Lab, because I don’t know where else the time’d have gone.)
  • 12.35-Meets CK in between her timeslots. I talk to her about our ED topic, because I didn’t know whether or not they’d know what to do. She has a lot of time, so we walk around campus a little and talk, about stuff, especially torque, and what it is.
  • 12.55-Heads back to homeroom. C starts talking to SC about how to write up her part of the experiment (they do the same part).
  • 1.05-I get ready to leave for Cell Bio. While leaving, I see C has started a nosebleed. Didn’t think much about it. There are a number of people looking after her, so I disregard that, and leave.
  • 1.18-Meet Rin coming out of her event. Tells her briefly about torque. She has to run; me, not so much, because I’m in front of the building.
  • 1.20-Meets N in front of the room for Cell Bio. Compare notes about how our respective events have gone.
  • 1.25-Event proctor comes out to give last minute instructions and hand out answer sheet thingies.
  • 1.30-Not paying much attention, see the proctor madly dash down the hallway, yanking on doors, trying to get them to open, and muttering to himself, “I must find some way to get into that room.” Turns out, the door locks by itself, and he locked himself, as well as all of us, out of the room.
  • 1.35-I offer to call Mr. C, because the proctor locked his phone inside the room as well, to see if he could contact the SciOly powers to let us into the building.
  • 1.36-Connect with Mr. C. He thinks it’s the greatest joke he’s heard and promises to contact the state important people.
  • 1.45-No word yet. There’s a whole crowd of people on phones trying to get us into the room. Text Mr. C, and he replies that people are working and to hang tight.
  • 1.50-They get hold of a maintainence guy..but he won’t open the door, apparently because he didn’t receive permission from the professor to allow us into the lab.
  • 2.00-They finally get a TA with a key to come open the door…but by this point, we’re not able to take the test, with 20/30 minutes left. The proctor is very sorry, and he says that he’ll allow us to take the test at 4, after all the rest of the events of the day have gone.
  • 2.10-I head to bridges to notify Mr. C on the latest events. He isn’t there, presumably to get food. None of the other people who are doing bridges know where he went.
  • 2.12-See Mrs. C and Mrs. D as they bring food for Mr. C. When they question why I’m not in an event, I tell them, then we head back to bridges together. Mrs. C tells me that C’s bloody nose ended up lasting for about 40 minutes, and that she was 20 minutes late to ED. She was also really light headed and wasn’t very stable.
  • 2.15-Mr. C is back. Mrs. C tells him about what’s going on, then she and Mrs. D leave to get DC to where he’s supposed to go. He’s talking with this other guy who’s apparently thinking to start a homeschooled SciOly team, or something like that. I sit there and listen to their conversation, resting my legs. My legs are starting to cramp up, which isn’t a particularly good sign, considering that I still have 2 events to go to and that it’s only 2 in the afternoon besides.
  • 2.30-Leaves bridges to go to Anatomy. Prays for C as I’m walking over.
  • 2.36- Arrives at the anatomy building, where S’s waiting. We aren’t allowed to split our notesheet, as we’d originally planned.
  • 2.42-Proctor starts passing out tests. I ask again to verify the reason we aren’t allowed to split the test, she says it’s because the entire purpose SciOly people give us A page is to make it hard, and besides, “if all the teams came in with shreds of paper, what would we do about it?”
  • 2.44-Text CF: “About to start Anatomy. PRAY for us!!”
  • 2.45-Starts test. I take the test and starts marking the answers on the test itself, while S takes the bones part of the test out and marks the answers on the answer key/sheet thingie.
  • The notesheet is really helpful-the information I actually need is on the notesheet, and I’m able to find it, which is surprising considering that I’d never put together a notesheet before.
  • There are several aspects of the test that I’d previously not paid very much attention to, despite knowing that they would be on the test…Process of Elimination took care of several of those, and other than those, I did some educated guessing.
  • S took the sheets that I’d marked up and transferred my answers to the answer sheet. She also took care of the short answer questions, because she has a skill of making short answer questions look really fancy and sound like we know what we’re talking about, although we had practically no idea what some of the stuff was.
  • There were several diseases that we had no idea as to what they were–they weren’t on the “limited to” list, but we educated guessed (is that a verb, even?). Amyotrophic lateral scoliosis? What’s that? That’s not on the list. Hmm….says S, “Amyotrophic lateral scoliosis is the progressive weakening of muscles, without atrophy. Patients are able to live a fairly long and normal life, although considerably hindered.”
  • We’re able to finish, with around 35 or so minutes to spare, the ones we’re fairly confident of. We discuss the questions that we have trouble with. What are Type 1/Type 2 muscles? I know there’s fast-twitch, and slow-twitch…but didn’t take the time to connect them to being Type 1 and Type 2. Neither did I study characteristics of each type. The question, however, is not too hard: it’s asking for the characteristics for each type. Therefore, I’m able use POE and eliminate the answers.
  • Why do chili peppers feel hot? I don’t know. They do something to the cells. That much I know. Eh.
  • What’s glabrous skin? S says it’s skin without hair. I trust her. Why is it less likely to get cancer? I have no idea. Skin without hair is thick skin. So does thick skin not as able to contract cancer? It’s on the skin of the palms and on the feet–so maybe they don’t get exposed to UV radiation as much?
  • We finish, with about 12 minutes to spare. I look over the ones we’d had problems with, and we discuss them some more. Then I look over the answer sheet, to make sure all the answers have been transferred correctly.
  • The test is slightly easier than I thought it was going to be–but it’s still really hard. Anyone who’d studied any more than we had would do way better than we did, particularly on the short answers. I know we got some stuff right that most people wouldn’t have, at least not without studying. I’m fairly 3rd/4th place certain. It was also a fairly short test–39 total points. So if we were to miss a few (which we definitely did), it could be disastrous for us.
  • This test was pretty awesome, though–it was in the perfect proportions to what I’d studied- about 70% skin, 25% muscle (with about 75% of that being disorders, and 25% cellular stuff), and 5% bone. That was really cool. I didn’t know how well we’d done, because there was definitely hard stuff on it, but I felt like we’d done fairly well, considering that we’d never taken a test together before. We also worked really well together.
  • We end up leaving the room slightly early–about 3 or so minutes early. I head off to Cell Bio (for the second time!) while S is able to get a break, after her 7 events all day.
  • 3.50-Back in the lab. I can’t find N. Don’t know where he is. The hallway is fairly deserted. Don’t know what’s going on, but I do know that there’s going to be Cell Bio. Sit down on one of their fluffy benches and texts Mr/Mrs C about anatomy.
  • 3.52-N shows up, as well as multiple other people.
  • 3.55-The proctor comes out again, this time without the other helper person–she’s staying inside, keeping the door open. He hands out the test papers for the second time, apologizes profusely, then admits us into the lab. I notice for the first time that he’s from the school that will most likely beat us.
  • 4.00-We start the test. As expected, I know literally nothing about the test nor anything ON the test whatsoever. N carries the test. I carry his googles and calculator and the notesheet.
  • N’s bad at remembering slight stuff, like names of scientists. I knew this…but didn’t take time to actually study it. Who ‘discovered’ nitrogen base pairing? No idea. What’s the name of the liquid that comes off a centrifuged pellet? No idea either. THIS ISN’T HARD–THIS STUFF IS REALLY EASY. (We’re probably all tested out and thus seem extremely stupid).
  • Since I’m not taking the test, N’s hard pressed for time. He also thinks fairly slowly, so it’s hard for him to write everything.
  • There’s this one question about evolution that I’m like BOOM, only I’m not sure how to read the diagram😄
  • Who’s CALLING ME? It’s dad, presumably to figure out where I’m at. I didn’t tell anyone where I was going, mainly because I didn’t go back to the homeroom between Cell Bio, trial 1, and Anatomy. I did tell Mr/Mrs C, and Mrs. D. If they’re meeting together, then they should be able to notify them.
  • The hour passes SO quickly–we’re at the last station before I thought it was possible.
  • 4.45-We finish the test. We did lose a lot of points on this one, mainly because  I wasn’t able to help out.
  • 4.48-N’s packing up–the proctor comes over to us and asks “So…how many times have you been to Nationals…?” Hee, awkward. (Kinda, not really).He says that his team is eager to beat us. I say that his team probably WILL beat us.
  • 4.50-N heads to the bathroom to wash his hands. His dad’s there, with Chipotle. They’re going to eat together, so I head back to the homeroom.
  • 5.00-Walk in on the team meeting. (That was slightly weird, considering how everyone turned around and stared at me, hee). Mr. C is going over how the day went.
  • 5.15-Breaks up. Everyone grabs stuff and goes to their car.
  • 5.20-We reach our car. Dad’s not there. Should we go to Chipotle? We don’t HAVE to–we still have food in our car, thanks to mom’s meticulous packing of food that doesn’t usually get eaten. Try calling him. There’s no signal in the underground parking garage.
  • 5.25-Dad shows up finally. We decide to go to Chipotle.
  • 5.35-FINALLY arrives at Chipotle. The line is SO LONG. We find a seat and sit down, mom+dad goes gets food.
  • 5.40-Goes over to where couple of my friends are. We talk about something (probably really stupid, don’t remember what though).
  • 5.45-We get food. Most everyone else has gotten food already.
  • 6.15-We finally finish eating. Everyone’s left already, some time ago.
  • 6.20-Start walking back on campus. Mom’s and my legs are done for. D+P are still jumping around. They run ahead to the awards ceremony place.
  • 6.35-Reach the gym thingie where the awards are being held. The bleacher things aren’t pulled out yet, so everyone’s sitting on the floor.
  • 6.40-The bleachers are pulled out. Everyone migrates unto the bleachers. So many people, so little legroom. Mrs. C’s sitting behind me–I ask if I can lean on her knees, since my back is pretty much done.
  • 6.45-They “start” the awards ceremony, basically having to thank all the proctors, people who’re important, all that. They introduce the people handing out awards–AS is one of them. Our team cheers when they introduce her.😄
  • 7.00-Officially start handing out awards.
  • 7.05-Anatomy C is third event in. Nope, not fifth; nope, not fourth; nope, not third; ehh, I think we’re done; nope, not second; WAIT A SECOND HOW DID WE GET FIRST?! NO WAY THATS POSSIBLE THAT CANT BE HAPPENING. Woah. That’s a nice start to the awards ceremony. If we continue to do this well….
  • Didn’t medal in ExD. (But we thought we did fairly well…apparently not)
  • 4th in Chem Lab–I ALWAYS get 4th in Chem events…2 4ths last year in CJAP as well. If I’d had AS as my partner, then I’d have done way better, I swear.
  • 3rd in Cell Bio. Hmm okey. Not much to say about that one–I literally did NOTHING.
  • D got 1st in BOTH Air T and Fossils–the hours he spent calibrating Air T paid off…and the food that was used to bribe D+G into studying also paid off.
  • I use steal MM’s phone to text BF. People with smartphones (pretty much everyone) tease me about my not being able to type on a smart phone. I retort that my phone has buttons, so I actually know what I’m pushing, rather than a ‘slidey glass thingie’. I also ‘fix’ CZ’s new phone, turning the keyboard into something that actually texts, instead of spitting out words for you.
  • I text CF results of his events–MM’s taking care of the rest.
  • So many events, so many medals. Not as many medals as ‘usual’…there’s also lots of ‘smaller’ schools getting medals, which is neat. MS rival school is about tied with MS team, HS team is about 20 or so points behind rival school. It’s going to be cool to see how well people (particularly ours) do.
  • The events we thought were going to fail, did. The events we thought we could have done well at, did (most of the time). The events that probably did well, did…most of the time (Take ED as an example). It’s going to be really close.
  • They try to kill more time. It’s gotta be close, if they’re recounting and counting the scores.
  • 8.20-MIDDLE SCHOOL IS GOING TO NATIONALS!!!! Middle School folks are mixture of excited, nervous, stressed, and annoyed. They surprised everyone–no one thought they would be able to make it.
  • 8.25-But we aren’t. It got to have been close, though. Surprisingly, I’m really caught up in the moment or something, because I’m not stunned or anything. I feel a sense of extreme peace.
  • General chaos (aka picture taking). Go get trophy, team pictures, team pictures, partner pictures, pictures with people who aren’t your partners, pictures by yourself, pictures of you with people from other teams, pictures of you with your siblings, pictures of you with people in your homeschool group, pictures, pictures, pictures, pictures, all around. Go over and congratulate other schools, the ones who are going to Nationals, and those who aren’t.
  • 9.00 (or so, who knows)-MR C HAS RESULTS!! WE GOT 6TH IN ED–AND WE LOST AS A TEAM BY 5….it’s probably my fault that we won’t make Nationals then. Middle school team won by 1 point.
  • 9.08-We congregate out in the hallway. We call people who weren’t there and sing to them. Bathroom runs. Stand around talking about how much more I could have done to ‘save’ our team. Everyone is trying to claim blame that they did it. As aforementioned, though, I’m not sad that we’re not going. The MS team is going; hopefully I’ll get to tag along.
  • 9.15-Walk out to the garage with RC and AS. Try to convince AS to come back to the team. Tell them about my gas lab. They both agree that it is outrageous.
  • 9.25-Starts trip home. Texts C about how the day went. He was SO supportive of everything throughout–he’d make an AWESOME partner…too bad that I won’t ever be his partner. (I mean, I was his partner for ED, but it wasn’t one-on-one partnership. Getting to do Anatomy with him would be really cool).
  • 10.30- Arrives home. Eats food.
  • 11-Skype messages TJN about how the day went, and about the crazy Cell Bio experience.
  • Generally uses internet, waiting for the results to be sent out. Mrs. C said at 11.29 that Mr. C was scanning the thingie…but he doesn’t send it out until 12.

So there you have it! My <not> short day in my life! If you made it all the way to here, kudos to you. My life isn’t that interesting. I swear SciOly days are pretty much the funnest two/three days of my life, period.




3 thoughts on “2016 States ||Science Olympiad

  1. That seems so fun! Science Olympiad made me think of FIRST Robotics… both similar, but very different. ^^;
    XD I wish I was that into extracurriculars…


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